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Apr 19, 2010

I was walking through the night, / never looking for the light, / no one near or in my sight, / still I stood tall and upright. / Silverbird was on his flight. / / When the darkness waved goodbye, / I kept walking with a sigh, / morning sun reclaimed the sky, / she came looking in my eye. / Silverbird was…  sign in to read more »

»If We Can't Be We«

Apr 10, 2010

If we can't be We, / I can't be Me. / / Ain't anything I've got, / I can't keep what we've lost / in this hollow heart of mine. / / I feel your breath somewhere, / maybe you breathe my air, / drink my blood just like red wine. / / I'm locked inside myself, / can't touch nobody else, / I don't read my own lone…  sign in to read more »

»Sound Of The Organ«

Apr 1, 2010

I hear the sound of the organ, / so I start thinking of you, / the one who once crossed the ocean, / and left here out of the blue. / / I hear the sound of the organ, / I feel both happy and sad. / I see your boat on the water / while I recall what we've had. / / I'm sure you don't feel like talking, / for…  sign in to read more »

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