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»The Leap«

Jul 2, 2010

Standing on the edge / About to take a leap / I've tried to fly before / But landed in a heap. / / An angel led me here / As strange as that may be / Told me just to jump / That truth will set me free. / / He opened my tough heart / Amazing there to find / A love so pure and rare / So hidden by my mind. / / It…  sign in to read more »


Jun 24, 2010

What if love would shine / As if it were a star / Right where we would see it / Even from afar. / Not quite understanding / How it came to be / Simply just accepting / The wonder that we see. / Knowing that it's there / Behind the thickest cloud / Even out of view / It would not wear a shroud. / What if love…  sign in to read more »

»Father's Day«

Jun 24, 2010

Never mind the presents / The cards nobody bought / Are you the kind of father / Who acts the way he ought? / / This special day is nothing / But time we set aside / To focus on the gifts / That fatherhood provides. / If you cannot smile / And sense the love you brought / Remember all the fun / The lessons you…  sign in to read more »

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