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»When it won't matter«

Feb 12, 2014

There comes a day, an end, / one day nothing will matter / no more sunrise to dance to, / no more glowing nights of stars / to cherish the night, / no sounds of wild birds to serenade / the lover's moments of intimacy. / / Money, treasure, wealth all gone / drowned, swept down the drain, / life shall cease…  sign in to read more »

»Not yet done«

Feb 12, 2014

though I trod with worn muscles, / trapped in my coffin-bodied body, / though the morning no longer have good mornings, / with remnants and remains of my breath / I shall unleash deep, dig that force / though my face is masked with gloom / these scattered pieces are the witness / witnessing resilient soul…  sign in to read more »

»Shoulder To Lean On«

Feb 9, 2014

Let me be the shoulder to lean on; / When life has pushed you to rocky edges; / When the only souls to rely on / Have deceived, have deserted you; / Let my shoulder be the shoulder to lean on; / When the world has washed you off from its / Face; / / When your only hope like garbage has dumped / You in the…  sign in to read more »