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92 poems tagged RELIGIOUS

»A Biblical Perspective«

by Edward Iacona, Sep 22, 2020

The Bible can be a difficult read so / I’ve taken some time and condensed it / It’s mainly about the subject of sin / And God is totally against it. / / The good book also has many stories, / And at the risk of seeming a prude, / Upon reading some of them / They could be considered lewd. / / It also…  sign in to read more »

»Dear Jesus«

by Tshepo Direro, Jul 22, 2019

Thou hast given me hope from the womb / Thou hast also given me gifts / Whatever I put my hands on turns to gold / I love thee Lord / Thou art Wonderful / / What can I do to bring glory and honor to thy name / Thou hast also written the number of my years on the palms of Thy hands / My desire is to see…  sign in to read more »

»In the name of God«

by Hind Boujghagh, Dec 11, 2017

Some hated, other loved, / Some harmed, other helped, / Some killed…  sign in to read more »

»Feel and heal...«

by Williamsji Maveli, Dec 1, 2017

Find out your dwelling place, / Close your both eyes, / Take a deep breathe, / Your heart will start seeing / …  sign in to read more »

»You Taught Me«

by Fay Mbiwa ThePoet, Nov 16, 2017

You took my hand / And whispered to me gently / "You are mine, today I have begotten thee." / You promised me all / And taught me to steal not / You are good to me; a worthless piece of clay. / / You told me I shall not want / Because You have a Shepherd been / You lifted my chin / And taught me to look up…  sign in to read more »

»The Bible«

by Tshepo Direro, Jan 26, 2017

The book that man has failed to understand over the ages, / it contains riches beyond our wildest imaginations. / It is a light to the path; / wisdom to the truth seeker; / a guide to the lost; / a hope to the hopeless; / a puzzle to the intellectuals; / salvation to the believers; / poem to the poets;…  sign in to read more »

»I Exalt Thee«

by Bo Lanier, Jan 24, 2017

For so long I have been down so low / lost in the darkness of doubt, the Devil / kept saying you think and you worry / way too much but Jesus said I am the / way, the love and the life, his voice / sounded like rolling thunder, turning / my heart inside out and it's now I know / you can hear me, down on…  sign in to read more »


by Bo Lanier, Jan 24, 2017

In the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit / I am born again, I am finally at peace within and / now I just have to shout out Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia / I have been saved by the grace of the Trinity, by the / power and the mercy, I am forgiven of my sins / in the name of the Father, the…  sign in to read more »

»Another Gospel«

by Buduziri Owhonda, Dec 5, 2016

may god forgive my impertinence / as it is no fault of mine / only this freedom that he's given me / it made me do this / that I tell it as it's been: / / intact were our abilities as we were led / on empty stomachs and unkempt visages / purging our souls of what sanity is left / and looking on the brethren…  sign in to read more »

»When I Count My Blessings«

by Bo Lanier, Nov 24, 2016

When I Count My Blessings I count you twice 'cuz it's / a miracle come true that you're even a part of my life / I have so much to be thankful for and I thank God / every day and every night but When I Count My Blessings / darling I always count you twice...well it's true we / often get distracted with…  sign in to read more »

»The Jewel Box of God«

by Bo Lanier, Nov 11, 2016

Well it is written…God so loved the world / He gave his only begotten Son and who so / ever believes in Him shall not perish but have / everlasting life, so don't worry about tomorrow, / tomorrow will take care of its self, just do the / best you can and everything will be alright... / there is not one…  sign in to read more »

»Lost Souls«

by Bo Lanier, Oct 6, 2016

Well I see them here, I see them there / I see them everywhere but nobody knows / nobody knows I can see and communicate / with the dead but if they did I know they / would think I was a little touched in the head / but I'm not crazy I just have one foot in this / world and one foot in the other... / It's…  sign in to read more »

»The Seven Sacred Truths«

by Bo Lanier, Oct 6, 2016

Well and this comes from the deepest / depths of my soul and heart straight to / yours as in knowing the first of the seven / sacred truths is that we are all one and / two or more gathered in his name miracles / happen for sure and when we honor one / another there is nothing we cannot do / together!…  sign in to read more »

»Born Of God and the Virgin Mary«

by Bo Lanier, Jun 12, 2016

Sweet Prince of peace conceived in love / Born Of God and the Virgin Mary / And in the light of a star bright / Angels came saying: "Behold tonight / In the city of David a savior is born / Most holy, Born of God And The / Virgin Mary / And as the Shepherds who watched / Their flock on a faraway hill came…  sign in to read more »

»Just A Little Lower Than the Angels«

by Bo Lanier, Apr 13, 2016

Well what's wrong with the world that / We can't all just get along? / Surely this is the dream of the Angels and / Jehovah's never ending song. / Love and compassion go a long, long way / So embrace your brother with warm and / Tender grace today! Have heart, be a light / In the dark. Yes you can make a…  sign in to read more »

»I'm Not Afraid Anymore«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 31, 2016

Music of the Harp and the Holy Trinity / 10,000 Angels watching over me / Mother Mary doing all you can for me / Well I am in your deepest debt and / Grateful I am for sure! In sorrow when / There was no light to be found my soul / Was uplifted like a dove come down, / Now I am stronger than I ever was…  sign in to read more »

»It Must Be Jesus«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 31, 2016

Music of the harp and a host of angels / Singing of his glory. Well I am touched by / Your compassion and because of you my cup / Runs over. My spirit has been set free! It Must / Be Jesus, It Must Be Jesus giving his whole / Heart without reservation! Well am I am in / Your debt for sure, dear Lord…  sign in to read more »

»Mother and Child«

by Bo Lanier, Feb 12, 2016

Well I wonder what she was thinking / Just before her car went over the bridge / And into the cold frozen creek below / Well only God knows, only God knows / Although I think this story should circle / The globe and never be forgotten that / A miracle happened in Utah in early / March of 2015... / When the…  sign in to read more »

»New Soul Journey«

by Bo Lanier, Jan 7, 2016

New Soul Journey and Angels all around somewhere on the / edge of eternity...I turn around to find my guardian / holding out his hand then suddenly I am free of this / world as pillars of colors rapture me away and so / begins my New Soul Journey as I simply just fly away to / find myself in the company…  sign in to read more »

»Fleur de Lis«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 15, 2015

FLEUR DE LIS, golden lily / FLEUR DE LIS, holy trinity... / Sacred design blessed by the / Church and given to France / For protection during war / Times... / FLEUR DE LIS, the golden lily / FLEUR DE LIS, the holy trinity... / And when the French came to / The new world it became the / Royal seal of New…  sign in to read more »

»The Bright White Light of the Holy Spirit«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 15, 2015

Oh and as I put on the WHITE LIGHT OF / THE HOLY SPIRIT nothing can harm me / Today...like a mirror all around me / Negativity will see its own reflection / And flee because negativity can't stand / It self but if anything good comes / My way it will make an impression / On my heart and there it will stay…  sign in to read more »

»The Lost Sea«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 9, 2015

Well and there is a LOST SEA / Somewhere running through / The crystal caverns down and / Around the foot hills of the / Appalachian Mountains... / I remember some kind of strange / Indian folklore from many lifetimes / Lived before, you look into my eyes / By firelight and you can clearly / See all the…  sign in to read more »

»2,000 And Something Years Later«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 7, 2015

2,000 AND SOMETHING YEARS LATER / We still need him more than ever... / Of course his wasn't the best of times but / Things just keep getting worse and now / It's here to you're and mine... / Well and I just can't stand to hear the all / The children crying tonight from going / Hungry and as soon as…  sign in to read more »

»A Prayer Was Answered«

by Bo Lanier, Dec 1, 2015

Well I've always had faith in Christ / Even in my frustration and sorrows / When I pray to him I know everything's / Is gonna be ok...it is written ask not / Receive not that's not to say I'm not / Thankful for all the blessings in my life / But I hope the messiah grants me a / Little prayer I've prayed…  sign in to read more »

»Spare a Little Miracle on Me«

by Bo Lanier, Nov 23, 2015

I've always been optimistic about my / Life but now I'm not so sure, I can't even / Think straight anymore... / It seems as tho life is just passing me by / And I can't find anything to hold onto / No more oh Lord have mercy, have mercy / Spare a little miracle on me! / Well and it's almost as if I'm…  sign in to read more »

»Save the Children of GAZA«

by Moipone Tsoka, Sep 11, 2014

How can a praying and religious nation be so cruel towards another nation? / You Soldier how dare you point your gun at an innocent child and pull the trigger / How dare you fall on your knees and pray then go and throw your bombs at the innocent people / Somebody save the children of Gaza because it…  sign in to read more »

»The Voice, Guess who?«

by Shylet Noma Clint Mncube, Aug 4, 2014

I love lonely hearts. / I hate faithful partners. / I love married women and men they are my easy target. / Temptation is my trend. / I hate it when people block me. / I love teenagers who are going through adolescence and life challenges. / I hate it when they abstain. / Guess who? / / I lie but who doesn'…  sign in to read more »

»Is It Still Africa?«

by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Jun 25, 2014

Is It Still Africa, where we preach the word of equality but practice non society? / Where youngsters preach equality towards their elders? / / Respect lost, Elders speechless while we lose our sense of humor. / Is it still Africa where lives are lost and joy is reaped?, / When men walk in fear of their…  sign in to read more »

»Our Cultures Forgotten«

by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Jun 25, 2014

Our Cultures Forgotten, / Mother Tong Never Spoken, / Equality never shared and Friendship never cherished. / / We are lost by our fathers, abandoned by our mothers / laughed at by our neighbors, taken grant-age by our friends / and even killed by our loved ones. / / Our Souls are no more treasured, Money…  sign in to read more »


by Siyanda Nkosi, Jun 4, 2014

Count numbers in relation / To your blessings and / Not in relation to your temptations. / Forget not the gift of life / Which we receive daily. / Forget not the gift of freedom, / The gift to love and the blessing to be loved. / Forget not the gift to see, to hear / To walk and to speak. / / Subtract…  sign in to read more »

»She Will Know...«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Jan 20, 2014

With a broken birth, childhood and potentially breaking youth / I will accept her and colour her world vividly / With crayons as I animate alphabetical notations that proclaim hope and healing / From my heart to hers / / With a broken heart, spirit and potentially breaking trust / I will embrace her and…  sign in to read more »


by Dzumbu Mmbara, Dec 11, 2013

Father, I asked for a bright future / And the filthy streets of Hilbrow were the answer / I asked for love / But Oxford road was the answer / I asked for a job / and roamed Andries street in Pretoria / Father forgive, I am a sinner / Though I pray for freedom / I know tomorrow I will sin again / And if you…  sign in to read more »

»Why? Thank You!«

by Shuaib Yunus Soni, Jul 29, 2013

What is love - pray do tell, / I seek it dearly, but what do I know? / The vision's set, the road's mapped out, / But where do I start, where do I go? / Why do I dare? Why do I care? / Do I care? Oh, surely I must... / Why do I stand? Why here did I land? / Where is the reason, what answer do I trust? / I'm…  sign in to read more »


by Bruce Gorton, Jun 28, 2013

"They do not fear god, they're bad people" / He said, counting their dead, fingers red on the trigger / Bang, the gun fires a staccato death blow / Iron sight, a mounting blight, lead in flight down the street / / "They do not fear god, they're bad people" / She wept as her child swept up oaths kept with…  sign in to read more »

»My saviour hear my prayer«

by Maureen Direro, Mar 2, 2013

And they laughed behind my back, / When my whole world came crushing on me, / And they told me twisted stories, / trying to get me to give up, / They asked me where is your God, / as they were victorious and thought they do not need The Lord, / They asked me shouldn't you live in comfort if he loved you…  sign in to read more »

»My Mother«

by Darlyne J, Jan 15, 2013

Oh God has blessed me with such a wonderful mother like You / You can never be replaced and I thank you for all You do / There are not enough ways to show You my appreciation / For as we grow older to one day reach our heavenly destination / I do not only give thanks to you on this day / But I will…  sign in to read more »

»The Garden Of My Soul«

by Tshepo Direro, Jan 7, 2013

The end starts in the beginning / The puzzle of Old, / Understood only by wise men, / That powers within human beings are infinite / Made to look finite by the world of time / / Lest ye say that life is hard / Instead say that I'm harder than life / For our souls are like gardens / Made precious by the…  sign in to read more »

»In wonder«

by Bulara Samson Monyaki, Jan 2, 2013

Sometimes I wonder, / Watching the sun yonder, / About the power that be, / That loved a creature like me. / / My thoughts do wander, / Enraptured by the tide so mean, / About the power of the Creator, / Whose love saved us from sin. / / My soul yearns for the Presenter, / More present than life yonder, / The…  sign in to read more »

»One Night Stand«

by Natachja De Weber, Dec 7, 2012

His scent crosses the room. / And greets my nostrils, / With a whiff of excitement. / Straight-faced, / He opens the realms of unlimited honesty / Teachings from a belief structure, / Secured by faith, / Translated simplistically. / Our souls, / naked and exposed / We engage spiritually. / Heaven-…  sign in to read more »


by Dzumbu Mmbara, Oct 11, 2012

Sick, I choked in your grasp, / Not knowing whether I live or die / and when in admonition / I wipe the last remorseful tear from my eye / You are lurking somewhere / In the depth of my deceitful heart / I wish to wash my soul clean / And in the Blood find my essence / But when in a sunny day I dry up / You…  sign in to read more »

»It's me after all«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 3, 2012

Am running this race / No more standing on the side / Am facing my bigges…  sign in to read more »

»The real creator«

by Rabi Ul Islam, Aug 13, 2012

Nothin' is small, but / God made it / / The best example is human, but / God made it / / Whole universe to a little atom / We can't count, but / God made it / / I'm thinking about all these creations (Of God) / That he made it, then / How big is God / / All those things that God gave us / Are proof for being…  sign in to read more »

»Afridi Is king«

by Rabi Ul Islam, Mar 8, 2012

He holds his bat with all his might, / The bowlers bowl with full of fright. / He is the man, he is the king, / He smashes every ball out of the ring. / / Once he entered the pitch by chance, / And changed the game in a single glance. / He is the man depended on hard times, / For he is the king of all the…  sign in to read more »

»Prison break«

by Hanli Mostert, Mar 8, 2012

Oh Lord, this morning I pray to Thee, / to set this captive free. / Free from these bars surrounding me, / free from bondage, so I can also be! / / My prison is not built with iron and steel, / it is self-imprisonment with which I have to deal. / My problems binding me, I have to face, / and realize they…  sign in to read more »

»Questions for the religious left of America«

by Bruce Gorton, Jan 17, 2012

A woman stands for what is right / She takes it to court, wins the fight / She stands through threats of death / Rape with the brutality to steal breath / These loving Christian comments made / Burnt into my retinas and will not fade / We are told not to judge all by this few / Yet they include your…  sign in to read more »

»In my mind«

by Leo Long, Jan 6, 2012

In my mind I see them, children of the land, / Black as darkest Africa, standing with an outstretched hand. / I see their stomach's bloated, signs of despair, / Yet on I go with my life and couldn't even care. / / I smell the stench of flesh as vultures have their meal, / Yet my heart's turned hard...…  sign in to read more »

»Beyond The Limitations Of Gods«

by Mohamed Amer, Jan 2, 2012

I tell you, there will forever be / No pain, no gain for free / Trapped in endless circulation / Seek the same pixel, in better resolution / Different story, yet the lesson unlearned / All the enlightment, yet the truth undiscerned / To set a course, and to consign that way / To oblivion, all in the arch,…  sign in to read more »

»Teardrops from heaven«

by Leo Long, Dec 22, 2011

Pitter-patter; tears on the roof, / The world sleeps knowing not the grief, / And in dawning hours the gage is proof / Of a tear shed for life... oh so brief! / / The face of the sky is darkly troubled, / Unnoticed by the sleeping world below / Unconcerned nor woken by the tear drops doubled / Weeping o'er…  sign in to read more »


by Mohamed Amer, Dec 4, 2011

Books covered with dust on the shelves of my life / Words omitted, forgotten or not accomplished / / Birds sang no more in the storms of deceit / No leafs left in the branches of the memory tree / / Schizophrenic attitude from lost meanings and definitions / Spending a whole life on or in delusion or…  sign in to read more »

»What is it«

by Dilindile William Maphosa, Nov 30, 2011

What is it / when a dog releases excrement on the same spot, / even after the umpteenth removal of same from lush lawns, / when discoloured dots of blemishes continue to hold on / the pungent ordour that lingers on these unsightly blots / / What is it / when a pig returns to eat its own vomit, / licking…  sign in to read more »

»Praise Song to the Creator«

by Dilindile William Maphosa, Nov 28, 2011

You have laid the foundations of earth / and the boundless realms of heavens above / the stars of the firmament shine and sing in mirth / as You hold them firm and fix their orbits / / The heights of the highest of hills / the depths of the deepest of seas / and the width and the breadth of the earth…  sign in to read more »

»Dear Diary«

by Lindi Mahlangu, Nov 2, 2011

It's selfish of me to always keep asking... Thank you. / / I say this with a pure heart, one at piece, content and humble. / / I thank You, for always submitting to my requests, all my prayers, the ones I've uttered with my mouth, my mind, my heart and those the spirit has brought forth on my behalf…  sign in to read more »

»There is no God«

by Bruce Gorton, May 30, 2011

There is no God - isn't it rather odd / How that is said with despair / Like a wound beyond repair / When it sets us free? / / This statement is taken as meaning / There is no need to help one another / Yet who is going to help us now / When there are none but each other? / / There is no rod with which to…  sign in to read more »

»In many places«

by Bruce Gorton, May 18, 2011

I find peace in many places / In the sunbird's quick flittering / Wings amongst red bells glittering / In the field of blowing gold grass / Shimmering as clouds above pass / I find peace in these spaces / / But you come with your theology / You proclaim this but biology / And with this you make war / On the…  sign in to read more »

»Killing honour«

by Bruce Gorton, May 15, 2011

The rose pink upon her breasts / Her lover upon them rests / To hear her heart beat powerful / In the glow of love she is full / She sings never was the course / Of true love smooth / / For those who loves one of different caste / When pride comes first and love comes last / Speak in poems to raise these…  sign in to read more »

»Love is deeper«

by Lloyd Nabe, May 13, 2011

He loved her... / not enough to sacrifice his life for her, / she believed in inner strength / that black women possess, / she misled herself that / it's a black woman's purpose to suffer / and conquer the pain alone. / / She loved him enough to feed his ego / succumbed to his shenanigans like a concubine…  sign in to read more »

»Press, Pause and Wait«

by Ayanda Nxumalo, May 3, 2011

Look at all the stars there / In the sky, then take the / Mirror and tell me what / You see. / / Where is your dignity? / Your smile bring all moments / Of goodness but none of / Them are not for real. / / Your world is too poor, never / Mind what is happing in your life, Only / One thing you need to…  sign in to read more »

»Hell Is Where You Belong«

by Ayanda Nxumalo, Apr 23, 2011

Walk away from that man / Don't go near his weapon, / And let him go to shabby / Prison where all of his wicked / Buddies are planted. / / Give your spirit a little / More time to dance in the / Rain, never wait for tomorrow / Because all bundle angels / Will disappear. / / Rise and dart from warm…  sign in to read more »

»Not All Of Them Will Call You«

by Ayanda Nxumalo, Apr 23, 2011

Deep in your heart, there is / Something that you feel, / And you don't know what / Is it, maybe a feeling of love or / Maybe... an excitement. / / Kind of dream you've been / Waiting for, no! But you really / Feel something that even your / Friends have never felt. / / So then what is it? Let's say…  sign in to read more »

»Flood this place with fire«

by Joshua Smit, Apr 18, 2011

flood this place with fire, / burning inferno of Jesus blood, / flood this place with fire... / Destroy myself free my soul / / fill my heart with flame, / burning in your name. / my you be the burning desire of my heart... / flood this place with fire / / burn the barriers, / melt the plastic, / just me and…  sign in to read more »

»Forever Are They Damned«

by Shuaib Yunus Soni, Dec 6, 2010

We're now living in the end of times, / Through every hour there's a thousand crimes. / Finally, it is near, the end of days, / The race of man and their selfish ways. / Soon everything will turn to gloom, / And all will be left to face great doom. / Life in entirety will diminish and fade, / By natures…  sign in to read more »


by Karabo Matthews Ndlovu, Dec 2, 2010

when days are dark and friends are few, / isolated, not knowing what to do, / nothing seems certain but you're left in doubt, / and scuicide seems like the only way out. / / do not pretend as if you're gay, / just bow down and begin to pray, / for He is able to set you free, / all solutions He'll make you…  sign in to read more »


by Mojalefa Dominic Papo, Oct 8, 2010

at the height of / my despair, / I wished these very / walls not there - wished / your promises would / fail / so that in my pity / (my self-imposed jail) / Your judgement be proved / unfair / / swore by the name of / forefathers removed, swore / by stars / and seas - by moons / unmoved / 'til when mortal…  sign in to read more »

»Shall we, then..«

by Mojalefa Dominic Papo, Oct 8, 2010

shall we, then / take hands (my love) / and sweeten / bitter histories, / unravel entangled / mysteries into quilts / of / slow / eternity? / / shall we merge / winter solil…  sign in to read more »

»I often ponder«

by Mojalefa Dominic Papo, Oct 5, 2010

I often ponder / on what nations could have / lived, / had the rains of nurture / drenched our land of / Gift. / had seeds been / s…  sign in to read more »

»Beyond The Eyes«

by Tiema Muindi, Jun 22, 2010

I know when the winter sets in / There will be cold and flu / Days are short / Nights are long / / I know when I see death / It's cold / It's mysterious / It's unknown / No man lived to tell. / / I know when I see tears / Its pain / Its sorrow / Its heartbreak / At times its joy / Its happiness. / / I know when…  sign in to read more »

»Is curiosity a crime?«

by Maureen Direro, May 25, 2010

We tend to be overwhelmed / over the things, / we don't know / "curiosity" / something that we have in us / when we are so pure / The first step of sin, / Yet again the first step of / greatness, intervention and knowledge... / I was curious to know why do people like doing things which / are bad for them…  sign in to read more »

»The Dark Ages: A Philosophy on Human Interaction«

by Taahir Chagan, Apr 7, 2010

contemplate deeply / I do / try to understand / I do / / but I do not / for better / or for worse / know why we engage in such insanity / / I speak here of matrimony / the tying together of two / the shutting out of the rest / the so called gods test / / in captivity / suppressing our urges / we will lose our…  sign in to read more »

»The Dark Ages: Questions of Existence«

by Taahir Chagan, Apr 7, 2010

21 centuries / no answers / I ponder man's oldest curiosity / I ponder, but to no avail / / when pondering upon this curiosity / meaning dies away at a fast pace / in rebellion I choose to dwell / in an attempt to unlock the secret of the human race / / as I ponder deeply / and while meaning dies / I…  sign in to read more »

»The Best For Me«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 10, 2009

Sunbeams creep through my curtains / To tickle me awake / Another day is born and waiting / For me to come out and play / / You know Jesus made the sunbeam / And Jesus sure made me / So I'm related to sunbeams / Let me shine, let me shine / Happily / / Walking on the beach that day / The ocean kissing my…  sign in to read more »

»The Mind-Genie«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 24, 2009

My contented smiles and reverie disturbed by the loud and intrusive pound, / "Who, just who can that be that dares my solitude and bliss thus disturb?" / Barrel-chested, bulging biceps, conceitedly the illusion strikes the curb, / He licks his lips, secure in thought that yet another victim he has…  sign in to read more »


by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 19, 2009

Their hands are clasped, / Smiling - for the gift of time / Has been granted to them. / She is dressed in a snow white sari, / He in an equally hued kurtha. / Into the temple they gingerly enter / And their daily obeisance / To The Lord offer. / They emerge - still holding hands, / Smiling, greeting, just…  sign in to read more »

»Heavenly Panorama«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 18, 2009

A razor-sharp sliver of ray slits the dark and leaden sky, / Unzips it slowly and deliberately to reveal a hue of orange and red, / A fish eagle calls soulfully, mournfully, echoing in his head, / The screen enlarges, brightens, figures are born, change and die. / The dark sky swallows itself, spews out…  sign in to read more »

»Berto's Prayer«

by Berto Kamp, Nov 16, 2009

Thank you God for what you have done / You are the special one / I have failed you in so many ways / I try to ask for forgiveness as I do pray / I come to you this very night / I ask you will you bless me and help me with my inner fight / Guide me as I know you care / You have never ignored me and never…  sign in to read more »

»Healing Dawn«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 16, 2009

The morning rays dances across the shimmering seas, / Reaches land and laps up the sweet dew served by the dawn. / Dancing across the fields, it hears my persistent pleas, / And within me despite my duress, new hope begins to spawn. / And as the warm rays my fears and neurosis begin to still, / I arise…  sign in to read more »

»Tidal Force«

by Ashok Kumar Madhunlall, Nov 12, 2009

Just before dawn on a lonely shore, / I trudge the sands walked by many before, / The water entices me with her cool glaze, / And I find myself swept back by her - in a daze. / I look around me and all I see is ocean and gloom, / Oh! An overwhelming sense of loss and impending doom. / The darkness…  sign in to read more »

»Cooking Boogies«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 12, 2009

Based on actual events- As I lay here, in the dark. Staring up at the ceiling. Trying to force myself into sleep. I begin to hear them. The ghosts of the night. I hear the soft footsteps of the dead coming to life a mere five feet from my bed. I hear them in the kitchen. The drawers that hold the…  sign in to read more »

»A prayer for me...«

by Kelly Attrill, Oct 1, 2009

As I lie in bed so warm, I pray you bless those so many who are scorned. / The many who are hungry, cold & alone. Even those who have the cheek to moan. / If I could count all my blessings I surely would, & thank you for them individually I really should. / You have blessed me with a wonderful…  sign in to read more »

»The Last Journey«

by Tiema Muindi, Sep 7, 2009

The last journey / Is when you shall depart / Not to an exotic island / For a holiday / Neither to a mountain / For a treck / That day when you depart / / The last journey / Is when you shall depart / Not with your spouse / Or Children / Not on a trip / To visit beloved parents / That day when you depart / / The…  sign in to read more »

»thanks prayer«

by Nicholas O'Mara, Sep 1, 2009

lord thanks for my family / thanks for my friends / help me make the right choices / the choices you recommend. / / thanks for your kindness / lord help me when I frown / I believe in you / please don't let me down. / / if I have done something in the past / that you don't agree to / please lord tell me fast…  sign in to read more »

»Crawling Call«

by Jayram Daya, Aug 25, 2009

When you looked down on me / I looked up with hope / When I raced with the ants / I saw your toes go bye / / With hands lifted, I called / To be released from the floor / With a hug, my cry stopped / To say, I love you Mom. / / When life was a struggle / I looked up again / When rewards are few / I saw your…  sign in to read more »

»Excellent is He!«

by Teboho Lebohang Mphuthi, Jun 15, 2009

Great is His love for me even when I am not deserving of His Grace and Mercy. He who never sleeps nor slumbers my standing is perfected second per second. The joy that fills my heart when I call Him me by name. No matter how many times I stumble and fall He is forever the to hoist me up and tell me…  sign in to read more »

»Meditation II: God«

by Gorki Skanke, May 14, 2009

Light requires a source, / Darkness requires nothing; / Yet / While the light shines, / Darkness cannot overcome it. / Why is this? / / Life requires a source, / Death requires nothing; / Yet / While there is life, / Death cannot destroy it all. / Why is this? / / If there is no God, / Why is there light and…  sign in to read more »

»Meditation I: Truth«

by Gorki Skanke, May 8, 2009

Function is truth, / Form, a lie. / / Between the poles of artifice and artifact somewhere / there is me, who writes this, / and you, who reads it. / / Each of us struggles to pluck the truths from among the lies. / / The lie I am told is less dangerous than the lie I tell myself. / The truths I am told…  sign in to read more »


by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Mar 30, 2009

At the threshhold of the tomb, / when our Creator bids us, come; / when our turn has arrived / to bid a bye to the world; / when we leave this stop-over stage / and travel beyond into the unknown; / then, and only then, / shall we know loneliness. / Our relatives and freinds, / our neighbourhoods and all…  sign in to read more »


by Hettie Van Zyl, Mar 30, 2009

JEHOVAH made a Planet grant / and Earth He called its name, / and create upon it marvelous things / that speak about His fame. / Plants and beasts / all collours and shapes, / to …  sign in to read more »

»End of Time«

by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Mar 29, 2009

At the end of time / clocks stop to chime. / And- / all haste stands still / awaiting God's will. / The twinning of day / and night den…  sign in to read more »


by Hettie Van Zyl, Mar 29, 2009

If ever a cloud of worries / overwhelmed you, / and it seems that your rainbow is gone, / and you try to run away / from a hailstorm / that darkened your sight for the wrong. / And when,at the end of that hailstorm, / you are wet and tired and cold / and you feel no more desirable / motifation to help you…  sign in to read more »

»A Prayer for Transformation«

by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Mar 25, 2009

If you could change my mind, / Good Lord God, do it now; / Now when to me you're still kind. / Now, but I don't know how. / Your kindness and grace- / Like great white fluffy clouds- / Surround me with a holy embrace. / If my mind you could change, / Dear Lord God, put me in the range / Of your kindness and…  sign in to read more »

»Noah's Ark«

by Hettie Van Zyl, Mar 22, 2009

I listen to the thunder and the sound of falling rain / it splashes down on my roof and tripple on my window pain / / And then I can't help start thinking / about the days in Noah's time / when the great Flood poured out its water / over all animal and human kind. / / I try then to imagine how astonished…  sign in to read more »

»The Last Will«

by Jayram Daya, Feb 11, 2009

Palms together I bow in submission. / Lost and defeated I come to thee. / Lust, anger and greed ruined my minds caution. / Attachment and egotism is to flee. / Now fear of death the only option. / A tree with no fruits, I deserve from thee? / / Childhood, youth and old age saw all in one. / Always pleasure…  sign in to read more »

»He addified me«

by Mthandazo Lucky KaDlodlo, Dec 23, 2008

When we keep Him happy, / He smiles, / And when He smiles, He illuminates our lives, / He found me at my lowest and raised me to the crest, / When I was broke, lost and heart-broken, / He mended me and showed me the way, / / His presence is the essence, / He is a '…  sign in to read more »

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