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»Is it a bird? Is it an obsession?«

Oct 2, 2016

As I trudged along, / I see a bird, high up in the sky, / It's quiet big, I'm intrigued, I stop! / I hear a sound, the sounds gets louder! / It must be a bigger bird! An eagle maybe! / I'm mistaken! What could that be? I ponder... / The sounder gets louder and more powerful, / An engine? Maybe? I wonder…  sign in to read more »

»I will give you wings«

Oct 2, 2016

My beautiful, my sunshine! / I will do anything for you! / Name it! Say it! Dream it! / I will do it all! / I will give you wings! / / I believe! I'm taken! I'm sold! / Days, months, years go by! / I remind him, "My love, I need wings, I want to fly". / No! You don't need wings, I'm here, you have me!…  sign in to read more »