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330 poems tagged RELATIONSHIPS

»Fountain of lies«

by Mduduzi Cedrick Mokoena, Feb 27, 2024

Fountain of lies you breed evil from your own well, take me not by your wrath for I am pure and innocent; I only needed to quench my thirst and not to consume your evil deeds. / Fountain of lies drown me not into the pity of shame but deliver me from your inequities, fountain of lies you are calm and… read more »

»Prayer for you.«

by Jahangir Kashif, Jul 3, 2023

Good morning my sweetheart, / Praying for you for your life to rise like a sun today, / And remain as …  sign in to read more »

»Dear Parents«

by Jahangir Kashif, Aug 16, 2022

Many many many thanks to you. / Many many many thanks to you. / My dear parents....thanks to you. / You gave life to me....you gave education to me. / My dear parents...thanks to you. / You gave love to me...you gave ethic to me. / I m so great ful to you...you are my ideal... / My dear parents...thanks to…  sign in to read more »

»butterfly kisses«

by Bartho Geldenhuys, Jun 13, 2022

when I close my eyes / drifting away is so easy / safe space that I am in / no-one can hurt me / only love projected / waking up with butterfly kisses / aro…  sign in to read more »

»To you«

by Louise Isaac, Jun 9, 2022

To you. / You aren’t nothing, you are something to someone, you are everything to someone. Stop believing you have no worth. Step back and look at what we’ve overcome! Your not looking!!!!! I know you!!! Now think about it, all the things we’ve gone through that should have destroyed us, it’s been…  sign in to read more »

»I Shall Bid No Farewell«

by Suman Pokhrel, May 21, 2021

Fell in love with these hearts and this soil / these houses, these walls and streets. / / Living a fraction of time somehow / from the fringes of life / I realised some dreams / have lodged in these eyes / some hearts have entered the heart. / / Well, didn’t find life as anything special! / / What heart…  sign in to read more »

»Making music together«

by Bartho Geldenhuys, May 11, 2021

I have fallen in love, I said / that I have managed to lose my heart / that I found someone to wake up with / where I can hold her and time stand still / / what makes her so different - the question is / different is the first answer - that she is / our souls meet, we reach out to each other / we make…  sign in to read more »

»A must... but without you, Is just dust.«

by Mphela Audrey, Apr 28, 2021

As soon as everything was approved / We packed our things and moved / We have not gone far / This note is to let you know where we are / We would be honored to have the pleasure / Of your company at our new treasure / / This treasure gets suddenly cold without a warning / Is that not a call for a…  sign in to read more »


by Bint-a-Saeed Ii, Apr 21, 2021

accept the flaws / the beauty / the uniqueness / the difference / / imperfections have / their own beauty / your scars are your medals / my failures are my experiences / / one day this face will become / dull and ugly / why dont you see my soul / why dont you feel my heart / / only compassion will last / in this…  sign in to read more »

»A second ago«

by Ntokozo A Rivombo, Jan 4, 2021

A stroke of hair / Is only enough but a share / Twilight rendezvous so fair / The only reminder - memory is the fare / Highly payed for, no dime, none to a spare / A second ago is in its essence rare. / / Upon the Damsel’s Bloody cheeks / Antiquity plays the harlot / Wit’ tender a lip that its lure…  sign in to read more »

»Lakes of Admiration«

by Louise Joyce, Dec 24, 2020

They were like lakes of admiration, / The soft blur of tear glossed eyes, / Made the night look almost melancholy. / It was like staring into an abyss, / Of which brought me more pain than th…  sign in to read more »


by Durgesh Das, Aug 31, 2020

This unknown thing is incomplete. unspeakable unheard meeting is incomplete, / How much do we love you, / What is that about whatsapp, / You have to meet together, and that night and that thing. / That night of yours is incomplete in my heart. / The heart cures from the fear of incomplete life even today…  sign in to read more »

»After you had me«

by Gloria Mmese, Jul 9, 2020

After you had me / I tell you / Love has no guarantee / Faded the possibility of fairy tale / Deleted the chance of love / My  love once matched your photocopy / In the less of time u moved from your gallery / How do you take love once shared n eliminate / You have made me  your substitute / Dropped me…  sign in to read more »


by Albara Almerf, Apr 10, 2020

When i saw her for the first time, love is the word that came up to my mind, i was asked to describe love, her unexampled personality I chronicled, then they asked me if love had a face, yes I replied closed my eyes and, oh lord what a beauty when she smiles, and if love had a second name it would…  sign in to read more »

»All’s well«

by Jayram Daya, Feb 20, 2020

Do not increase / your love for me / I am a vagrant / wondering like a lonely cloud. / / Changing shapes / in troubled times. / Carried away / by the winds of change / / Looking down / having no permanence / lost in thoughts of my wisdom. / How can I / support your love / when I am in pain. / / Like a…  sign in to read more »


by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Oct 1, 2019

The soul that captured my essence / has vanished before my eyes. / Liquor seems to remedy the mind / to block memories that I solely cherish. / The heart seems to beat slower, while / cold and hollow. I have been burning / yes, I have been burning it is such a burden. / This flame on my chest, has no…  sign in to read more »


by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Oct 1, 2019

The memories that we share are / simply beautiful. / The agony of you not being close / hurts me. / it is her I love. / it is her I love. / Your touch kept me safe / from a bitter and lonely world. / Daydreaming about holding your hand / in the sunflower fields. God I cannot bear / this pain. / / I love HER…  sign in to read more »

»The deterrent Chambers of the Heart.«

by Ntokozo A Rivombo, Jul 23, 2019

Listen to them... / They are only an imitation / Buried with seclusion .. / You say you are normal / You say a lot of prayers, choral / You only need mercy.. / / They never told me you scatter / Let me not to the chambers of charter / And you will not my blood lick latter / These are denigrations of…  sign in to read more »

»The shadow of lust«

by Ntokozo A Rivombo, Jul 23, 2019

If only I could talk / And through your ears walk / Then you could hear the footsteps / Of regret echo through character mishaps / If I could only talk and walk , walk the talk. / / Or could I have listened to the silence of order / Observed carefully and louder / Only then, would I not ponder / And…  sign in to read more »

»Last Night«

by Anonymous, Jun 11, 2019

I spoke to you today, / Though we vowed not to. / We just don't see eye to eye. / But... / Last night I had a dream, / It was vi…  sign in to read more »

»Missing You Always«

by Casey Allin, Mar 14, 2019

I miss you / everyday / I know that you never / wanted to go away a nan in a million / and nan as bright as a rose tree / you were always there for me / you were the lady / that kept us together / for many years / a woman so precious / who meant the world too all of us / a woman so kind and trusted…  sign in to read more »


by Lungile KaDlamini, Feb 28, 2019

when in my sleep, you appear / dressed in purity my heart touched not / leaning on closure you deprived me of / stepping on the love I generously gave you / sipping on a cup of tears I shed waiting for you / pieces of my piece; crumbling in your hands / joy, oh joy; scattered into the air / carried into…  sign in to read more »

»To Be Rightfully Mine In Time«

by Lerato Jahder Mollomabina, Jan 18, 2019

I know, I want to make you mine forever. / I know, Waking up next to you temporarily tortures. / I know, Walking with your hand in mine is limited. / / Saying I love you is our daily food. / Are you really mine though? / I’m starving / The craving opportunity to be each other presence. / The butterflies at…  sign in to read more »

»Scent of the Divine«

by Danae Glauka, Jan 12, 2019

Lost in my thoughts I was and she came / Among the crowded stink an oasis of scent / Calling my eyes to look for her / Awakened by the shock she made I search / Staring between dark clouds of nothingness / A quest of the Light’s rift I so long for / I am coming closer,i feel it / Blood on my veins is…  sign in to read more »

»You are beautiful«

by Albara Almerf, Dec 20, 2018

Roses are red, / Violets are blue, / Love is strong, / And so are you. / / Relationships dies, / Leaving behind gloomy goodbyes, / Mud is brown, / And so are your eyes. / / Souls are dark, / Bright ones are rare, / A shadow is black, / And so is your hair. / / Roses are pretty, / Sharks are killer, / And so is…  sign in to read more »

»Real Love«

by Tshepo Direro, Jun 23, 2018

Real love does not lie / It is always honest / Real love does not speak / It reveals itself / Real love is not heavy / It lightens the burdens of life / Real love does not use people / It is always just / Real love does not hurt / It relieves the pain / Real love is without fear / It removes all the doubts…  sign in to read more »

»When opposites unite«

by Hind Boujghagh, Dec 12, 2017

The ego, an opposite of love, / The first turns joy into pain, / Needs more  incessant complain, / While the last is magic in the void, / The surrender to fear and pride. / / Far too wise to wall away, / In eternal love and respect, / Than stay to witness another, / While they gradually shape the road…  sign in to read more »

»Sweet longing«

by Hind Boujghagh, Nov 27, 2017

Your soul is familiar to me, / Yet I never met you. / In the presence of your love, / I lost all self image of me. / I have seen you beyond the stars, / Now I wonder: / Why is it the only t…  sign in to read more »

»Dear Painful Heart«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Nov 13, 2017

Waking up every morning have the / feeling of being defeated, whilst thinking / about the special soul everyday gets the / mind to travel places. The heart is not a pleasant / destination to go, especially if you sacrificed / everything to someone who will never do the same / thing for you. The feeling…  sign in to read more »


by Williamsji Maveli, Oct 30, 2017

After you grind your mind, / You create to centre on / For a sensation, emotion; / That occurs on a surface. / A sensational radiation / Brings the body and mind, / Then, you begin to perceive / All energy on or in your body / This is temporary in nature / Every feeling such as stiffness, / Lack of mood,…  sign in to read more »

»The Bond«

by Williamsji Maveli, Oct 30, 2017

Is your body, so yielding, so tender; / Is your sweat, too salty, so render ! / In my whispers, a passion desire; / burns for true lust to fuel the fire ! / black book written; with no preface; / Pain never speaks; nothing on face ; / lodged to have love; longed for hate; / Life begins and ends up in…  sign in to read more »

»Love for you«

by Michael Mujera, Oct 5, 2017

This love is from me to you. / This love for you is true. / You walked into my life and brought me hope. / Slowly I trusted and learned to cope. / / You opened the doors of my heart and eased in / Now my love has a purpose and a reason. / You are the fairy in my tale. / The reason to each breath I inhale…  sign in to read more »

»Love, thou art not fair!«

by Choene Alley Semenya, May 30, 2017

When my heart was softened and defeated with charm, / From soul to crown, overwhelmed, love bleeding disarm, / Whilst the besotted - My soul, was falling for lies / That the moment had come, and came to suffice; / Could love verily do to me, what I so evermore feared? / Lure me head over hills only to…  sign in to read more »

»Prayer To Self«

by Buduziri Owhonda, Jan 24, 2017

If they've filled you with hate / Then it can only be fate / If you expend it on them, / But may mercy tug at your hem. / Live above it. / / If they've filled you with lies / Causing you to descend from highs / Only remember to draw nigh / And disillusion yourself with truth; / Then you are unfit to be a…  sign in to read more »

»Another Gospel«

by Buduziri Owhonda, Dec 5, 2016

may god forgive my impertinence / as it is no fault of mine / only this freedom that he's given me / it made me do this / that I tell it as it's been: / / intact were our abilities as we were led / on empty stomachs and unkempt visages / purging our souls of what sanity is left / and looking on the brethren…  sign in to read more »

»I will give you wings«

by Thandeka Bathandwa Mavundla, Oct 2, 2016

My beautiful, my sunshine! / I will do anything for you! / Name it! Say it! Dream it! / I will do it all! / I will give you wings! / / I believe! I'm taken! I'm sold! / Days, months, years go by! / I remind him, "My love, I need wings, I want to fly". / No! You don't need wings, I'm here, you have me!…  sign in to read more »

»Written Apologies«

by Sbulelo Sbonelo Mahlangu, Sep 15, 2016

From bitter scented roses to that heart, my heart. / In which flows unreturned love / And to my love... / My heart be her heart as sorrow weeps by me. / To you, my love. / From those petals that bleed from their keeper's embrace, / From a heart drowning in its held love / To my love. / From those eyes…  sign in to read more »

»Knowledge Is Power (Listen to Your Intuition)«

by Bo Lanier, Aug 23, 2016

Knowledge Is Power so listen to your intuition, / it is the voices of the Angels so make yourself / familiar with them, they hold the key to your / destiny and the light within, to deny them is to / deny yourself great and marvelous things indeed, / don't you know they can perform miracles and / make…  sign in to read more »

»The Return of a Lost Lover«

by Bo Lanier, Aug 19, 2016

Same dream, different night / a sense of Deja-vu takes / me back to another life... / my heart beats fast like / angel wings, as you come / in out of the shadows I begin / to remember everything... / Irish green eyes radiating like / an glowing Amber, your eyes / say more than words could / ever say…  sign in to read more »

»I Wish I Could Save You«

by Bo Lanier, Jun 12, 2016

Well it just breaks my heart / To see you in tears and a / Drinking yourself to death / Trying to erase the past and / Calm your fears... / Well I Wish I Could Save You / Put my arms around you / And take away your pain / But I can't save you if you, / If you don't want to change / Still it kills me to see…  sign in to read more »

»The paths we travelled together«

by Mashell Chapeyama, Mar 16, 2016

From the oldest of our days, I knew you. You were with me for many a days; / We shared love, expectations, joy, pain and despair, so unsparingly / When I knew who a brother was, you were there by my side; the loving giant / Those smiles of yours, the giggling, the snobbish gazes, the teasings and jokes…  sign in to read more »

»Me and My Baby«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 2, 2016

Down from Helsinki / Late night walks on / The beach of the Gulf / Of Bothnia Sea Me And / My Baby although the / Sky is starless and there / Is a strong breeze from? / Out of the south coming / Quickly we are lost in / The moment we are lost / In ecstasy holding you / Holding me, kissing you / Kissing me with…  sign in to read more »

»Mother and Child«

by Bo Lanier, Feb 12, 2016

Well I wonder what she was thinking / Just before her car went over the bridge / And into the cold frozen creek below / Well only God knows, only God knows / Although I think this story should circle / The globe and never be forgotten that / A miracle happened in Utah in early / March of 2015... / When the…  sign in to read more »

»Little Miss Perfect«

by Bo Lanier, Feb 1, 2016

Well I know you think you're better than me / With your new boob job and college degree / And I bet you think you're so cool 'cuz / You can speak another language too huh / Well I got news for you most people think you're / A joke and aren't laughing with you but at you... / LITTLE MISS PERFECT you're no…  sign in to read more »

»The impossible dream«

by Sava Hassan, Feb 1, 2016

Am I allowed to dream? / / My last chance as it may seem / / Did I finally find my soul mate? / / To fulfill my destiny and fate / / Hand on hand, we will venture into the future / / While enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of nature / / We will whisper into each other's ear / / The romantic words we are…  sign in to read more »

»Red Hot Lover«

by Bo Lanier, Jan 7, 2016

Oh only in my wildest dreams / Did I ever dream of someone as / Hot as you, only in my dreams has / Anyone ever made me so wet and / Feel so damn good, little did I know / Yesterday the dream would come true / Now we go a walkin' and a parkin' / Often 'cuz we just can't keep our hands / Off of each other…  sign in to read more »

»So You Say You Love Me«

by Lungile KaDlamini, Nov 9, 2015

Ever so willing to express your undying love to me, / Your words, like sweet melodies alter the inner part of me, / Weaken my knees and reasoning; I could just fall into your arms for eternities. / But I learnt in literature, that love is a doing word. / Ever so willing to express your love for me, / I…  sign in to read more »

»This kind of love«

by Abongile Gwele, Sep 7, 2015

A love that will never end. That will never be changed. / A love so deep it entangles and marries souls in melodies of hummingbirds and orchestras of the universe's heartbeat. / A love so unconditional the coldest days of June and hottest of November are mirror reflections. / A love so pure the moon…  sign in to read more »

»When love makes sense«

by Abongile Gwele, Aug 14, 2015

The air looks like that song that stays on your fingers and makes hearts smile / Your favourite song tastes like a medley of ice-creamcream, pop-corn and marshmallows all dipped in rich darks chocolate / Food sounds like the orchestra of toes in socks strutting their way on wooden floors / Each breath…  sign in to read more »

»And if they ask«

by Abongile Gwele, Aug 4, 2015

And if they ask me about you I'll tell them exactly who you were / You lasted far more than just a moment when I first laid eyes on you / When I looked at your eyes the first time you drew me in so deep / Your gaze stirred my insides / It was an odd and disturbing feeling / So disturbing I wanted a…  sign in to read more »

»Mama had a secret lover«

by Ntombizethu Simphiwe, Aug 4, 2015

Mama had a secret lover / telling us she did not bother / Mama had a secret lover / who can never be our father / Mama had a secret lover / or shall I say secret lover…  sign in to read more »

»Brown Bottle«

by Dzumbu Mmbara, Jul 16, 2015

His eyes sunk in their sockets / less drunk like other days / but his spirit is low / fading with his dim eyes / / 'Son, give me the brown bottle' / He reaches out like a beggar / all he wants is his last sip / out of a life lived in agony / / It was never a life / after all the money is made / and many…  sign in to read more »

»Without You«

by Fakazile Nkosi, Jul 14, 2015

I'm a devotee of you, / Your love is essential to me / But you're so far away / And my days have became / Lonely without you. / / You dwell in the deepest parts of my heart, / Life became easier with you by my side / We conquered so many obstacles. / / Now you're gone / / And I am lonely without you, / I…  sign in to read more »

»Tears of fear«

by Manie Van Tonder, Jun 2, 2015

As I lay down on our bed / sadness reappears / Running tears on her soft pillow / wishing she was here / Not crying out the question / why? why? why? / But rather thinking of / ways to die / I miss you my baby! / I miss you so so bad! / Without you I am nothing / my life is just sad / I am so alone and…  sign in to read more »

»They can read all about it!«

by Lindi Mahlangu, Sep 29, 2014

Maybe we're a little different, but that didn't stop me from falling for you nor you falling for me. / / Maybe the truth was forbidden and we broke all the rules but today we both know... It was never meant to be. / / Maybe I was a little ashamed at what our peers would say if I left, maybe I was…  sign in to read more »

»An infamous feeling«

by Choene Alley Semenya, Sep 23, 2014

For Webster Selolo, a dear friend! / / By the time he partook of his love with bliss, / Still more smitten had he without her kiss- / But patiently, he bore, as ever was he fain / To love infinitely; albeit was he driven insane / By her habit that evermore disfigured her attitude- / When she left his…  sign in to read more »


by Dzumbu Mmbara, Aug 22, 2014

Dare you cry for me / It was always a love full of hate / bitter sweet childhood memories / and sad days when we parted. / / Yours was an ugly love / though you loved endlessly / much love you took from us / only to leave us stuck in solitude. / / The sun is yet to stand still / it rises in the hills of…  sign in to read more »

»Just gone with no goodbye«

by Moipone Tsoka, Aug 7, 2014

News of your passing has arrived / and I can't help but to feel even more angry with you / angry with the fact that I feel robbed / how can you be just gone without any goodbye / / I am still furious with the fact that you broke my heart now that you are just gone / who do I scream at? / now that you are…  sign in to read more »

»The Voice, Guess who?«

by Shylet Noma Clint Mncube, Aug 4, 2014

I love lonely hearts. / I hate faithful partners. / I love married women and men they are my easy target. / Temptation is my trend. / I hate it when people block me. / I love teenagers who are going through adolescence and life challenges. / I hate it when they abstain. / Guess who? / / I lie but who doesn'…  sign in to read more »

»Let it go«

by Suman Malekani, Jun 27, 2014

The break of dawn in beautiful / did you ever wonder? / The dusk is the promise that brings it, / equally full of beauty & splendour. / Goodbyes are sad & melancholic / but do you know? / The happiness of meeting again is precious, / you wouldn't know if you don't let go. / Let go of them, set them free…  sign in to read more »

»The love of my mother«

by Suman Malekani, Jun 25, 2014

They laughed at my hair / She played with my braids / / They picked on my clothes / She called me a princess / / They asked me not to scream / She tickled me when I was quiet / / They stalked on me everyday / She held my hand very tight / / I was never & never will be / The same girl that I used to be / A…  sign in to read more »

»Trust is the issue«

by Lerato Jahder Mollomabina, Jun 20, 2014

trust is a commitment glue, / a route to jealousy, / jealousy is lack of trust / a relationship thrives on freedom, / freedom to love. / / to be trusted is a greater feeling than to be loved, / you have to choose in the end / whether to trust someone or not, / but when is the end? / / waiting for the end to…  sign in to read more »

»The One«

by Suman Malekani, Jun 11, 2014

Somedays out of the wild & blue, / I knew there'll come a day when I find you. / I knew this deep inside my heart, / When it's you & I we'll never be apart. / You'd smile & I would fall in love, / You'll come in my life like a blessing from above. / Than you came across & even better it was, / I was so…  sign in to read more »

»Remind me...«

by Gcotyelwa Mnqandi, Jun 5, 2014

Remind me dear friend / When all is said and done / And all that is left is a decision to be taken / When all my tears have dried away / And the tone of my voice is only but hiccups / Remind me of the battles we have triumphed / Of the amount of labor it took us to get there / / Remind me sweet child / Of…  sign in to read more »


by Siyanda Nkosi, Jun 4, 2014

Count numbers in relation / To your blessings and / Not in relation to your temptations. / Forget not the gift of life / Which we receive daily. / Forget not the gift of freedom, / The gift to love and the blessing to be loved. / Forget not the gift to see, to hear / To walk and to speak. / / Subtract…  sign in to read more »

»Love or Projection«

by Natachja De Weber, Feb 28, 2014

Skin tingles, / Anxious eyes. / Thinking up white lies, / to tell in the morning. / Dress him up, / Bleach his teeth. / "You're not perfect, / Lemme fix you, please'' / / And while he thinks that you're amazing; / You're always looking for ways to change him. / Is it Love or Projection? / You're applying…  sign in to read more »

»Soul Light«

by Natachja De Weber, Feb 28, 2014

They say that every woman wants a man that makes her smile; / But baby, you make me laugh and laugh and laugh until I cry. / At first I thought that this was nothing but romantic bliss, / But now I realise; / You bring me happiness. / / Soul light. / He's lighting up the dark, / and using just my smile…  sign in to read more »

»Shoulder To Lean On«

by Bongile Langa, Feb 9, 2014

Let me be the shoulder to lean on; / When life has pushed you to rocky edges; / When the only souls to rely on / Have deceived, have deserted you; / Let my shoulder be the shoulder to lean on; / When the world has washed you off from its / Face; / / When your only hope like garbage has dumped / You in the…  sign in to read more »

»Love never loved twice«

by Anonymous, Feb 6, 2014

She covers tears of pain I lutrous smiles / Endured in fear of past grief / Where love does not lover her. / / She dreams of a lover of class / Arrests her thorn woven heart in serenity / Melts his heavanly smooth lips of bliss / To retire betwee her breats / But he turned right when she turned left.…  sign in to read more »

»She Will Know...«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Jan 20, 2014

With a broken birth, childhood and potentially breaking youth / I will accept her and colour her world vividly / With crayons as I animate alphabetical notations that proclaim hope and healing / From my heart to hers / / With a broken heart, spirit and potentially breaking trust / I will embrace her and…  sign in to read more »

»Joys of Love«

by Pope Tuggen, Jan 17, 2014

I enjoy teasing you / When you are sad / Sitting on the couch / With hands and legs tugged together. / I enjoy seeing the flush on you face / When you are suprised / Or caught unware. / I enjoy watching you laugh / Like a baby / When you giggle / Your face becomes full with life. / I enjoy watching you move…  sign in to read more »

»So close yet so far«

by Prudence Nonhlanhla Makhene, Dec 11, 2013

Future plans / Plans I can only wish materialize / Your face resembles that of a son I want to give you / One glance and I can already recite my vows on that day when we become one. / I can only pray that this becomes a reality / So close yet so far / So clear yet veiled by fears / Fears brought forth…  sign in to read more »

»When Love Loved Her Back«

by Abdul Milazi, Nov 12, 2013

She gathers seeds of winter tears / As harsh winds weave a tapestry of pain / Her heart recounts fears born of years / Where the sun courted the rain / / She dreams of a lover she once loved / When love loved her back / Her name in his heart he carved / Promised never to turn his back / / She yearns for his…  sign in to read more »

»Come back my way, Love«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Oct 31, 2013

The eighth hour catches her by surprise, one morning / As she stands on campus's balcony / A norm proceeding to her daily hustles and struggles, awaiting a lesson / For, ambition knows and calls her by name / / Eyes in natural position / In no real attempt to defy laws of science / Gliding down the fourth…  sign in to read more »

»Sowetan girl breaks my heart«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Oct 31, 2013

In the beginning / This is me, now reminiscing / It was me and her - Pearl / Our hearts dark, void and without form - like Genesis'™ Earth / Life had just pulled one of it mysteries on us / Life, Love and Time had been kind us thus no fuss / / As I turned to gaze at the beauty on her / I saw that the…  sign in to read more »

»Her lovelessness«

by Dzumbu Mmbara, Oct 25, 2013

Her pearly eyes could not betray / what the November night could not contain / a heart empty, a gaze not passionately fiery / / With a grace untold / she to…  sign in to read more »

»Not as Bewitching as HER Beauty in HIS Eyes«

by Nasnin Nasser, Oct 25, 2013

Seething pressure cooker and scintillating coffee fumes / She raises her hands to the cupboard in search of sugar / "Why you up so early?" / His voice still embracing the late night's sleep / Still sniffing to get a whiff of her scent. / "Take me to the park" / "Longing for a walk?" / "Longing since…  sign in to read more »

»My life, a song...«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Oct 18, 2013

My life is a song, / A music track / Track I'm running the race of life / God my composer / Mixes of scratches, low key registers and noise fluctuations play along but I still keep my beat / Pause, / Angels my backup vocals / Family my drums and bass / Friends my strings, orchestral arrangements / Enemies my…  sign in to read more »

»With You«

by Yolande Duplessis, Jul 6, 2013

I have waited / too long to find a love, / my standards / being impossibly high. / Loneliness / was all I knew, until / You came along. / / You comfort me with / Your morning sun. I see / You in Your evening star. / You talk to me in the wind / and give me peace / in Your waves. It is great to / not…  sign in to read more »

»Prince of Darkness«

by Yolande Duplessis, Jun 28, 2013

Prince of darkness / Hear my call / Feel the ache of loss in my soul / Bring me back from the light / Take me into your darkest night / / I felt the passion / I felt the lust / I could see the love / Before it fell / / Light takes it all / Darkness prevails / Take my soul / / I cannot breathe / I cannot eat / I…  sign in to read more »

»The blow«

by Yolande Duplessis, Jun 28, 2013

Shadows embrace / Darkness fills my soul / My black eye contorts objects around / Night fills my vision / As the final blow falls / / Faintly sound surrounds me / Light barely reaches my purple eye / A hand / Retreat / The hand remains / Soft, welcoming / / Standing again / Dark spots remain / But light…  sign in to read more »

»Hope For Us«

by Natachja De Weber, Feb 17, 2013

I don't mean to be abrupt, / This Funny little thing called love. / Wanna know what I'm thinking of, / A funny little thing called "us". / I can't say it all out loud, / Maybe ima little too proud. / I wanna run into your arms, / Cliché, but it can't do harm. / / Darling, I got hope for us / Gotta…  sign in to read more »

»Vertical Standards«

by Natachja De Weber, Jan 27, 2013

Unrealistic requirements, / If you ever wish that you could stand a chance, / With a fair - maden with / Vertical standards. / Fairytale dream bits, / In a modern world, / Love is found through / Telephonic chats. / Voluntarily imprisoned by this virtual gaze. / / Walking on the outskirts of boundaries…  sign in to read more »

»To my future Queen«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Jan 21, 2013

Time and distances / The only disturbances / Keeping me away from you my love / Hence I am tense as I am writing this and pouring my heart trying to free it like a dove / My ultimate gift from above / Without you my heart aches and my days turn blue / I can't wait to hold you / Nevertheless lay my eyes as…  sign in to read more »


by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Jan 18, 2013

"Happiness", an understatement / Just no words to precisely express my sentiment / Words at large simply fail me / / Forward the "tic tacks" of time / Hearing your name at play to my ears awakens the senses I never knew I had / You are my music / Rhythms play / Spasms my heart gets / Beats it skips / Trips…  sign in to read more »

»Facebook Love«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Jan 15, 2013

Fingers dribbling across the keyboard, / "Qwertying" rapidly as they try to keep up rhythm, pace and space / With my pounding heart as I sincerely pour it to her. / / A sense of security rests on me / As I suddenly behold Love in its purity while I deeply search and express / Portions of my emotions…  sign in to read more »


by Dzumbu Mmbara, Dec 7, 2012

(for her) / / She was a Rose / Budding in the spring dawn / Her petals wrapt in sweet teary love droplets / / She lov…  sign in to read more »

»He came to me with a broken heart«

by Maureen Direro, Nov 19, 2012

He used to be the sweetest guy ever, / used to love me more than any other, / an angel at dawn, / a hero at night, / but somebody clipped his wings and gave him a halo, / now his heart renders shallow, / he used to not care of detail, / not obsess about me, / but someone just decided to hurt him and leave…  sign in to read more »

»Something in You I Dare Not Whisper«

by Nasnin Nasser, Nov 19, 2012

It was as difficult as the arrival of voice / And the second row of departure of silence / That you broke the glee on my crystal eyes. / As a castigation for all the procrastinations / I staggered through those long lost whims / There is no mutability for fragility you see. / So I returned with a fist…  sign in to read more »

»Family Breakdown«

by Dzumbu Mmbara, Oct 19, 2012

When does a family collapse and die? / Is it when bricks conspire to melt? / And crumble down the house / / Or is it when dreams that held us / Silently disconnect and dismantle / / Is it when a touch, once so brotherly / Unnoticed faint and vanish / Into the vistas of despair / / Or is it when we are drawn…  sign in to read more »

»Do You Remember?«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 11, 2012

Do you remember when we first met / words were exchanged / presence felt, beauty appreciated / no numbers yet / target was marked and I knew what to do / / next thing we're smiling / am on my bird eye view / I must have been flying / / cloud nine! something was in the air / / you made me feel brand new…  sign in to read more »


by Dzumbu Mmbara, Oct 11, 2012

You are a mystery, / a secret wrapt in your own eyes; / and when I care to look, / I see a shadow of myself, / in the deep secret that you are. / I ask questions unanswered, / but still your smile abates my anxiety; / and make tomorrow's bliss / seemingly never ending. / but when imprisoned by thought; / I…  sign in to read more »

»Letter to her«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 8, 2012

Firstly I love you more today / than I ever did in my life before / / You have intensified all colors / heightened all beauty / deepened all delight of being with you / / The thought of seeing you / and being around you / touch of your nose with mine / to recapture the electric current / the blood rush / oh…  sign in to read more »

»Inconvenienced for your convenience«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 4, 2012

I can't / can't do this anymore / sacrifice my happiness for yours / what I need is put aside / while your wishes are been considered / / Inconvenienced for your convenience / / I can't / can't put a smile to your face 24/7 / nor provide for you sll the time / while you sit there and do nothing / you hardly…  sign in to read more »

»Love Pure and Simple«

by Adam Crisp, Oct 4, 2012

If only you could / step inside my heart / for a moment or two / you might be overwhelmed / by what I feel for you / / Love, Pure and Simple love / that has no end / and longs to hold you near / for now and forever / for as long as we're both here / / I want to hold you close / I want to hold your hand / I…  sign in to read more »

»Curse of marriage«

by M CSB, Sep 27, 2012

The only woman I ever loved gives joy and love, For I have met and loved other women but not with such satisfaction I feel now. For she turns a dark day bright and shares a smile that brings life to a withering rose, if only her parents knew they would have called her Rose because she is my Rose of…  sign in to read more »

»Once I was a god«

by Moemise Motsepe, Sep 13, 2012

The days have gone when I was a god / her article of faith / when I was the king of her nights / and lord of her morning bliss / the days have gone when I was a god / and she a disciple in my arms / the days have gone when I was a god / or so I thought in deluded stupor / because little did I know that in…  sign in to read more »

»Lost Love«

by Kioko Kivesi, Sep 11, 2012

She ran towards the pale wall with clenched fists, / Fortunately, the wall managed to hold her from passing through / As the tears slowly cascaded down her ruddy face, it all started coming back to her then / The sun was setting and her love sun seemed to have tagged along for an early set too, / She…  sign in to read more »

»My heart speaks (Missing you, my love)«

by Maureen Direro, Aug 22, 2012

My heart speaks... / My heart longs for you, / yet, you are not there... / My heart cries, / It cries day and night for you... / Where have you gone to? / I feel so lonely even my joy is my sadness... / I try to love outside the restriction of you... / For I felt that you were my asymptote... / I remember…  sign in to read more »

»So I waited«

by Nkululeko Seby Makhoba, Aug 22, 2012

And so I waited across the room, / in my little corner of self-indulgence / fixed with an anticipating face, / my heart beat was running a race, / ready to explore your sacred space / / I had edited and memorized my speech a thousand times / to beautify each line, / gave it some soul when it had no life…  sign in to read more »

»I really hurt him«

by Maureen Direro, Aug 6, 2012

I can't accept it... / My words prove hollow, / I can't forget him... / My memory seems shallow, / He crept into my life and made me happy... / He made my days exceptional, / Gave me a reason to wake up in the morning... / Gave me a reason to sleep at night, / If only he knew, / How much I loved him... / I…  sign in to read more »

»Time Tells True«

by Edward Iacona, Aug 3, 2012

There's a popular time worn belief / That older people have a hunger / To date or have a relationship with / A person that's much younger. / / At the risk of sounding sarcastic, / There may be a concern to mount. / That, "Age is just a number" relates / To what is in one's bank account. / / Now, dear…  sign in to read more »

»Red Wine«

by Mashell Chapeyama, Jul 29, 2012

Nothing to lose / But warmth of friendship / Scythed apart, / Without brothers or sisters next door. / / A friend of mine / Was ambushed by thieves, / Swa…  sign in to read more »

»In the end«

by Stevano Yusuf, Jun 30, 2012

To: the men of literature / / Black oh black where are you William Blake / Where are your chimney sweeper hide / Red burning sky and black dry wood of trees / No place for your tiger-tiger of the night / / no forest no fest culture of the human vest / all burning all dying death on the black soil dreamt…  sign in to read more »

»Check - Mate«

by Edward Iacona, Jun 29, 2012

It came in a business envelope / That bore my lawyer's name. / It arrived without any fanfare. / And without any acclaim. / Inside it was the end result / Of a sad and expensive game. / It contained the official decree / That snuffed out a former flame. / It said nothing of the heartbreak, / Brought by…  sign in to read more »

»Yes ... Just like that«

by Edward Iacona, Jun 18, 2012

One can love you with the intensity of / The BIG BANG when it ignited. / One can love you until our Sun fades / And our planet Earth is blighted. / One can love you with the simple joys / That can make a child delighted. / One can love you and defend you / And offer comfort when you're slighted. / One can…  sign in to read more »

»A Rocky Road«

by Edward Iacona, May 31, 2012

My darling sent this quote to me. / She wrote it down in Latin, / A Language that one does not hear / Even in Mid-Town Manhattan. / / "Per aspera ad astra." / Means, with loose translation, / "A rough road leads to the stars", / Which I read with fascination. / / Our challenge is one of distance / And not…  sign in to read more »


by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Apr 15, 2012

If darkness came walking / through my door, / And took me by the hand / so I could blink no more, / Would you know that He loves you? / Would you know that He cares? / Would you know that He sent me / to thank you for always being there? / / If you slowly begin to cry / and realise my body no longer has heat…  sign in to read more »

»Sacrificed myself«

by Moipone Tsoka, Apr 15, 2012

Sacrificed my heart for you / Sacrificed me for your happiness / It was always about you / Never about me not once always about you / Tried to make you happy / Always apologized to make you happy even when it was your fault / Putting a smile on your face became my fulltime job / It consumed my life…  sign in to read more »

»Closing the chapter: The heart in me«

by Nonhlanhla Dlamini, Mar 28, 2012

It wasn't me but the heart in me / I surely would have known, but not the heart in me / Yes I would have walked away but the heart in me refused / Now here I am with the heart in me *rising again* / / Just when I was peacefully enjoying my life, you decide to show up / Caring and simple as I am I decided…  sign in to read more »

»New Horizons«

by Edward Iacona, Mar 28, 2012

Well, it's over and I am single / Yet my hopes are not dimmin' / To find someone special in my life, / Sends my imagination swimmin' / A romantic re-start with a loving heart / And with some serious "Shein" ... and "Himin" ... / But this I learned about divorce court, / It's a bad place to try and meet…  sign in to read more »

»Love finally knocked on my door«

by Moipone Tsoka, Mar 23, 2012

Love finally knocked on my door / the day you declared your love for me / everything in me shifted to create space for you / / The darkness faded in to the light you brought into my life / sadness melted upon your smile and happiness invaded my soul / / Love finally knocked on my door / the moment you…  sign in to read more »

»Afridi Is king«

by Rabi Ul Islam, Mar 8, 2012

He holds his bat with all his might, / The bowlers bowl with full of fright. / He is the man, he is the king, / He smashes every ball out of the ring. / / Once he entered the pitch by chance, / And changed the game in a single glance. / He is the man depended on hard times, / For he is the king of all the…  sign in to read more »

»Women abuse«

by Hanli Mostert, Mar 8, 2012

I so much want to love you. / I so much want to be loved by you. / I so much want you to care for me. / I so much want you to see my heart, the real me. / / But, your love for pornography stands between us. / Your love for naked women, your visible lust. / You act as though we are merely men's toys. / With…  sign in to read more »

»Behind the shades«

by Michael S. Hofer, Feb 25, 2012

You been convicted of an act of treason / But it ain't no crime to me / I love you for a whole different reason / So keep on being what you be / / You been dumped for what you believed in / But it seems that love served you well / Not to completely give in / to a business phoney as hell / / Rise up from the…  sign in to read more »

»My Poet Tutor (For Alison)«

by Mashell Chapeyama, Jan 27, 2012

I read your mind, so intelligently / As I sat like a philosophers in meditation- / Sitting on my half burnt stool, in my sub-Saharan home, / You so far away in Bristol city / Transferring your wit in virtual lectures- / Now I am you; a mature poet. / Your sketchy notes still brims me now- / / Leading me…  sign in to read more »

»Some silence«

by Bruce Gorton, Jan 19, 2012

I stand by your right to say it / I don't agree with what you say / But it is your right to believe it / I hear what you have to say / / Some silence for their religion / Some for their business / Some silence for their nation / Some for ones they miss / / These words shared between us / I stand for your…  sign in to read more »

»In my mind«

by Leo Long, Jan 6, 2012

In my mind I see them, children of the land, / Black as darkest Africa, standing with an outstretched hand. / I see their stomach's bloated, signs of despair, / Yet on I go with my life and couldn't even care. / / I smell the stench of flesh as vultures have their meal, / Yet my heart's turned hard...…  sign in to read more »

»Think of the little children«

by Leo Long, Jan 2, 2012

So many times we've decided, "It's time we split up!", / But then we find we just can't give up. / It's not for each other; it's for the children we care, / On them it's unfair, / They stand in the corner helpless and bare. / / There's so much to remember my daughter, my son, / But all I can think of is…  sign in to read more »

»Drowned in hate«

by Leo Long, Dec 22, 2011

I felt the stab of pain / From a brother in the hood / One seeking to rise to fame / I thought he understood. / / I taste the bitter in what he said / As he spits the words out / "I wish you were dead" / He just verified my doubt. / / I hear the cries for pity / In our own neighborhood, / Not across the…  sign in to read more »

»Daddy won't be coming home tonight«

by Leo Long, Dec 14, 2011

The steam that rises from the shell / Mists up the scope lens / A steady hand etches a heart / Through which the other bleeds / / A tattered pass absorbs the flood / Inches from the silent hand / That reached beneath his thread bare coat / A white flag not received / / The towel-head becomes another scratch…  sign in to read more »

»Give me a rainbow«

by Maureen Direro, Dec 14, 2011

Give all those seven colours, / from red to violet... / Make me colourful, make me superb. / Let my spirit shine, / all the colours that were dark and the night shall become the day... / Give me all the colours of the rainbow, / I don't want the moon and the stars, / I don't want the world nor the class…  sign in to read more »

»Tears of ink«

by Leo Long, Dec 13, 2011

"To my Love"... I start the letter / Which I know will be a curse, / For we said we'd be together, for better... / And for worse. / / Each line that I pen / Forces a tear from my eye, / For I reminisce of back-then / Before I knew I was about to die. / / Ah, the warmth of summer days, / Before receiving the…  sign in to read more »

»Together Apart«

by April A., Nov 28, 2011

I'm dissolved in the song of the rain - / In the echoing beat of your heart. / It's you pulse that still feels in my veins / Every day spent together apart. / / Autumn alters the shades of the days, / Seasons change - we remain all the same. / An immaculate image portrays / Sheer grief in a beautiful frame…  sign in to read more »

»From the heart«

by Nonhlanhla Dlamini, Nov 19, 2011

Dear Mind / / It's been weeks now, trying to keep it together. This tension between us has got to end. / / Now I admit 'yes you were right'. All those days when you were warning me of how bad, the move I was making. Stubborn me, I never to listened to you though I knew that you've got my best…  sign in to read more »

»I hope u smiled«

by Nonhlanhla Dlamini, Nov 16, 2011

When I saw you for the first time, I knew you already. / When I looked at you, it felt like I had seen your eyes before. / When you opened your mouth to talk, it felt like I had your voice before. / Knowing you before meeting you, made me feel like I've known you for years. / Genuinely I hope it made…  sign in to read more »

»The Pot«

by Berto Kamp, Nov 16, 2011

You that holds the bowl / Be it filled with pain or gold / No one will ever know / Only your story can be told / I have walked the path / Not so debauched but yes just as far / What we have been dished out in this life / Will never surprise others that have strived / Some walk the fine line / Others walk…  sign in to read more »

»The Paws That Refreshes«

by Edward Iacona, Oct 28, 2011

"I just love coming home to my Phil," / She said, "He waits for me at the door / "He wraps his arms around my neck / How could I ever be loved more?" / / "He nuzzles me all over my face / He kisses and then nibbles my chin. / His affection will lift my spirit / No matter the poor mood I'm in." / / Is this…  sign in to read more »

»Spotlight is on you«

by Fortunate-Hero Lekgetho, Oct 14, 2011

Wake up my old friend / look out your window / this is the best day ever / look at how the mountains / line up from the east to the west / how god has blessed you / with so much dreams to dream / and so many books to read / so many songs to sing / and so much love to give / but you can have every gift / for…  sign in to read more »

»Mystic dialogue«

by Constantinos Grigoriadis, Sep 29, 2011

There are some dreams that you don't see during the night / You can just imagine. / There are some words that you don't hear / You feel these if you look somebody in the eyes. / There are some loves that you don't get with a kiss or a hug / You can touch these with your soul. / / If you can see what…  sign in to read more »

»White On White«

by April A., Sep 26, 2011

Blank papers of bitter today / Do treasure the words white on white; / If they are forbidden to say, / Then my privilege is to write. / / I choke on the poison I've drunk, / The root of my love is in grief; / I'm learning the foreigners' tongue / To perpetuate my belief. / / The strength of my weakness…  sign in to read more »

»Love, if it's true you exist«

by Moipone Tsoka, Sep 24, 2011

Love, if it's true you exist / how come I never had you / or felt you in my life / / People speak of / how amazing you are / and how beautiful you are / / They use mighty words / to describe you / yet I never had the experience / / All I had was heartache and pain / I don't speak of you now / and never…  sign in to read more »

»Just another broken heart«

by Karabo Matthews Ndlovu, Sep 8, 2011

Waking up every morning to the same nightmare, / with excruciating pain that my heart could not bear, / hopelessly, consumed by the need to find you love there, / furiously, my heart beating to rhythms I didn't want to hear. / / I was reminiscing about the future, fantasizing about the past, / mass…  sign in to read more »


by Edward Iacona, Sep 7, 2011

There is some things we do in life / We wish we could retrieve. / The one action that triggers another / Having a result we can't conceive. / / That includes a hope or dream / That does not come true. / Or, just not in quite the way / In which we would like it to. / / One of those moments I'd take back…  sign in to read more »

»Epilogue to the dance«

by Zandile Mboneni, Aug 30, 2011

The mirror reflects beauty, a smile, a tear. / I laugh as I stare at my reflection, "Girl you've come so far." / I brush away the tear, before it can mess up my makeup. / The memories come flooding back, all those tears, the scars, my esteem broken to pieces. / I choke up, "damn, breathe girl, this is a…  sign in to read more »

»Memento Mori«

by Nasnin Nasser, Aug 19, 2011

She said: / "My consciousness will still be awake / In a leaf / Awaiting your fingers' stroke / In a rosy petal / On which you may gaze one day / In a breeze / Which you tend to feel / Never will I perish / For I live in your senses / Never you weep / For I am the tears" / / She perished... to the naked eyes…  sign in to read more »

»The usual meeting«

by Zandile Mboneni, Aug 4, 2011

Corner café, table for three. / Waiter, please get me some wine! / I loosen the straps of my sandals, / as I heavily sit, banging my knee on the corner of the damn table. / Hey gals, what's up! / I get back a mournful greeting / and a grunt from the other. / Okay, I say as I greedily eye the waiter…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Jul 28, 2011

I miss the tune of my ringtone / That no one except us knew; / I went to bed with my cell phone / And dreamt of hearing from you. / Your voice became my sole salvation, / Your breath - the sweetest lullaby. / I miss the waiting at the station, / Observing people passing by, / And then - your smile, a hint…  sign in to read more »

»For a friend«

by Natachja De Weber, Jul 18, 2011

Where I last left off, / I find myself back on the page, / Hanging out... / and I think of you. / Words are still, / but emotions are overpowering, / And I feel; / / You take my fear and make a ball of power, / Handing it to me. / I take it knowing, / that when my sanity dries up, / and self-doubt drowns me,…  sign in to read more »

»Broken Ties«

by Heather Keogh, Jun 29, 2011

My days are lonely the nights are so sad. / I pretend that I'm glad we ended it this way / Why didn't you say, the things I needed you to say? / I can see you so clearly but your no near around / My heart is empty and no one knows it but me / I miss your smile, I miss your touch / Do you still think of me…  sign in to read more »


by Ruramayi Mwaita, Jun 28, 2011

Golden, please find the beauty in me, / you are the root to my tree, / possibly, the flower to my blossom, / often, my mind thinks of you, / from various points of view, I admit, / you're golden, please find the beauty in me, / you are what touch is for the blind man to see, / I got my insides stretched…  sign in to read more »

»Are We There Yet?«

by Edward Iacona, Jun 24, 2011

Feeling again that you've found "the one" / It is difficult to try and assert / That you or yours can love and trust / As if you've never been hurt. / / There may be a tall wall made of fears. / And all the symptoms of Excuse-itis, / Mixed in with memories which may have / More pains than osteoarthritis…  sign in to read more »

»Crimson And Black«

by April A., Jun 21, 2011

I'd sell my heart in paperback, / In verses for perverts to read. / The crimson lines look good on black, / Just like the world behind my lids. / / For crimson is my poisoned blood / You'd never want to mix with yours, / For black is my denying heart / That's stained with lies and dead remorse. / / Erase my…  sign in to read more »


by Rathnashikamani Bijja, Jun 21, 2011

You sing as if from the distant skies; / I take wings as my heart…  sign in to read more »

»One Moment«

by April A., Jun 20, 2011

The imprints of your fingers / Have marked a half-full glass. / The sentiment still lingers, / The moment's due to pass. / / Your glance can still appear / In my Campari drink / Like blood that's mixed with tears, / Or passion's scarlet ink. / / My hand's already missing / Your gentle velvet skin. / My heart…  sign in to read more »

»The Dance«

by Zandile Mboneni, Jun 20, 2011

You take my hand and lead me to the stage. / As you place your hand on my waist, you whisper "Hello beautiful." / I smile, resting my head against your chest. / The music starts, but my feet cannot move, you whisper "let me lead you." / With eyes closed I let you take me for a spin, I feel light in your…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Jun 20, 2011

I raise my swollen eyes to reach your sight, / I try to guess the song that's in your head, / I'm only thinking / Of how I will dream of you tonight, / While looking through the window from my bed, / As always drinking / Plum wine with morning flavor from the glass / You drank from when you came and made…  sign in to read more »

»Him to Her«

by Ruramayi Mwaita, Jun 9, 2011

His tongue is swift, brisk like glades of wind through an autumn wheat field, / His kiss is sweet, sweeter than the sweetest honey combs Africa's finest bees have to pride, / He knows where to kiss, you can tell by the way She closes her eyes, / His lips are cut smooth, you can tell by the words that…  sign in to read more »


by Ruramayi Mwaita, Jun 7, 2011

each day spent apart / meticulously represented by each hour spent away / is a reflection of all these minutes / that pass like seconds through the hour glass display / sand grain by sand grain / thoughts harboured are still the same / sunset by sunrise / feelings harboured are still the same / If speed…  sign in to read more »

»The story of my life«

by Sergio Coto, May 17, 2011

Again fell down to the floor / sobbing my way down after you, / Felt stupid and unconcious before / feeling heartless and remorseful today. / / Do you know why I drown? / Do you know why I fall? / Do you know why you call? / Or am I the one that is gone? / ...I'm fed up at all. / / But before my demise comes…  sign in to read more »

»Up Yonder«

by Taahir Chagan, May 17, 2011

I'm taking to the road / I'm going home / Up yonder / Far up yonder / / The dust-ridden sandy trail / Is lined with reddish orange leaves / That fall gracefully from the big tall oak trees / Which parallel the long winding way / / I'm welcomed by the lively Sunday market / On the cobble-stoned town square…  sign in to read more »

»Love is deeper«

by Lloyd Nabe, May 13, 2011

He loved her... / not enough to sacrifice his life for her, / she believed in inner strength / that black women possess, / she misled herself that / it's a black woman's purpose to suffer / and conquer the pain alone. / / She loved him enough to feed his ego / succumbed to his shenanigans like a concubine…  sign in to read more »

»You Can Be«

by Matthews Radijo Wa Tebakang, May 6, 2011

You can be! / / You can be an achiever you always dreamt to be / The original person you were created to be / The blessing that you were meant to be / The best YOU, you can ever be / Yes, you can be! / / You can be like a minor who upholds the teachings of the elders / A person who teaches good ways worth…  sign in to read more »

»Jozi My Girl«

by Abdul Milazi, Mar 3, 2011

The night I first met her she was as fine as wine / I threw her a clichéd pickup line / The smoke-filled room ached with lust / I knew the late night affair wouldn't last / She moved like poetry set to music / Becoming the centre of my musing / She said her attention would cost me an arm and a leg / And…  sign in to read more »

»A Song Of The Ages«

by Edward Iacona, Feb 22, 2011

There is a popular mind set, / That on some level might be true, / That when a woman gets older / Her mate will bid her adieu. / / There are no doubt many reasons / For this possible lack of satisfaction, / Maybe one could be her preoccupation / With, "The Power of Attraction". / / Maybe she could…  sign in to read more »

»Green (Card) With Envy«

by Edward Iacona, Feb 22, 2011

The search for a special partner / Can be frustrating and it vexes, / Re-joining the new world of dating / In the hope of finding my nexus. / / Putting oneself out on the Internet is / An odd mix of ego and vulnerability. / So I delighted in the E-Mails from / Some women that want to know me. / / Sure, I…  sign in to read more »

»Missing You«

by Johan Campbell, Feb 8, 2011

I wander through / this house alone, / This empty place / I once called home. / / Round every corner / and in every room, / I see shadows of you and / it just increases my gloom. / / Home is where the heart is. / This is oh so true. / My home is where my heart is / And my heart is there with you. / / The only…  sign in to read more »

»What is it about you?«

by Johan Campbell, Feb 8, 2011

I stare at your photo next to my bed / and wonder at the images / that flood through my head. / / What is it about you that stirs me so? / Why is it that when you're not here / my tears want to flow? / / Is it your smile, / or the softness of your eyes? / What is it that causes my emotions to rise? / / Well…  sign in to read more »

»Call off the Search«

by Anthea De Bruyn, Jan 24, 2011

I dove into the deep end of a fantasy, for real / I would only have myself to blame for the loss I feel / Each word was false, oh but the betrayal was true / Sometimes it feels red, sometimes black, sometimes blue / / Wasted time, dashed dreams, needless sorrows, / It seems there are no colder crimes…  sign in to read more »

»Ignorant Bliss«

by April A., Dec 31, 2010

Describe me the pleasures of ignorant bliss, / When life's like a train you are bound to miss, / When casual trifles appear in pink, / And wonders untouchable instantly shrink. / / You don't want to alter reality frail, / So every bold thought finds itself in a jail. / You welcome no changes, you…  sign in to read more »

»Trickling Love«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 6, 2010

Allow me into your heart / I want to get to know you better / Why not? Just try me / I promise to do no harm / / But I will wash out the walls of your heart / With fruity smelling liquidy red tingly trickly love / Till the heart beats brand new / then you will give me your soft warm hands and I will…  sign in to read more »

»Beautiful Idiot«

by Zithelo Mnguni, Dec 3, 2010

He looks at me and smiles, I look at him and smile back / I know exactly what he is thinking, I know exactly where he wants to put me / In a corner somewhere, where I can stare at him all starry-eyed and wide-mouthed / Where I can hopelessly fall in love with him while getting played on the side / I…  sign in to read more »

»Coolie Miracle«

by Ravi Moopen, Nov 17, 2010

Hey son of the indentured, / Progeny of salvation, / Bringer of hope, / Child of prosperity, / Like slaves we bore the scars of indignation, / In you we vested our sacrifice, the new culture, / Your grooming, / A language lost, a new one gained, / A generation past that scorched in the sun, / A generation…  sign in to read more »


by Joshua Smit, Nov 14, 2010

your words fly past me like bullets, / your lies burn holes through my heart, / each breath I take you steal, each thought, / caught in your grasps / / I am better now without you! / not better than without you! / but I cannot forget you, / your fiery lies are still in my mind, / and your burning actions…  sign in to read more »

»Falling Long Distance«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 9, 2010

Somewhere in New Mexico / There are radio telescopes / They scan the heaven 24/7 / With extra terrestrial hopes. / / I can't search the universe / But I have wished upon a star. / I would like someone on earth to love / Another world is much too far. / / Finding someone has truly changed, / From the days of…  sign in to read more »


by Taahir Chagan, Nov 8, 2010

Never let the hand you hold / Hold you down / You are not inferior / You are equal / / Yin and yang / It is a duality / Women and men / Together in equality / / Contrary forces / Interdepending / Interconnecting / The perfect balance / / Biology made you the child-bearer / It is a blessing / Do no perceive it as…  sign in to read more »

»Goodbye my love«

by Michelle Clark, Oct 15, 2010

As you turn you're back and walk away, / My heart and soul beg, please for you to stay! / But the scattered memories fell on the ice-cold floor / And never have I felt so lonely and rejected before. / / Please don't go, stay for just one more night, / I'll burn some candles, to get the mood just right.…  sign in to read more »

»Culture Shock«

by Edward Iacona, Oct 8, 2010

Surprise! There's a new love interest! / She stole my heart but there's some Angina. / Like many things found here in the states / My special lady was also made in China. / / In learning about each other there's / The "getting to know you" game. / And, it is quite apparent that / Our backgrounds are not…  sign in to read more »

»If the music could keep on playing«

by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Oct 8, 2010

If the music could keep on playing, sweet are the sounds and / Bells of the song that is filled with a sensational rhythm. / Jazz it is but not as lazy as it sounds, as it fills an innocent soul with hope for a better life. / / Sweet is the sound of the music as it puts me in a station where fantasy…  sign in to read more »

»I often ponder«

by Mojalefa Dominic Papo, Oct 5, 2010

I often ponder / on what nations could have / lived, / had the rains of nurture / drenched our land of / Gift. / had seeds been / s…  sign in to read more »


by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Sep 27, 2010

IF I could make my dreams come through, My Sins go low / I would stand up with joy that fills my heart into the fullest and regret no new day as a new / day is a Blessing and I am a Blessing and was named Blessing / I am the light above the sky and fly within the / universe which carries an everlasting…  sign in to read more »


by William Andrews, Sep 27, 2010

Understanding nothing / of this point yet to come / when the need overcomes reason / when you slow…  sign in to read more »


by William Andrews, Sep 24, 2010

I will help you out / I will help you out / I won't let …  sign in to read more »

»Message to your Heart«

by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Sep 24, 2010

Rain in me your tears of joy / As your lips die in mine, / leaving a sweetest taste of strawberry and pineapple. / Juicy they are without a doubt, / Enjoying every moment of them. / / I may not be your nation within a nation / but your lover within your heart. / even losing you might mean the world to…  sign in to read more »


by William Andrews, Sep 22, 2010

who could understand / the lie…  sign in to read more »


by William Andrews, Sep 22, 2010

who could understand / the lie…  sign in to read more »

»mind's eye«

by William Andrews, Sep 21, 2010

when someone you think you care for / …  sign in to read more »

»open doors«

by William Andrews, Sep 21, 2010

r…  sign in to read more »

»From The Heart«

by April A., Sep 20, 2010

I'm here in the corner, devoured by cold, / My little ribbed shell hides a desperate sigh, / It holds an enigma for you to unfold / Until I'm asleep to your breath's lullaby. / / My soul is rushing beyond the extremes, / Revealing the vibe that is hard to appease, / But once you discover the door to my…  sign in to read more »

»I never told him that "I love him"«

by Maureen Direro, Sep 7, 2010

He was the pride and joy of my life / He said he loved me all the time / Safe to say "I love him too" / But I never said it to his face / He made me laugh / I made him insecure / You would ask how? / I never told him that "I love him" / Oh how cruel I was, / Oh how cruel I still am, / Just to say those three…  sign in to read more »

»These are my feelings«

by Puleng Monare, Aug 18, 2010

You throwed me out / out to cold streets / while you sleep on a comfortable bed / I live on the pavement / while you are wearing warm blankets / I wear dusty cardboards / but I still love you! / / You just watch me while being raped by dad / you enjoy heearing my painful cry / I never hear your "no, stop it…  sign in to read more »

»Forbidden Fruit«

by Zithelo Mnguni, Aug 13, 2010

Somehow I know this one won't last / But still I find myself succumbing to this lust / As if his presence in my life is an absolute must / Knowing well that he is the forbidden fruit / Yet everytime I try to end it I become a lovestruck mute / I know it will be over soon but even then won't face the…  sign in to read more »

»The talent of lying«

by Anesa Dindar, Jul 29, 2010

Like poetry, / Like musical ability, / Like painting, / Like sport, / Lying is a talent too. / / Some have the inherent ability, / To create a fictitious life, / That is grander than necessary, / Larger than life. / Never mundane, never ordinary, / Always fascinatingly different, / And appealingly new.…  sign in to read more »

»Frozen like iceland then crushed like ice«

by Sakhile Koaho, Jul 27, 2010

like a prayer I was targeted, / your plan was to play me and leave me depressed. / first word out of my mouth was AMEN. / not knowing that the last sentence would be "that was hell man" / / you left me breathless for a while, / couldn't believe my eyes but that didn't stop me from giving you my love,…  sign in to read more »

»Beautiful Creation«

by Sakhile Koaho, Jul 26, 2010

A beautiful creation is what you are / Opinionative and Sincere / Smart and versatile / You one of a kind / / A beautiful creation is what you are / Humble and trustworthy / Sweet and lovely / Yo…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 26, 2010

Desire runs through me energising every cell in my body / Longing to hold you again feel you close next to me / Hand in hand we shall face what this world has in store / Deeply loved deeply cherished, Finding the one for sure, / Oh how natural it has happened / Interested, Fulfilled and relentlessly…  sign in to read more »

»I miss it all«

by Puleng Monare, Jul 26, 2010

There's this feeling / that usually overwhelms me... whenever you touch me / caress me / when you are about to give it to me / / this feeling is undefinable... / I would feel very weak, powerless / and sometimes numb... / / this feeling is so good / there is no substitute for it... / I try to please myself…  sign in to read more »

»When Leopards become Tigers«

by Anesa Dindar, Jul 26, 2010

The paradigm that 'leopards don't change their spots' / always rang true / until this leopard / grew tired of her spots / wanted something different / longed for something new / / until this leopard / threw off that oppressive spot / that before would never change / refused to change / / until this leopard…  sign in to read more »

»Under my skin«

by Maureen Direro, Jul 20, 2010

Under my skin lies a place of sadness and pain / I don't know why me but I just try and follow / I sometimes act mallow over small things / What's worrying me is the fact that it might not go at all / I have maps of bruises by the one who said he loved me / I have maps of the scars he gave to me, after…  sign in to read more »

»Let Wednesday Come«

by Bhaskaranand Jha, Jun 30, 2010

Let Wednesday come / With a world of fantasy / Sweetened with love and romance- / Dipping my soul in the fragrance / Of sweet relation, love, affection, / Facilitated by hate and attraction. / / Even though at a long distance / Her presence seems closer to me / With her innocent demeanor / Beautified by her…  sign in to read more »

»Red Lipped Allurance«

by Kay Wikajovich, Jun 30, 2010

Submit yourself to me... / Endear my lust / / Let me torch your soul / Revved up / Robust / / Allow me to seduce you / Tease you from head to toe / you will encompass my eurythmy / blow by blow... / / Breathe me in as I take you there / See every cloud / Heavenly creatures / the devils lair / / Surrender…  sign in to read more »

»Am I worth it«

by Maureen Direro, Jun 25, 2010

For when my tears turned to stone, / And dried before my eyes, I became someone else... / My willingness to become a success / got dropped.... / For when everyday became a rainy season... / I dwelleth upon your side, / and waited for a / sign, / if I were yours... / but this tears I have cried, show me that…  sign in to read more »

»Lingering Rendezvous«

by Kay Wikajovich, Jun 25, 2010

...And still I want you / and not just a bit of you / all of you / / mind / body / soul / / ...and still you captivate me / and not just a bit of me / all of me / / mind / body / soul / / ...and still / and still / / I hope this lasts a lifetime / and if not so / the rendezvous continues still... / mind, body, soul…  sign in to read more »

»Dictionaries can't describe a feeling...«

by Kay Wikajovich, Jun 22, 2010

I have tested the finest wines / I have experienced the greatest dines / I have explored the beauty of taste / But nothing compares... / / I have traveled the Middle East / I have encountered Africas wild beasts / I have been fascinated by the salty seas / Still nothing compares... / / I have bathed in…  sign in to read more »

»My fairy wonderland«

by Kay Wikajovich, Jun 21, 2010

At first, I was infatuated...curious to know just who you are. / You made me feel something different. / I dunno, something with a grandeous inner spark. / / All I know is that I was happy, jovial and complete. / The mystery still strong, overwhelmed- a super 'undefeat'. / / Then inevitably, I became…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Jun 17, 2010

Your husband, unfaithful, and five stupid kids / Do grow the seeds of despair; / You water them amply, chain-eating with greed / Cheap sweets. Listen, quit it. Stare. / / Your husband detests you. Accept it, it's true. / He needs ironed suits and your dinner. / However, he had kind of feelings for you…  sign in to read more »

»When you really don't need me anymore please throw me away in the recycling bin«

by Laura Arman, Jun 14, 2010

I could stand there naked and what would you say? / I could stun the world's magnificence and you would only walk away. / / Written on the back of a post-it Banana's, milk, eggs. / / Do you not know how to show your love? Or am I not worthy of even a single petal, wilted. / How long must I stand here…  sign in to read more »


by Taahir Chagan, Jun 1, 2010

Impossible / Unprecedented / Never before seen / Or heard of / / Let us not let what we have / Be limited by society's norms / Let us further our cause / And Let us reach new heights / / Love / Is without limits / Unbounded / Barrier-less / / Me and you / We have the chance / To take this further / Than they say…  sign in to read more »

»I Don't Care«

by April A., May 31, 2010

You detest me. The reason is clear, / And your welcome is always so cold, / But the core of my perfect idea / Has been stolen by the whole / Heartless cruel rotten world. / / You all promptly discovered the sense of surviving / And at last started thinking what means to be free. / Full of envy, consumed…  sign in to read more »

»Destroy Thy, Destroy Thee«

by Josh Hay, Apr 9, 2010

What happens when my social fabric breaks? What am I left with? Will you make this easy on me, or will you fake your way out of this one? You won't know what you had, until it's gone. I showed you how I loved, and you rejected it, as if it was nothing. My love was more than just empty space, I fill…  sign in to read more »

»The Age of Colour: "Companionism"«

by Taahir Chagan, Apr 7, 2010

a non-believer at first / as a result of a dark age / it was a lonely existence / a dark existence / / I could not understand / having someone / not as a means to an end / but just to have someone / / until one day a colourful enlightenment / came my way / she appeared out of nowhere / I am now a believer…  sign in to read more »

»The Dark Ages: A Philosophy on Human Interaction«

by Taahir Chagan, Apr 7, 2010

contemplate deeply / I do / try to understand / I do / / but I do not / for better / or for worse / know why we engage in such insanity / / I speak here of matrimony / the tying together of two / the shutting out of the rest / the so called gods test / / in captivity / suppressing our urges / we will lose our…  sign in to read more »

»Silence is an answer«

by Tonya Marye Cockerell, Apr 1, 2010

I'm still / I'm quiet / Out of sight / I'm silent / Don't crowd me / Don't stare / Don't hurt me / Just care. / / I break up / I crumble / I follow / But stumble / My direction? / Just one / You're my leader / You're my sun / Take me to calmness / Take away my pain / Be my stillness in restless winds / Dry my tears in…  sign in to read more »

»Game or Gamble«

by Esther Odendaal, Mar 25, 2010

Shall we toss the dice / Or draw another card / Are we taking turns / I find this game so hard. / / If one of us must win / The other has to lose / Which one will you be / It seems that you can choose. / / I know the stakes are high / I've tried to play before / Yet all the moves I've made / Don't even out the…  sign in to read more »

»why am I doing this to myself?«

by Puleng Monare, Mar 15, 2010

I never learn from my mistakes / Never listen / Listen to the advice of those who care for me / Care enough not to want to see me hurt / Care enough not to want to see me cry / And say I should have listened. / I never listen to wise words / I never listen to my mind / But only to my heart / To the heart…  sign in to read more »

»I want to write you a letter«

by Lungi Mchunu, Mar 4, 2010

I want to write you a letter / And tell you how much I miss you / I want to write you a letter / And let my feelings come into view / / I want to write you a letter / And ask you if you're okay / I want to write you a letter / And say sorry for turning you away / / But I will never write / You will never…  sign in to read more »


by Bartho Geldenhuys, Mar 1, 2010

Visions I have of you / Never been able to describe / How wondrous she would be / That she would make me smile / / Her smiling at me / Eyes filled with tender care / Words that seem out of place / No need to be spoken / / Touched by her soul / Embraced by her being / Engulfed in her longing / Feeling so…  sign in to read more »

»Moving apart«

by Bartho Geldenhuys, Feb 7, 2010

She moved out, sorry to hear / Yes, I admit, again / Is she coming back do you fear / No, this time there is no gain / / She moved in with another man / Sorry to hear, how long she knows him for / Does not matter, long the damage has been done / He happened to be there for her / / Will she be content this…  sign in to read more »

»The Best For Me«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 10, 2009

Sunbeams creep through my curtains / To tickle me awake / Another day is born and waiting / For me to come out and play / / You know Jesus made the sunbeam / And Jesus sure made me / So I'm related to sunbeams / Let me shine, let me shine / Happily / / Walking on the beach that day / The ocean kissing my…  sign in to read more »

»Giving Thanks«

by Edward Iacona, Dec 4, 2009

There's a little tradition on Thanksgiving / In which the family and each guest / Takes a turn before the dinner / To tell how their lives are blessed. / / Each person speaks of gratitude / Within their minds reflection / As she listens and waits what does she think / In her personal introspection. / / Does…  sign in to read more »

»The Women I've Loved«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 4, 2009

Thinking back to the time before / Wondering why you walked out the door / Was it I or was it what I lacked? / Never once thought you wouldn't come back / / Love is not quite love, when its not spelt right / Love is not quite love, when it is does not bring delight / Loving you was all I had, Now all I…  sign in to read more »

»Gone Fishin' For Freedom«

by Edward Iacona, Dec 1, 2009

For the intangible concept of Freedom / There has been many a loss of life. / In the name of her script for "Freedom", / I was forced to lose my wife. / / It was her sad solution, / For her personal evolution, / Freedom was her revolution / From loving marital institution. / / In conflicts concerning…  sign in to read more »

»Putting A Thought Out There«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 30, 2009

Putting pen to paper makes / Inner voices very clear. / Of a desire no longer secret / For the cosmos (plus one) to hear. / / Positive thoughts are focused, / Projected strong and true. / Encouraged within my spirit, / By the joy of knowing YOU. / / Some logic here for you to see, / Although…  sign in to read more »


by Edward Iacona, Nov 26, 2009

As I walk the dog each night, I stare into the sky. / The stars alone bear mute witness to my daily weary sigh / I still ask the heavens of what went wrong to love that went awry. / And I think of the things we could have done but she would not even try. / / Writing rhymes about our problems is a great…  sign in to read more »

»Real Life Lesson«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 24, 2009

To be a student in your class / was certainly considered a coup / All the kids sure wanted you / and maybe a few mommies too. / / Beyond the Three R's you traveled, / your lessons laced with mirth. / You taught of wolves and wildlife / and conservation of the Earth / / Your teaching rings with wisdom / of…  sign in to read more »


by Edward Iacona, Nov 24, 2009

The phrase "I'm Sorry" you may agree / Has turned into a social amenity / We say "I'm Sorry" more than Brenda Lee / Which was a hit song for her back in 1960. / / You may not want to acknowledge the damage you've done / The pain that you've brought to spouse, daughter or son. / But if you've done wrong…  sign in to read more »

»Where O Where?«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 24, 2009

On a hot and steamy summer night, / While eating Italian lemon Ices, / I thought again of the dismal plight / Caused by her Mid-Life Crises. / / Say what you will to defend your 'change' / Deep inside you know what's true. / Our lives you hurt and made re-arrange / Yet my prayers ask, Where are YOU? / / You…  sign in to read more »

»The New Leaf«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 19, 2009

The new leaf sprouts into existence, greeting the universe / Uncurling, revealing, playing out to nature's wishes, / The warm rays of the sun touches her veins, she stretches, / Her siblings try to reach her in their attempts to nurse. / / A caterpillar too submits to nature's insistent laws, / Chewing…  sign in to read more »


by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 19, 2009

Their hands are clasped, / Smiling - for the gift of time / Has been granted to them. / She is dressed in a snow white sari, / He in an equally hued kurtha. / Into the temple they gingerly enter / And their daily obeisance / To The Lord offer. / They emerge - still holding hands, / Smiling, greeting, just…  sign in to read more »

»A Change Of Strife«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 18, 2009

She said that she'd "changed" / On a journey for her gnosis. / Was this a real spiritual walk? / Or form of psychoneurosis? / / She was gentle and kind, / A true modern Isis. / Then she screwed up our world, / Could it be, MID-LIFE CRISIS? / / As many get older / Some folks will insist, / That there's more to…  sign in to read more »

»Heavenly Panorama«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 18, 2009

A razor-sharp sliver of ray slits the dark and leaden sky, / Unzips it slowly and deliberately to reveal a hue of orange and red, / A fish eagle calls soulfully, mournfully, echoing in his head, / The screen enlarges, brightens, figures are born, change and die. / The dark sky swallows itself, spews out…  sign in to read more »

»The Evil Twin«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 18, 2009

New eyes flicker open / Good Morning / Yesterday's eyes forgotten / Prayers said just mechanically / He steps out of himself like a shadowy soul / Duplicity / His eyes dart about wickedly / Slits narrow menacingly knowingly cold / Today he shall not be meek but bold / The halo spins and twirls to remind him…  sign in to read more »

»When You Wish«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 18, 2009

When the love of my life left us / And wrote us out of her script / She left her family sad and hurting / And me emotionally ripped. / / I spent the days in contemplation / Sifting through the all years / Until comes night with lack of light / When shadows can hide the tears. / / To find a little glimmer…  sign in to read more »

»Tidal Force«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 12, 2009

Just before dawn on a lonely shore, / I trudge the sands walked by many before, / The water entices me with her cool glaze, / And I find myself swept back by her - in a daze. / I look around me and all I see is ocean and gloom, / Oh! An overwhelming sense of loss and impending doom. / The darkness…  sign in to read more »

»Within Without«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 12, 2009

Into a million pieces the lightning shattered the night sky; / Incessantly the thunder rolled, awaking every living being. / Every nerve in his brain, circuiting the news, he could not deny; / Cold, clinical, concise thoughts ricocheted, as played out previously in a dream. / The scorched earth…  sign in to read more »

»Love Lost«

by Filiberto Rodriguez, Nov 6, 2009

The weirdest thing happens to me. / Every time I keep hitting rock bottom hard. / People seem to take advantage of my generosity. / What am I doing wrong? / Cut on your loss I figure. / What does that mean really? / I can see in people's eyes they do not care. / For me is like biting off a huge chunk of…  sign in to read more »

»How I Loved You«

by Desiree Chapman, Oct 22, 2009

No matter what you said or how we fought / How I loved you / Whether you cut me off or broke my heart / How I loved you / Through the lies and the pain / How I loved you / Whether or not it would ever be the same / How I loved you / I gave you my energy and my pride / How I love you / Wanted to be a family…  sign in to read more »


by Vivekanand Jayasankar, Oct 14, 2009

I believe the sunshine will never let us down this time / I believe we had cherished all our time together / I believe my heart is all set out for new memories / I believe my watch wants to count only the happy moments / / I can feel when we are together I can beat all the blues around me / I can feel I'…  sign in to read more »

»Fool for Love«

by Michael S. Hofer, Oct 13, 2009

You fool / How can you sleep with her in your head / And her in you bed next to you / Remembering times that made memories / Long gone, so far away / Remembering good times just yesterday / / You fool / How does it feel to see her each day / And see her again in your memory / Remembering love when it was…  sign in to read more »


by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 9, 2009

I actually thought you loved me / You told me that every day / How was I so blind as not to see / That you could do me wrong in such a way / / I gave you my love, my heart, and soul / But yet you just tossed them aside / I flew over oceans on wings I feared most / Just to find the deadly secrets that you…  sign in to read more »


by Hettie Van Zyl, Oct 8, 2009

I look through the flames of life / see you standing there / look at me, wave at me, / with your great big lovely smile, / blowing in the wind, / your corn coullerd yellow hair. / / But stumbling on lifes / hard facts rocks rolling in my way, / to not get through / the flames of life / it blocks my thoughts…  sign in to read more »

»I'm Remembering«

by Alexis Mabotho Rantloane, Oct 8, 2009

I remember when we had just met / I was so confident you were so charming and well kept / You talked the talk / And walked the walk / / From the beginning you were honest and true / And I just fell in love with the idea of you. / I'm remembering that time, that moment, that feeling / / I remember when we…  sign in to read more »

»Let You Go«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 8, 2009

Your heart is filled with treason / Turning your back on me / You do not have a clear reason / For why our love can't be / / Your laughs have turned to hate / Your smile is now a frown / Anger from you is what I take / No more up just the down / / People say that true love is real / I actually thought that's…  sign in to read more »

»All About the Honey«

by Esther Odendaal, Oct 5, 2009

If I were a flower / And you a buzzing bee / You'd stop a little while / Drink deeply from what's free / / You'd fly away again / With nectar that you sought / You'd take it to the hive / Just like a good bee ought / / Queen Bee would welcome you / Be pleased with what you brought / There would be more honey…  sign in to read more »

»Everything Fades«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Sep 30, 2009

I know now that I must let you go / Please spread your wings and fly / All my feelings to the world I show / With every tear I cry / / It kills me in every way / To know your longer mine / How I wish that I could say / That love is truly blind / / How I miss holding your hand / And kissing you goodnight / By…  sign in to read more »

»Dance of my Soul«

by Tiema Muindi, Sep 28, 2009

What I wish for died before / Perhaps not / Or may be / Not of this world / Or shall not be so / What I wish for / My happiness to be / / I have tried and failed / Many times before / Choices I made / Turned upside down / Not that my hand made it be / Not that my heart / Loved her not / Perhaps what I wish for…  sign in to read more »

»Never True«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Sep 28, 2009

Good luck my first time lover / Good bye to the one I knew / I don't think there could be another / That could love me quite like you / / I never thought I would cope with heart ache / Like you gave to me so soon / Never did I think I'd allow someone to take / As much of my heart as did you / / Forever will…  sign in to read more »

»www dating«

by Bartho Geldenhuys, Sep 14, 2009

Talk and talk till we meet / Tea and coffee, we have a seat / Light hearted it may seem / Our sins we redeem / / Justifying only ourselves / Mortifying your self believes / Your night out to meet her / Perhaps hiding your inner fear / / Admitting her inner feelings / Acknowledging our own defeats / Pledging…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Sep 7, 2009

Down at the end of the garden / Just beyond the roses and trees / lies a special place / Where I can be me / / Down at the end of life's path / I see you and me together / Talking about the time we wasted / waiting for better weather / / Down at the end of my arm / Is my hand holding yours / there was that…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Aug 28, 2009

Shroud me in clouds of the heartbreak I've known / Staple my mouth shut with feelings never shown / Hold my stare just long enough to feel me suffer / As lives go, this is one that could be no tougher / / Loveproof, loveproof I am not worthy / Loveproof, loveproof I am disposable / Loveproof, loveproof I…  sign in to read more »

»When it's over, let me know«

by Tiema Muindi, Aug 26, 2009

Would you let me know / When the flame of your emotions / Is burning low / That my relation with you / Is now but just a show? / / Would you let me know / When the river of our love / Is drying up / That in your heart / My thirst of love / Cannot be quenched? / / Would you let me know / When the lyrics of my…  sign in to read more »

»Mystery Feeling«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Aug 14, 2009

Once upon a time is not how this one started / It's more like 'Once upon a girl Broken Hearted' / Lost a promise of love, that's now departed / And took the road less traveled, love uncharted / / After years of rejection which caused such pain / In your time of loss, I was your gain / Going through the…  sign in to read more »

»It's our story«

by Keileng Junior Matjila, Aug 13, 2009

It's our love affair / Me loving you and you loving me / The things that lovers do / In the roller coaster ride called life / Our fights as passionate, as our love making / In a crescendo, we spit venom / When we hit rock bottom / We kiss and make up / Followed by another dramatic episode / / My body a…  sign in to read more »

»The wounded soul«

by Keileng Junior Matjila, Aug 13, 2009

I look deep into your wounded soul / I find love, strength and protection / That only you can give / Your husky voice has been drowned / By my push for you to be in touch / With your feminine side / An end to chivalry and the beginning of machismo / / A language unbeknown to your species / The war cry…  sign in to read more »

»just go, please«

by Robert Matthews, Aug 7, 2009

why can't you just go away? / why won't you leave me be? / youre always in my nightmares, / your face is all I see. / / you tore my heart to pieces, / you even saw me cry, / but even though your far away, / I feel you're so close by. / / It doesn't make me happy, / it makes my heart ache more, / to know that…  sign in to read more »

»something about the first rose«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Aug 5, 2009

There is something about / A comforting hug and a tissue at a funeral / That brings contentment to a devastated soul / That brings contentment to a plight when sadness, pain and death prevail / / There is something about / The fear of a black thunderstorm / That brings knowledge of the peace to come / That…  sign in to read more »

»Intelligence is addictive«

by Mpendulo Mngomezulu, Jul 30, 2009

Masculine intellect with perfected religion / due to ignorance, / the destruction of feminine audio and vision. / Within himself he vacuumed mental articulation / she herself dwells, / upon the virtue of co-existence with conviction. / / Echoes of love and loyalty, / imprisoned with no escape. / Voluntary…  sign in to read more »

»Wishing Star«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 30, 2009

I think I'm falling for her, said a man to a star / It had been two weeks since he wished upon it, / While lying on the bonnet of his car. / / Make her kind, make her lovely, / make her only mine. / Take her heart fill it with love / and send her on a ray of sunshine / / Oh heavenly being, hear my wish…  sign in to read more »

»Love Fools«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 26, 2009

Love is for fools, Only fools could be filled with the passion for battle and still tingle at the tenderness of a touch at the same time / Love is for fools, Only fools make promises before a midnight kiss, When not even the new day is promised to them / Love is for fools, Only fools would pursue…  sign in to read more »

»Pretty Lady«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 26, 2009

You deserve more than you give yourself pretty lady / Deserving more Yes's than Maybe's / You don't deserve to be used pretty lady / You deserve to be loved unconditionally / / You've lost the sparkle in your eyes pretty lady / Maybe it was just a reflection of your love for me / You certainly don't shine…  sign in to read more »

»Can you see me now?«

by Haley Melvin, Jul 8, 2009

Can you see me now? / I sit and I wonder why my life is falling down the drain, / I don't know what to do, / All I can do is sit and watch my life falling down the drain, / I want to change it but I don't know how to fix it, / I am so confused in my life that I am in today, / I scream and ask for help, / I…  sign in to read more »

»What Why and Now«

by Haley Melvin, Jul 8, 2009

The Things I try to do what I think is right or love, / But I almost always get it back at me, / People don't realize how much it hurts me, / People don't realize how much it hurts me, / I love him so much, / And I want him to know that so bad, / But I don't know what to because you don't talk to me.…  sign in to read more »

»Imaginary You, Delusional Me«

by Coenraad Vlietstra, Jun 15, 2009

Driving through the country side, / Dark forest and dirt ridden roads, / Open up to flats of grass, / And I thought I saw you, / Gold halo and hair dance in sun beams, / I suddenly rush the car to a stop, / But you disappear as fast as you appeared, / I pull away slowly staring at the silver split sky,…  sign in to read more »

»One plus One«

by Marlene Cozett, Jun 12, 2009

All it took was one / One night, one person, one act / One major disaster / I wonder will it ever be gone / I wonder if we will ever move on / / Maybe one day... / / One day we will be okay / And all it will take is... / One night,one person,one act / To say I am sorry / I wonder would that be you or me?…  sign in to read more »


by Jayram Daya, Jun 1, 2009

When hatred invaded a weak thought, / The mind was prepared for defeat. / It was the will that fought, / Anger attacked without retreat. / / Sad to hear the screams and cries, / Violence was the force that dictated. / With bleeding mind and denies, / Anger left the body negated. / / Shame returned when all…  sign in to read more »

»Show You Me«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jun 1, 2009

You leave too soon / Not enough time to show you the real me / Too soon for my love to surface / Please don't leave me now / Was just about / to show you me / / Not enough time to argue and make up / Never a chance to apologize with flowers / You haven't seen how I am with others / Never seen how I deal with…  sign in to read more »

»Relationship Virgin«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 25, 2009

He walks this path alone, / Never knowing what next life will cast in his direction / Gifts of the flesh he has known, / But his gift to Love is forbidden by constant rejection / There's more to life than skin on skin, / There's more to me than smiling and being amusing / This is the story of a…  sign in to read more »

»a letter to my beloved«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, May 18, 2009

To my beloved, / True love exists, / I know you don't see it now, / And I know you don't believe it now, / But true love exists, / I need you to believe me... / The divorce must have been hell for you / But I need you to hold on, / Hold on to that last tiny bit of hope, / That you have inside of you / That…  sign in to read more »

»still holding on...«

by Laura Arman, May 15, 2009

I guess you never said you needed me, / you never said you'd be there, / it didn't happen in a second, / but it ended in a glimpse. / You couldn't live without me, / but now that's all you do, / and I'm frightfully trying to hold on, / to all the memories of you. / / I shouldn't even bother, / because I can…  sign in to read more »

»Loving you«

by MmaphelaLylian Kgatla, May 14, 2009

If I did not say I love you yesterday, / That does not mean I don't, / / If I did not say I love you today, / That does not mean I don't, / / If I don't tell you that I love you tomorrow, / Don't faint, because that does not mean I don't, / / I love you more when I don't tell, / I appreciate you more when…  sign in to read more »

»today, tomorrow...yesterday«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, May 13, 2009

Today I will remember / What it is like to cry / Today I will remember / What it is like to love / Today I will remember / What it is like to darken / Today I will remember you / / Tomorrow I will forget / What it is like to laugh / Tomorrow I will forget / What it is like to smile / Tomorrow I will forget…  sign in to read more »

»The Last Word«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, May 12, 2009

As you look down / Upon my pale face, / As you watch / And see me lying lifeless, / I can't help wonder, / What could have been of us? / / If you and I / Had just stopped fighting, / If you and I / Had just started loving, / Would I still be there? / / If you had just / Held me in your arms, / If you had just…  sign in to read more »

»The Man I Fell For«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, May 12, 2009

With heartless eyes he loved me, / With hands gentle to the touch, / With a smile to brighten my day, / With a hug to heal my broken heart, / Cold and hard inside, / He loved me on the outside. / / To you I gave my heart, / And took a chance, / To you I opened up, / And fell for a man, / To you I was a nice…  sign in to read more »

»What Would Happen To You?«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, May 12, 2009

I lied today, / I had the truth from you / I pretended not to know / But somehow you lied for me today / / I cried today, / I sobbed my heart out / I let all my tears disappear / But somehow you cried for me today / / I died today, / I watched my life fade / I finally closed my eyes / But somehow you died for…  sign in to read more »


by Alexis Mabotho Rantloane, May 11, 2009

Why is it so easy to fall in love / And so impossible to climb out / / I feel like I'm at a bottom of well / calling out to anyone who would listen / And no one is throwing a rope / / I think I just want someone to notice I am losing it without having to tell him / I want someone to offer an answer…  sign in to read more »

»I Will Honour You«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 11, 2009

Rob's hands covered his face as the tears leaked from his ruptured heart / Since the day of their union, They had never once been apart / She had a disease from which she could never be healed / For 6 months she carried on regardless, keeping it well concealed / Until this night when He had rushed her…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 5, 2009

Awkward is the way I feel when you are not around / The way I smile and play happy, Something so profound / Inside me there are emotions, fused together to form love I know is true / How am I supposed to move forward, when the one I want is you / / Awkwardly I move onward, trying to fool myself that it'…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 4, 2009

Oh look at her over there standing all alone, No one on her arm / The one she chose was in the green, but only caused her harm / He drove the right car, Had the right Job and to match, a fancy place / But he also clenched his fist at times and drove it through her face / He used to beat her so bad that…  sign in to read more »

»Some hearts bleed deeper when cut«

by Byron Coetzee, May 1, 2009

A bleeding heart screams like a voice / that's born of love and ample choice / for within it a story lies / of heroic deeds and sacrifice / / For we are all but one great soul / forever bound in fate's angel glow / for as we walk out paths of life / we end up sharing all our lives / / A bleeding heart…  sign in to read more »

»Heart Like a Knife«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Apr 30, 2009

Your voice / Is like heaven to my ears, / Your touch / Is like peace to my body, / Your smell / Is like hope to my soul, / Yet, / You let me down again. / / I believed / You could achieve your dreams, / I prayed / You got all the big breaks, / I loved / You with all my heart, / Yet / You let me down again. / / I…  sign in to read more »

»He isn't You«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Apr 29, 2009

My phone sings a specific tune / Your name staring back at me / While I lie next to him / I stop for a moment to catch my breath / Your voice puts a smile on my face / Your eyes make me turn to jelly / Your hugs wrap me in comfort and security / Your smile, identical to mine / Yet...the man I'm kissing…  sign in to read more »

»Real Love«

by Naif Taha, Apr 24, 2009

As shadows fade, the sun sets into the vast blue ocean beyond the horizon. / Darkness engulfs the world, lulling it into the deep slumber. / Through all sight has been stripped away. / I am eternally grateful for the last picturesque moment I caught sight of you and it will endure dearly in my heart…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 18, 2009

She oversees my happiness / and blocks up my thoughts, / Feeds me up with lies / to be ashamed and guilty. / / She built up inside again and again / fell down through and through, / unlikely altered on and on / and cryed and cryed to get out. / / Alleged heart of her / tore out my head... / blew off my…  sign in to read more »

»Caught between the two«

by Lebohang Ramatswi, Apr 17, 2009

I'm lost and caught between the two. / / I subconsciously open my eyes, and to my surprise it's not U! / / I'm blinded by this blur vision that clouded my heart, as I feel my clouded heart being ripped apart beyond existence, I still apply persistence and believe that I'm still patiently loved coz…  sign in to read more »

»the enhanced de-javu!«

by Lebohang Ramatswi, Apr 17, 2009

You might ask "What's that got to do with u!" / Walking through the road of discovery, I've been / enticed by delusions and illusions of poverty struck / individuals building corporate ladders, enhancing the / wide spread feathers of the sophisticated class. / Does beauty really lie in the eye of the…  sign in to read more »

»Took Me All Day«

by Sergio Coto, Apr 17, 2009

I'll be your liquor, / the shores of daze / I'll be your father, / the plagues of grace / I'll be your brother, / the leeches of blaze. / / I was flooding extasy to the day, / maybe resistance will fade... / propelling the traces I refused the great, / sad is wrong and I've been waiting for too long. / / Baby…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 15, 2009

Good-Natured mock / misuse this feelings, / effete edge of this life's will / convict me to never end. / / About soulitude / of this affair's love, / chock this muse / to drizzle this never-ending heart. / / Drape againg this life / with your subtle vanity, / tope it up with a never-ending belt / to never be…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 14, 2009

You pushed and pushed... / seemingly got too far, / interposing your ideals / and grading my judgement. / / Your Roundabout knowledge of my head, / a falling routine fear, / quarintining my foremost desires / to pervert this native habit. / / You hand me to the edge... / forgetting the brilliant hurt / that…  sign in to read more »

»My Story«

by Tiema Muindi, Apr 14, 2009

Some day you shall read / The story of my life / That day you shall know / That I loved you / That day you shall know / I never abandoned you / That day you shall know / You were the pillar of my strength / / Some day you shall read / The story of my life / That day you shall know / I did all for you / That day…  sign in to read more »

»To my capetonian girl«

by Keagen Van Sensie, Apr 14, 2009

You need to get somebody real, such as myself / I promise not many will do as much as myself / for a mooi kin as yourself / I may not have the Benz to drive u around all night / But I'm to loose my cool & walk with u under da moonlight / I'm getting tired of the interviews / I really just wanna be with u…  sign in to read more »

»Eternal Love«

by Byron Coetzee, Apr 11, 2009

Tears they flow like rivers / to tell you how I feel / that all I have is nothing / compared to my last dream / / That in my heart is passion / no other would ever know / For I was once a lover / and a dreamer for a soul / / We smiled and kissed forever / and I stared into her eyes / that all she was was…  sign in to read more »

»Before the Day«

by Deon Thomas, Apr 9, 2009

When I woke up this morning, as peer across the room I see the sun as it bounces off of the wall. I sat up in bed and I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. I got out of bed and had a big stretch. I slowly walked to the bath room and washed my face. Then the aroma of bacon, eggs and toast drew me to the…  sign in to read more »

»Boxed Up«

by Laura Arman, Apr 8, 2009

The clouds are thickening / amongst a wind so chill, / and I am here leaving / an intensified other world, / but I leave behind a memory / that I've packed up in a box, / sealed many times over / because I'm too afraid to lock. / / A drop forms / on the window sill, / where we once / sat to spill, / the…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 5, 2009

Have to Afford to bristle yourself / with a new tragedy of life beautiful, / brighten yourself with a breezy lie / and forgive your being. / / Conceive and compare myself / and pour a determination below, / devaluate your isolation princess / and confuse the foreword me. / / Howl of joy for appraisal baby…  sign in to read more »

»For me and you«

by Sergio Coto, Apr 5, 2009

Been to heaven and back / to miss your eyes, / been forth and back / to scare my courage. / / Belonging to my serenity / you begin to sob, / believing my lies / you end up billowed. / / you awfully clatter and effuse / though gently run away, / you get up and hunt me down / to tears and I rehearse. / / to…  sign in to read more »

»The River Between«

by Tiema Muindi, Apr 5, 2009

I feel drowning / Not that I cannot swim / I feel blown away / Not that I cannot fly / I feel down / Not that I am moody / I feel you / Who cannot be in my life. / / I feel drowsy / Not that I haven't slept / I feel dizzy / Not that I am about to faint / I feel crazy / Not that I am going mad / I feel you / Who…  sign in to read more »

»Mothers, Women, Wives«

by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Apr 3, 2009

Mothers are great fun / and I am their fan. / These women are everything / for me, everyone even a king. / Through their tender hands / and their varied temperaments / here we are by their sides / now that we have made them brides. / / As tender babies they wipe / our soft bottoms to dry up: / when toddlers…  sign in to read more »

»The Married Bride«

by Tiema Muindi, Apr 1, 2009

I look back / At the tracks of my life, / Fallen are trees / That had blocked my dreams, / Dry are rivers / That had flooded my hopes, / As you stand there / Who would have been my wife, / With charm and beauty / That would have been my drive. / / I do now cry / For what would have been mine, / The bride, my…  sign in to read more »

»The love story that has happened«

by Steven Roberts, Mar 31, 2009

From the first day I saw you, / Your eyes was clear as the blue sky, / I saw in her eyes was magic, / Magic that fantasy truths to reality, / We kept on looking into each others eyes, / Knowing that we were in love with each other. / / Both of us were experiencing love at first sight, / That both of us…  sign in to read more »


by Robert Matthews, Mar 29, 2009

Duality makes life seem unfair, / Nobody ever wants to share, / But everyone needs what they do not own, / From little child, to fully grown, / Yet everyone wants other people's sight, / Those in darkness, pray for light, / And those with sunshine in their eyes, / Their own selves, they do despise, / For…  sign in to read more »

»Memories Of Yesterday«

by Tiema Muindi, Mar 28, 2009

My life to me was your shadow / When you smiled I laughed for you / When you cried I wept for you / What I loved most / I gave all for you / What you hated most / I absorbed that for you / I wanted no sorrow to touch you / I always had to swallow / Your anger for you. / / You were the faith / That moved my…  sign in to read more »

»My Song Your Dance«

by Tiema Muindi, Mar 28, 2009

If I were water, / I would keep some for you / When in drought and rivers dry / I would hide myself / Beneath the rocks and roots / I shall be there to quench your thirst. / / I would always be there, / If I were a smile / On your lips and dimples / That you may give joy in sorrow / When I look at your…  sign in to read more »

»What A Small World«

by Ashley Fancher, Mar 28, 2009

Its amazing how small the world really is / I've met a lot of people in my life / Only a few take life for what it is / Not many people really get to know me / The ones I let in, get the real story and get to see / My life's story unfold / Right in front of many, still only a selected few see the stories…  sign in to read more »

»When I'm with you«

by Ashley Fancher, Mar 28, 2009

When I'm with you I feel alright / But without you / It lasts thru the night / / The feelings I've got for you / I can't believe they're actually true / When you hold me in your arms / I feel like I can touch the stars / / But when I look into you eyes / Nothing can stop me from being yours / Words can not…  sign in to read more »

»I see«

by Laura Arman, Mar 24, 2009

Don't let a man tell you who you ought to be, / and don't let society stop you from being free, / Don't let that pressure exceed your expectations, / And don't let others choose their own depictions, / Don't let your past freeze you from moving forward, / And don't let your unruly choices move you…  sign in to read more »

»What's wrong with this picture?«

by Zandile Mboneni, Mar 24, 2009

Two strangers walking down the street, hand in hand like they have no cares in the world. / With an Embrace they part, promises whispered and hearts heavy. / Forever is what they thought, together is what they yearned for. / / He/She ducked as bullets flew and in return with stones they were avenging…  sign in to read more »

»They all say«

by Laura Arman, Mar 21, 2009

They all say, / I am beautiful, / I am amazing, / The perfect prize, / / They all use these words, / To show me that they care, / But I don't, / I can't. / / Apparently its obvious to the world, / They can't keep their hands off me, / It seems, / I'm not a trophy, / / / It's true that my heart was twisted, / My…  sign in to read more »

»If you can't get me«

by Laura Arman, Mar 19, 2009

If you can't get the fact I'm sweet with an angels disposition, / If you don't see that really I'm good in the kitchen, / If you can't get the fact I look hot in just my knickers, / If you can't get your head around it, that I won't get fat if I eat a snickers, / / If you didn't read the headline, I'm…  sign in to read more »


by Laura Arman, Mar 19, 2009

The first of March is new and fresh, / The second of March was the biggest test, / The third of March I broke down inside, / The fourth of March my feelings I did best to hide, / The fifth of March a whole chocolate cake I ate, / The sixth of March I thought of our first date, / The seventh of March I got…  sign in to read more »

»Took Her For A Ride«

by Andreas Buchholz, Mar 19, 2009

I took her like my bride, / I took her for a ride / through the desert of my mind, / oh, the way back home / it was hard to find, / oh, the way back home / it was hard to find. / / I took her at high tide, / I took her for a ride / 'cross the river of my mind, / flowin' through green fields / to the end of…  sign in to read more »

»Wake up«

by Laura Arman, Mar 19, 2009

You are going to wake up / one morning and see / that I am gone / and you are free, / I no longer will / have time, / to pander / to your needs. / / I won't be / answering the phone, / I won't be / at home, / I won't pick you up / from your drunken stupour, / or take your coldness / like its a threat. / / I can'…  sign in to read more »

»Daddy's Girl«

by Laura Arman, Mar 18, 2009

I'm sorry that I made you read to me the BFG, / I'm sorry that I asked you to dress and clothe me. / / I'm sorry that I made you tuck me in and turn out the light, / I'm sorry that I made you put the stabilizers back on my bike. / / I'm sorry that I made you wear a wig and grow a beard, / I'm sorry that…  sign in to read more »

»The sad girl on the train«

by Laura Arman, Mar 18, 2009

The sad girl on the train, / must refrain, / from spreading her distress, / to the rest of the domain. / / She cannot let others suffer, / for the ache that grew, / the love from another, / that twisted her heart askew. / / She tries to hold back, / but if only they knew, / they look at the frailty / of a…  sign in to read more »

»My classmate«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Mar 17, 2009

There you were, brown skin / Smooth footsteps and cute smile / I glanced for a minute / Smiled for seconds / Pondered for hours / / You went past me / I froze and paused / An angel had appeared / Tenacious she is / / Ears widely opened in anticipation / To hear a soft gentle voice / Hands stretched out…  sign in to read more »

»Still walking«

by Laura Arman, Mar 17, 2009

You said goodbye / I walked. / Tears undefined / but sought. / A heart sill yearning / that fought. / I'm still walking. / / You bought forth hurt / I left. / You were distraught / I dont understand. / You called me back / I said / I'm still walking. / / You left me here / alone. / Time heals you said / go home.…  sign in to read more »

»Summer's Gone«

by Andreas Buchholz, Mar 17, 2009

Summer's gone, / all the leaves are turning red. / Summer's gone, / birds go south, their wings are spread. / / Summer's gone, / western winds they're gonna blow. / Summer's gone, / where they're headin', we don't know. / / Summer's gone, / so am I. / Got things done, / let me fly. / / When the seasons turn,…  sign in to read more »

»The very last word«

by Laura Arman, Mar 17, 2009

When the very last word is said. / It's all gone. / No feeling. / Only pain. / / When the very last word is a memory. / So distant. / Not capture…  sign in to read more »

»no second chance«

by Laura Arman, Mar 16, 2009

There is no second chance. / They say it many times, forgiveness is an act. / You can make the changes, you can change your life. / Pick your self up again, get yourself a grip. / There's always next time they say, / there's plenty other fish. / If we make mistakes, we only have to change. / This second…  sign in to read more »

»Mistakenly in love«

by Zandile Mboneni, Mar 15, 2009

My breath catches as I struggle not to let the tears run down my face. / This facade am wearing is starting to crack, like the painting on the clowns face who has one more humorless joke to share. / The emptiness in his eyes as he struggles to catch the attention of his audience, is like the emptiness…  sign in to read more »

»the monster«

by Katarina Olesen, Mar 15, 2009

when the moon / shines down on me. / i can't hide myself. / you will se me, / as I am. / you'll run away. / away from the monster, / i am. / / i eat blood. / i enjoy see / someone suffer. / but you. / i don't know. / there's something / that protects you. / i can't fight it. / / i haven't hurt you yet. / but I will…  sign in to read more »

»Heart Violated«

by Zandile Mboneni, Mar 7, 2009

Snickering, checking if the coast is clear. With steady hands he checks all the doors and non has been left for easy access. / / Shattering the glass, he lets himself in and lets his eyes be accustomed to the dark. Taking in the beauty he sees infront of him and wanting it all, wanting to steal it…  sign in to read more »

»A Simple Twist«

by Melinda Smith, Feb 24, 2009

(homage to Bob Dylan's "Simple twist of fate") / / When I asked you to cross the line / it was just an idea of mine / in a head too full of wine / to think what it would mean. / Now, knowing where we've been / I know not what I do / skating on a river full of you. / / I'll have to pay for all this lying.…  sign in to read more »


by Melinda Smith, Feb 24, 2009

(homage to Bob Dylan's "Don't think twice, it's all right") / / In the morning, you said we'd have to forget it. / I thought your repentance did you credit / but our sin felt so good, I couldn't regret it. / Some things we never get to say. / / When, later, you'd bring your wife over and flirt / It felt…  sign in to read more »


by Melinda Smith, Feb 24, 2009

(homage to Bob Dylan's "It's not dark yet") / / It's morning again / and I'm still looking for you. / / I wish I could stop / but I can't make myself want to. / / I…  sign in to read more »

»My little Grand daughter«

by Hettie Van Zyl, Feb 23, 2009

I see love in the beauty / of a white rose. / In a red one I see beauty and pride / And I know that now one of these two / beautiful roses, / have anything to hide. / / But I know someone like them, / with beauty and pride combined. / With a tenderness in her so dearly, / With a laugh like sparkling wine…  sign in to read more »

»Loving in Circles«

by Anthea De Bruyn, Feb 20, 2009

Why do you heal me, only to bruise me? / Why do you save me, only to use me? / You lift me up, to make me crawl / Where will you be, when I fall? / / My heart is fine where it's supposed to be / Lost in the dark, for no one to see / You cannot find it, safe where it's hidden / I can't allow access, entry…  sign in to read more »

»A Cry Out!!«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Feb 9, 2009

Laying in bed thoughts passing through, / Thoughts of you showcasing deep emotions, / Emotions of pain and frustration, / Frustrated by your actions / / I reach out, you pull away, / You say you care while you keep hurting me... / I'm lost, I'm confused, confused by your actions! / How could you do such…  sign in to read more »

»Meet Me Halfway«

by Marlene Cozett, Jan 27, 2009

I am here / I would come all the way if you would let me / I don't mind, My love is blind / But it is not without feeling / So please be kind / / I am here / I will always be here / I love you now, I will love you then, / I will love you forever / Again and again / I will not stop, I cannot stop / You are too…  sign in to read more »

»He Watches us even when we freak«

by Ashley Fancher, Dec 17, 2008

Some days I want to give it all up and quit / And yet I stick thru and bear with it / I'm starting to like the person I'm becoming / Instead of the person I was / From my problems I was running / I always knew at the end of the tunnel there was a light / And now that I am closer / The light is starting to…  sign in to read more »


by Laetitia Smith, Dec 2, 2008

You can cover up your scars with lies and deceit. / You can fabricate fairy tales that seem solid as concrete. / / But you're wrong in thinking, / So wrong in thinking... / That everything you don't have, will make you happy. / / Your whole love's a lie. / She never fails to try, / Not giving in to your "…  sign in to read more »

»Play not with Fire«

by Shimano Patel, Nov 21, 2008

A mindful eye reminder to the hurt / Living within a space by one / Faced in the clutches of love and pain / For the cycle of life unaware to many / / A visitor no more / In a soulful house for many to see / Occupying a neat little time within my soul / Take a moment and pause / I am home- / / Like…  sign in to read more »


by Mamello Monageng, Nov 3, 2008

I do know that we look at the world differently / even when raised by the same mother / The thing is, it sees us not the same / look not at me in awe when I define to you my world / / The way I see it, it is both pain and happiness- / these are the only things that matters the most. / The two creates the…  sign in to read more »

»Unknown Escape«

by Shimano Patel, Oct 2, 2008

Numbness arouses the very pinnacle of being / Pins and needles from head to toe / For a moment in time I feel no pain / I feel free- / / Letting go a vacant emotion, I sweetly clench / A heart beat lost / Within racing pulse / For I must bear / This is the only way- / / Shimmering sweaty hands…  sign in to read more »


by Shimano Patel, Oct 1, 2008

Sweet memories play childishly / In the play ground of heart / My mind spinning in essence / Of ecstasy once experienced / Now lost in life's life- / / A twinkle catches me / Putting me in those / Moments back in time / But just for a moment / All is come and go / You and I- / / Sadness wiped away…  sign in to read more »


by Shimano Patel, Oct 1, 2008

Time motionlesss / No where to go, no where to hide / Barren I am- / Feelings of emptiness-my friend / / A simple life a loss / Decisions made and unplanned hurts / My soul longs to find its spirit / / My shadow behide a shadow / Knowing only darkness, / As its light / I am who I am... / / Sorrow creeps…  sign in to read more »

»Troubled Waters«

by Shimano Patel, Oct 1, 2008

I sail my ship in search of / The forgotten land / Only known to sailors brave enough to survive / Wild waters and savage storms / / I brave the current so strong, / Of pain and sorrow / Endured thought life / In an endless stream of wrongs / / I sail my ship against wild waters / In the quest to find…  sign in to read more »

»The other woman«

by Helen Reynolds, Aug 13, 2008

Sometime I keep thinking / Of the other woman / It is hard to forget / / I keep on asking myself / Why would he still want me now / Why would he still want me to stay / After all he was looking - wanting more / / Don't fool yourself / Your are not what he wants / Can't you see / You're not what he desires…  sign in to read more »

»A Lonely Sparrow«

by Helen Reynolds, Jul 8, 2008

A bird that wants to fly / A bird that can't fly / A bird that tries to fly / / Wounded, scarred, the pain / caused by unfulfilled love / / She tries, she wants to...but / the wounds - it hurts, the pain / No one wants to understand / Or / Can understand / Alone, by her self, destiny unknown / No plans, no…  sign in to read more »

»Now and Then«

by Michael S. Hofer, Apr 2, 2002

As I stare into / the rear view mirror of / my BMW / And watch my baby daughter / sleep / I think of summer approaching / And where and when the next trip on / my Harley / will lead me / / As my wife pushes buttons on / her mobile phone / And chats with a girlfriend / I remember the times when / there wasn't…  sign in to read more »

»Loyalty is underway«

by Albara Almerf, Jan 1, 1970

If it was up to me you would have been walking on air today, / Read it out now you’re here the very next day. / What a dunce assumed had gotten for what I prayed,good lord its just an other who wanted to play. / Is it my love that she wants or just a place to stay, / I have got both said the prey. / At…  sign in to read more »

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