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173 poems tagged ANGER

»I cry for you, my beloved daughter«

by Mduduzi Cedrick Mokoena, Sep 22, 2021

I do not owe my family a thing / For they’ve raised me with affronts / And frowns / When I remember their soft / sweet jargon that impaired my soul / rain drops within my face. / / hated and banished as an outcast / In that midnight winter with wavering / And shivering of my body pleading for / For mercy…  sign in to read more »

»Even fame fades«

by Fonvick Momanyi, Jan 27, 2021

It has been awhile now, that need to be clarified better, / a clarification that will lead to sunctifuction of many souls, / after clearly focusing on this term I do term it as a cache, / a term that has made me think out of my box but after all getting no answer, / indeed even fame do fade... / it is…  sign in to read more »

»Before I dissolve«

by Anonymous, Mar 19, 2018

Let me express myself through words. / One night my life shall end, the earth will open, / And the ground will swell, Only to preserve my bones. / / Before I dissolve, / Would I have achieved my all, / Enjoyed a life of mystery and cause, / Or drenched my time in effortless activities / That produced no…  sign in to read more »


by Tlholohelo Ramatlhape, Nov 24, 2016

I am consumed by the fire of anger that boils deep down inside of me, by the power of the hatred building up and raging in my belly. For I have been violated, I gave him my trust, and he betrayed it, taking my innocence, defiling me forever. / / I am consumed by the waves of despair and distress that…  sign in to read more »

»The Last Blow«

by Tlholohelo Ramatlhape, Nov 24, 2016

I grope around in the darkness of his eyes hoping to see a sliver of light, some inkling that there is a part that is human, a seed of compassion left in them. Even in this uncertain moment though I fear for my life, I fervently hold on to the possibility that somewhere in the blackness of his heart…  sign in to read more »

»Virgin heart«

by Sbulelo Sbonelo Mahlangu, Oct 18, 2016

Between those cracks of stone, / Lies what was a heart. / With those tears to wipe its existence! / That river will never be filled! / Those pieces will never again meet!…  sign in to read more »

»Dear Baby Mama/Hey Baby Daddy«

by M CSB, Sep 13, 2016

*Dear Baby Mama* / / Dear Baby Mama please let's have a life with no drama. / I loved you and I still do, I mean you gave me the greatest gift, a child. / Now all we have to do is help her grow. / We don't need to hold hands but we do have to hold her hands. / We failed at love but we can't fail at this…  sign in to read more »

»Always online«

by Maureen Direro, Aug 16, 2016

A simple hey would make my day, / but instead you keep silent / yet you always online. / Treating me like I lured you to my life, / I was single and happy, / Praying for my child, / Working for my child... / Studying for my child, / You chose to come, / Bulldozed yourself into my life. / Now when I need you…  sign in to read more »

»Don't Make Me Use Voodoo on You!«

by Bo Lanier, Aug 7, 2016

Well you better treat me good or I will / throw out an ancient Voodoo spell on you / dead men tell no tells especially when / at the bottom of a black water bayou / so you better treat me good, I'm a telling / you if you don't want to end up as / Alligator food and if you don't want me / to cast any Voodoo…  sign in to read more »

»I hang my heads in shame«

by Rofhiwa Netshiavha, Aug 7, 2016

I'm ashamed! / I'm ashamed to be called a South African. / / Xenophobia! Dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. / The last time I checked we were all foreigners on this earth, / Or have we lost the purpose of the race we are in, / That's if we're still running. / / Funny, we are all…  sign in to read more »

»Bad Ass«

by Bo Lanier, Jul 7, 2016

Oh yeah uh-huh you're such a Bad Ass / Deep down inside I bet you're just a / Frightened little child and behind closed / Doors you're not such a Bad Ass... / You try to bring everyone down, down / To your level and if it isn't one crazy thing / It's something else, oh my God I bet / You can't even stand…  sign in to read more »

»Angry Eagle«

by Bo Lanier, May 13, 2016

Loyal to the mount and the sky above / The Eagle really only wants to soar high / On the wings of love / Oh but lest he be provoked he can be your / Worst enemy or your worst nightmare... / He is a force to be reckoned with I swear / Now he is fast on your heels moving in for / The kill because you brought…  sign in to read more »

»Paybacks Are Hell«

by Bo Lanier, May 4, 2016

Well and Paybacks are hell aren't they / But you can't say you didn't have it / Coming... / Respect me and I'll respect you / Disrespect me and I'll disrespect you / It works both ways... / Don't make it harder on yourself now / Than it has to be...check your facts / Before you go and make yourself look…  sign in to read more »

»How dare he?«

by M CSB, Mar 31, 2016

How dare he? / / Why do I feel this ashamed, / Am I not the victim? / Wait maybe he never heard me say no, or maybe I never screamed loud enough. / / Why do I still feel guilty? / Maybe its because I never had the physical strength to close my legs, heaven knows I tried and cried / Or maybe he thought…  sign in to read more »

»Paybacks Are Hell«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 10, 2016

Well and Paybacks are hell aren't they / But you can't say you didn't have it / Coming... / Respect me and I'll respect you / Disrespect me and I'll disrespect you / It works both ways... / Don't make it harder on yourself now / Than it has to be...check your facts / Before you go and make yourself look…  sign in to read more »


by Bo Lanier, Feb 23, 2016

Well millions of years ago she came / To be the first woman born of dirt and / Earth and no her name was not Eve... / She was willful, vain and demanded / Equality but Adam refused her dark / Hearted soul and asked God to banish / Her from the garden but as she made / Her way to the sea she spoke…  sign in to read more »

»You're Crazy«

by Bo Lanier, Feb 12, 2016

Well and You're Crazy if you / think I'm gonna let you bring me / down again, if you think you / can just come back into my life / after being gone so long and / expect me to take you back / just like that...You're Crazy / if you think I'm still in love with / you after all the hell you put / me through ,…  sign in to read more »

»Little Miss Perfect«

by Bo Lanier, Feb 1, 2016

Well I know you think you're better than me / With your new boob job and college degree / And I bet you think you're so cool 'cuz / You can speak another language too huh / Well I got news for you most people think you're / A joke and aren't laughing with you but at you... / LITTLE MISS PERFECT you're no…  sign in to read more »


by Helen Botha, Dec 21, 2015

Anger temper arise / So bad you want to kill / bolded white fists / you think / what can I hit? / what can I smash? / You see a picture so vivid / your head the wall it must hit / no rather your fists less pain / then you think / just before total explosion / rationalization returns / no good this self…  sign in to read more »

»Blood on the Floor«

by Bo Lanier, Nov 19, 2015

Well my mother might be almost sixty / But she's still one damn good-looking / Woman, inside and out she's has such / A kind heart and her feelings run deeper / Than any ocean can and such a beautiful / Beautiful woman who could have any man / But why she settled for you I'll never / Understand, you low…  sign in to read more »

»Little One«

by Ntombizethu Simphiwe, Aug 13, 2015

Little one, little one / all she needs is someone / someone who can treat her as if she is the only one, / but then there are these streets which mistreat / young girls for a trick or treat / with their deceit / with HIV/AIDS they compete. / / Come in he said, so as I ate the cakes / that daddy baked I…  sign in to read more »

»...I truly wish«

by Street Knowledge, Jul 14, 2015

...God Jesus Christ Almighty / Am down on my luck / Looking at the wall / Watching people fall with a trend / Am stuck like chuck / Dealing with a spell / That will never have an end / For the simple fact that situation is untold / This is really cold / Am buried in a hole / That's why am here writing putting…  sign in to read more »

»Tears of fear«

by Manie Van Tonder, Jun 2, 2015

As I lay down on our bed / sadness reappears / Running tears on her soft pillow / wishing she was here / Not crying out the question / why? why? why? / But rather thinking of / ways to die / I miss you my baby! / I miss you so so bad! / Without you I am nothing / my life is just sad / I am so alone and…  sign in to read more »


by Maria Sharon Moemise, Jun 1, 2015

Cast in concrete, memories of when / I became a woman, forced by men / All I feared became a reality just as / the traces of childhood ran past / / Shadows, wafting a stale sweat smell / Grabbing at me just as I fell / No one heard me shouting, screaming / No! They pushed, breathing, heaving / / A child ran…  sign in to read more »

»Babes in Arms«

by Maria Sharon Moemise, May 22, 2015

If you were just a little child / In a word resembling the wild / where your parents are the beasts / huge fangs awaiting, you as their feast / / If you were that sleepy little one / Awoken by the sound of a blazing gun / Waking to violent prods and painful poking / Not your mommy's loving, gentle stroking…  sign in to read more »

»...The system is a set up (p.2)«

by Street Knowledge, May 20, 2015

...Gimme a little space / So I can tell you about the facts / The facts of life / Cuz ever since a youth / I never had guidance / and I never had advice / As time moves on / I happen to find myself to be dealing with a rage / unfortunately the cards that were dealt / Were dealt with bad intensions / So I can…  sign in to read more »

»The system is a set up...«

by Street Knowledge, May 20, 2015

...Here's the situation and here's the deal / Am not looking for a hit / or record deal / But in fact what I am looking for / is a piece of mind / So I can really stop / Stop looking thru the blinds / After so many years / It's not easy being an all-niter / I been thru it all / Collect calls from the county…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan John Cremore, May 18, 2015

This is not for me, not ever and not now; / How long do you think you can beat this worn out cow; / Entrenched in sweat from yester year; / Just so that your name wont damn well smear; / / Just wait and you will very soon see; / That nothing in life will be for free; / There is a GOD - so there now fear…  sign in to read more »

»Tourette Syndrome - The fruits«

by Ryan John Cremore, May 18, 2015

No where is where it is - can't be found, so there; / No where is where it goes just sits and waits for your despair; / Scratching your inner most private thoughts, with words of hunger and sadistic retorts; / Knaving away like a millstone on corn, destroying your life before you were born; / Decrepit…  sign in to read more »

»...Dead Man Walking«

by Street Knowledge, May 15, 2015

...It's another day / Another day-to be living in hell / It is what it is / S…  sign in to read more »


by Fakazile Nkosi, Apr 20, 2015

I wish I can buy back the time we've spent apart / Mom I know you had to work on your career / But I don't understand why today / We are strangers to each other. / / I know you had to live your life away / But I don't understand / Why I was repeatedly raped and you were never aware. / / 14 years and…  sign in to read more »


by Fay Mbiwa ThePoet, Apr 15, 2015

Tell me what, / You want to know? / I cant keep on staring, / What's the secret, / Behind that sneer? / / Won't I be absurd, / Pestering you, / Screaming my lungs out, / Telling you what I want, / Yelling for what I need. / / Can't you just relax a bit? / And stretch your hard mouth, / I want to hear what you…  sign in to read more »

»Power of words«

by Shylet Noma Clint Mncube, Nov 6, 2014

When I was but a young girl I just loved opposites, then I didn't know they attract. / Defying the odds and always being the odd one out, now I only find out it's what they call gender. / Female, feminine, phenomenal are words I started understanding when I became a young woman. / Pubic, puberty is not…  sign in to read more »

»Just gone with no goodbye«

by Moipone Tsoka, Aug 7, 2014

News of your passing has arrived / and I can't help but to feel even more angry with you / angry with the fact that I feel robbed / how can you be just gone without any goodbye / / I am still furious with the fact that you broke my heart now that you are just gone / who do I scream at? / now that you are…  sign in to read more »

»The Voice, Guess who?«

by Shylet Noma Clint Mncube, Aug 4, 2014

I love lonely hearts. / I hate faithful partners. / I love married women and men they are my easy target. / Temptation is my trend. / I hate it when people block me. / I love teenagers who are going through adolescence and life challenges. / I hate it when they abstain. / Guess who? / / I lie but who doesn'…  sign in to read more »

»Is It Still Africa?«

by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Jun 25, 2014

Is It Still Africa, where we preach the word of equality but practice non society? / Where youngsters preach equality towards their elders? / / Respect lost, Elders speechless while we lose our sense of humor. / Is it still Africa where lives are lost and joy is reaped?, / When men walk in fear of their…  sign in to read more »

»Our Cultures Forgotten«

by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Jun 25, 2014

Our Cultures Forgotten, / Mother Tong Never Spoken, / Equality never shared and Friendship never cherished. / / We are lost by our fathers, abandoned by our mothers / laughed at by our neighbors, taken grant-age by our friends / and even killed by our loved ones. / / Our Souls are no more treasured, Money…  sign in to read more »

»If I die«

by Lerato Jahder Mollomabina, Jun 20, 2014

Know that I didn't die because my heart stopped, / I died because it was broken / my life is sensitive, so I don't discuss it. / she gained my trust, so hell / I told her about my life / she characterized it to friends / I will never trust again. / / I did want to die before, / I knew I was stronger than…  sign in to read more »

»A goodbye note«

by Suman Malekani, Jun 15, 2014

Hey me, I am leaving now / please don't ask me when where & how / I'll be moving with a whole new me / we'll never meet again or ever see. / / The time has come for me to leave / I can't be me anymore it is a grieve / How the new me will be I don't know! / but I can't be you so please let me go. / / Yes you…  sign in to read more »


by Siyanda Nkosi, Jun 4, 2014

Count numbers in relation / To your blessings and / Not in relation to your temptations. / Forget not the gift of life / Which we receive daily. / Forget not the gift of freedom, / The gift to love and the blessing to be loved. / Forget not the gift to see, to hear / To walk and to speak. / / Subtract…  sign in to read more »


by Siyanda Nkosi, May 2, 2014

As repose / On this stool / And listen to my / Heart cane. / / I persist all the / Judgement that is / Bestowed to me / By my kindred. / / As I persist / The judgement my / Temper gets electrified / Like an intense tempest. / / I confer without / Contemplating and say / Encroach things at an / Encroach…  sign in to read more »

»Not yet done«

by Bongile Langa, Feb 12, 2014

though I trod with worn muscles, / trapped in my coffin-bodied body, / though the morning no longer have good mornings, / with remnants and remains of my breath / I shall unleash deep, dig that force / though my face is masked with gloom / these scattered pieces are the witness / witnessing resilient soul…  sign in to read more »

»So my heart can stop hurting«

by Maureen Direro, Feb 8, 2014

My heart is broken, / I'm running but I cannot get shelter, / I'm molten in the core of my soul, / Because this time I believed love was real, / But this real love decided its own destiny and left me alone, / It left me alone without notice, / Now all kinds of feelings surface, / They surface and I think a…  sign in to read more »

»Do They?«

by Michael Strydom, Jan 17, 2014

If I had to carve out my tongue / Or lose a lung... / I would reach for my pen / And prove to you my friend / That God saw it…  sign in to read more »

»One Fair Kiss«

by Pope Tuggen, Jan 17, 2014

I am doomed / Fare and square / Hole in the past / Hole in the future. / Bad! Bad! Bad! / All is bad. / My goody dreams / In one past / All eternity blast. / I am doomed / One fair kiss / Briefly a bliss / Rape! Rape! Rape! / All in tape / Seduced by fifteen / One little teen / Tall, say fair / She no fair / Had, say…  sign in to read more »

»Woman of substance!«

by Kgomotso J Kgopa, Oct 18, 2013

A soul on high heels! / Woman of substance / Substance that cannot be seen / But greatly felt / Your presence and power are undeniable / Formidable - Admirable / You make these words understatements / You dance to the brink of new dawn / As the floors pulsate and ripple to your rhythm / Propelling man…  sign in to read more »

»We Need Another«

by Tshililo Khanari, Jul 6, 2013

We've come so far yet the past seems so close. Yesterday & today look like twins from the same umbilical cord. Young & old, they all seek one more peace accord. / / Their blood was shed then, but its smell lingers on to this day. But its life; never to be recouped again. / / That June 16, 1976 was…  sign in to read more »

»Prince of Darkness«

by Yolande Duplessis, Jun 28, 2013

Prince of darkness / Hear my call / Feel the ache of loss in my soul / Bring me back from the light / Take me into your darkest night / / I felt the passion / I felt the lust / I could see the love / Before it fell / / Light takes it all / Darkness prevails / Take my soul / / I cannot breathe / I cannot eat / I…  sign in to read more »

»The blow«

by Yolande Duplessis, Jun 28, 2013

Shadows embrace / Darkness fills my soul / My black eye contorts objects around / Night fills my vision / As the final blow falls / / Faintly sound surrounds me / Light barely reaches my purple eye / A hand / Retreat / The hand remains / Soft, welcoming / / Standing again / Dark spots remain / But light…  sign in to read more »

»Am not stupid«

by Maureen Direro, Apr 18, 2013

Say my name, don't be shy... / I can't get used to the fact that you calling me with pet names. / this is like calling me "colgate" although am "aquafresh"... / Am not stupid, got my IQ to prove you wrong, / am tired of people treating me like a dumb blonde... / I am not dumb, am like you, / I am not a…  sign in to read more »

»Something unknown«

by Fortunate-Hero Lekgetho, Mar 2, 2013

it's not enough to say you care / when you don't show …  sign in to read more »

»What Do We Do?«

by Natachja De Weber, Mar 2, 2013

Sweet Anene Booysen, / Just 17 years old. / Her attacker was familiar, / So he lures her off alone. / Invited of his friends, / As if it was for fun. / Violate her innocence, / So you can just imagine. / Tells her not to scream, / As her perception changes. / "Don't hurt me I beg you please" / But her…  sign in to read more »

»To love someone sometimes«

by Fortunate-Hero Lekgetho, Mar 1, 2013

to love someone at times / gives you so much grief at times / you run to show them much love / and they complain about the past / you fight for the present / but they dwell on yesterdays mistakes / / to love someone sometimes / you try by all means not to hurt them / but they hurt you instead / and they…  sign in to read more »


by Mary Kettle, Jan 10, 2013

Why must there be obstacles / be words that destroy / Why must there be cruelty / in all that you voice / When a word of kindness / is all that it would take / to heal so many wounds / of yesterday / You have your techniques / you have your point of views / but when it comes to compassion / I see none of it in…  sign in to read more »

»Mortified, Petrified, Stupefied!«

by Nasnin Nasser, Dec 7, 2012

The wound is ripe / To be sliced and consumed / Before it consumes her. / Pardon me for the grotesque imagery / It slipped out / Of my grotesque contemplation / With a deliberate ease and arrogance / Of utmost feminine frailty. / (Can you please compare this / With a Sylvia Plath gloom / Dipped in "black shoe…  sign in to read more »

»Watch what you say«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 11, 2012

Watch what you say around people / because what you say affects me / choose your words carefully fool / because I end up looking like you / / what you feeding people / you messing up my reputation joe! / those small pieces of bad info / paint a perfectly wrong description of me / / so what what you say…  sign in to read more »

»Got lost at the cemetery«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 4, 2012

feel lost, I am lost / / today in search of you / I went and I couldn't find you / have you turned your back on me / so much that you can't reveal yourself to me / / I saw all shade of black stones / gray and white ones / but couldn't fint yours / saw all names and surnames / nations and clans / / but couldn…  sign in to read more »

»Inconvenienced for your convenience«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 4, 2012

I can't / can't do this anymore / sacrifice my happiness for yours / what I need is put aside / while your wishes are been considered / / Inconvenienced for your convenience / / I can't / can't put a smile to your face 24/7 / nor provide for you sll the time / while you sit there and do nothing / you hardly…  sign in to read more »


by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 3, 2012

empty is how I feel / this house I wanna leave / lonely is how I feel / getting out is all that left for me / mind somewhere else / body still here / my heart has left / seems like I have lost interest / / feel like my organs are separated / from his body of mine / tall walls surrounding them / solitary…  sign in to read more »

»Hey Woman«

by Shylet Noma Clint Mncube, Aug 20, 2012

Hey woman, wonderfully and fearfully made. / A flower that blossoms in all seasons, areas and atmospheres. / / Your scent gives breath of fresh air / Your presence brightens the day / / Woman your range and brand does not end / uprooted and planted elsewhere it does not change you, it makes you even…  sign in to read more »

»A poem to you«

by Mothibe Johannes Mothapo, Jul 29, 2012

It was only dark, no lights, no sight but curiosity / Curiosity of what would happen if there is sight, if there is light / You wake up, wondering who is who, / They are all smiling at you, kissing you, calling you with sweetest names / You then learn to know them, yes they are your family, your mama…  sign in to read more »

»Enemy (12 verses)«

by Artemio Allegretti, Jul 4, 2012

Let it go! the natural language of birth / At this moment meaningless / Only used to call for need / A sensless animal certified by society / A source of greed / A creation of earthly anxiety / Detatched from all that is fair and just. / / For now you don't require the learn / Only that feel from soul and…  sign in to read more »

»I had abandoned my pen (The biggest lie)«

by Maureen Direro, Jun 19, 2012

I thought I had abandoned this pen that voices out how I feel / You let go of me during these times, / After I poured out my heart to you / do you know how much does it take for a girl like me to admit that I actually love you? / Just when I had moved on, / just when all surfaces of wound built up when…  sign in to read more »


by Bruce Gorton, Apr 23, 2012

Muscular emotion branded in his face / His jaw tense his eyes wild / At his temple the pulse does race / Tongue clipped to all things mild / / To be an adult means to stand / And be at your own command / Just between urge and action / Facing bloody attraction / / The fingers of reason are now broken / Sanity…  sign in to read more »

»Afridi Is king«

by Rabi Ul Islam, Mar 8, 2012

He holds his bat with all his might, / The bowlers bowl with full of fright. / He is the man, he is the king, / He smashes every ball out of the ring. / / Once he entered the pitch by chance, / And changed the game in a single glance. / He is the man depended on hard times, / For he is the king of all the…  sign in to read more »

»Questions for the religious left of America«

by Bruce Gorton, Jan 17, 2012

A woman stands for what is right / She takes it to court, wins the fight / She stands through threats of death / Rape with the brutality to steal breath / These loving Christian comments made / Burnt into my retinas and will not fade / We are told not to judge all by this few / Yet they include your…  sign in to read more »

»Think of the little children«

by Leo Long, Jan 2, 2012

So many times we've decided, "It's time we split up!", / But then we find we just can't give up. / It's not for each other; it's for the children we care, / On them it's unfair, / They stand in the corner helpless and bare. / / There's so much to remember my daughter, my son, / But all I can think of is…  sign in to read more »

»Drowned in hate«

by Leo Long, Dec 22, 2011

I felt the stab of pain / From a brother in the hood / One seeking to rise to fame / I thought he understood. / / I taste the bitter in what he said / As he spits the words out / "I wish you were dead" / He just verified my doubt. / / I hear the cries for pity / In our own neighborhood, / Not across the…  sign in to read more »

»Daddy won't be coming home tonight«

by Leo Long, Dec 14, 2011

The steam that rises from the shell / Mists up the scope lens / A steady hand etches a heart / Through which the other bleeds / / A tattered pass absorbs the flood / Inches from the silent hand / That reached beneath his thread bare coat / A white flag not received / / The towel-head becomes another scratch…  sign in to read more »

»Lord of carnage«

by Mohamed Amer, Dec 11, 2011

Rise from two blood rivers / Rivers use to be so blue / / Standing on a mountain of bodies / Bodies that used to step on you / / Serpent tongue, vicious eyes ... / You are a body of lies / / Stealing happiness from others / You enjoy their cries / / Calling by not existing faith / To have a license to…  sign in to read more »

»Just another broken heart«

by Karabo Matthews Ndlovu, Sep 8, 2011

Waking up every morning to the same nightmare, / with excruciating pain that my heart could not bear, / hopelessly, consumed by the need to find you love there, / furiously, my heart beating to rhythms I didn't want to hear. / / I was reminiscing about the future, fantasizing about the past, / mass…  sign in to read more »


by Edward Iacona, Sep 7, 2011

There is some things we do in life / We wish we could retrieve. / The one action that triggers another / Having a result we can't conceive. / / That includes a hope or dream / That does not come true. / Or, just not in quite the way / In which we would like it to. / / One of those moments I'd take back…  sign in to read more »


by Paballo Neer, Sep 7, 2011

To you, oh vulture of the living / You are hunting on the living / killing them slowly and surely. / your diseased head and beak / pierce through my skin as your / deadly bacteria slowly eats / me from the inside out. / At every beat of my heart your / deadly pathogen is pumped / and pushed deeper into me…  sign in to read more »

»Waves and Ripples...«

by Nasnin Nasser, Aug 17, 2011

Of all the games you played / The most indelectable for my delectable heart / Was your love. / Everything that exists seeks for reason to exist / Same is your love. / But I wish if it were bereft of reason... / Reasons take away the beauty! / / You teased my Ennui / "Speak.... Speak... / Your dumbness stinks…  sign in to read more »


by Andi Abderrahmane, Jun 27, 2011

BUTTONS / No swords / No spears / No shields / No arrows / No horses / / ONLY BUTTONS / Risk-free, time saving wars / Mass killing weapons. / Just press the button. / / Out of your finger tips; / Wrapped in a deadly / bullet, / bomb / or / missile / Death miles away travels / Before it / Indiscriminately hits / Men…  sign in to read more »

»Finding Lonely«

by Professor King, Jun 27, 2011

I tried so hard to have you / I hated being alone / I wanted you so badly / All I ever dreamed of was you / But now. / But now my feelings have changed / I have gotten to know you / And now you have turned out to be so EVIL / My boys are always bringing me the stories / But I tried not to believe / and now I…  sign in to read more »

»Somewhat father's day«

by Maureen Direro, Jun 21, 2011

What father's day to me? / Happy father's day to my brother and sister and mother... / What's the use of this day? / Thank you God for keeping me safe. / Even though I needed you dad, / you shuned away, / you had money in the bank but you left me to starve, / my clothing was what I was given. / But thank…  sign in to read more »

»Waiting for Mama«

by Thembelani Galada, May 26, 2011

waiting for mama / graught to the culves / leaves agrey in trees / cracks in in revers / eath has come with adges / survival of the fittest / moto to the jungle / war against eye lashes / chicks telling stories / beat of a heart like a mother / who lost her last son / stomach cry out loud / unconsciously…  sign in to read more »

»Open Mouth«

by Sergio Coto, May 22, 2011

Inside your open mouth... / When a man has to learn here. / / Just grow old! Run! / Have you forgotten? / / The crowd is over... come home / I need to put you back together, / bleed and compare, / but stay! / while I picture myself in the fence. / / Cast shadows on the corner / but stay alive and wrong...…  sign in to read more »

»The story of my life«

by Sergio Coto, May 17, 2011

Again fell down to the floor / sobbing my way down after you, / Felt stupid and unconcious before / feeling heartless and remorseful today. / / Do you know why I drown? / Do you know why I fall? / Do you know why you call? / Or am I the one that is gone? / ...I'm fed up at all. / / But before my demise comes…  sign in to read more »

»Love is deeper«

by Lloyd Nabe, May 13, 2011

He loved her... / not enough to sacrifice his life for her, / she believed in inner strength / that black women possess, / she misled herself that / it's a black woman's purpose to suffer / and conquer the pain alone. / / She loved him enough to feed his ego / succumbed to his shenanigans like a concubine…  sign in to read more »

»Times Full of Lies«

by Sergio Coto, May 13, 2011

Everything comes up to my mind like dirt / remembering lies against my will, / I fold myself in to glooming heat / my hipped interest of negligence. / / My integrity falls down / disolving again to your hips, / breaking up and shattering down / like a knag in the thraot. / / Those mindless thoughts inside…  sign in to read more »

»Unity in division«

by Bruce Gorton, May 13, 2011

We argue with shouts / That the inner child outs / Taunts we know to be wrong / We make in order to sound strong / / We seek to understand each other / We speak of our difference / / In my belly it won't subside / The confusion born inside / A struggle to find out more / But my reason's a closed door / / We…  sign in to read more »

»A gift for my dad«

by Joanna Clarke, Apr 8, 2011

I have a present to give to you dad / It's the guilt I've lived with, it's made me so sad / I thought it was mine but now I can see / It was yours to carry for eternity / I've carried that guilt right from the start / And slowly, it's been breaking my heart / I've lived with that guilt, but it was…  sign in to read more »


by Kusain PoeticHustler Mokone, Feb 16, 2011

Why does it happen for a person to lose / Whether it be an object / Or / A love close to the heart / Why do we have to endure your pain / / It elaborates it potency in its threshold / It reprimands us / It reminds us of the beauty of things and life / To say goodbye is something I never want to do / again…  sign in to read more »


by Kusain PoeticHustler Mokone, Feb 16, 2011

Misery my blessed downfall / The pain that bleeds me dry / Waking to darkness cause the light is swallowed / by my souls demise / You have taken me and shown me the end / / Misery my friend / You came and swept me back to reality / / Misery my confidant / You have shut me from beauty / You have concealed…  sign in to read more »

»Hanging Upside Down«

by Richard Hexem, Jan 24, 2011

Hanging upside down / is the newest method / of viewing oneself / from a new point of view. / / Have viewed / all those exotic possibilities / in a slow moving haze. / / Possibilities! / All those damned Possibilities! / How much more of this / can we take? / / Take it back and try it again / from the other…  sign in to read more »

»I feel like my heart has died away«

by Almir Sabovic, Jan 21, 2011

It's over and I don't even know why / no one know how much hurts / I feel like someone just came and stole my throat / I don't have no more voice / / I sit and I just cry and I don't know why I feel my eyes melting / away as my tears are rushing down on my face / crying and trying to bear with my…  sign in to read more »

»See my Life«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 6, 2010

Through eyes blinded by judgements with no basis / See what you want, Allowing no graces / Waiting for me to turn around to sink your knife / You have no idea, Oh! You should see my life / / Pay no respect, You can't even afford a smile / Stubborn ignorance, That's just so your style / Step outside for a…  sign in to read more »

»Beautiful Idiot«

by Zithelo Mnguni, Dec 3, 2010

He looks at me and smiles, I look at him and smile back / I know exactly what he is thinking, I know exactly where he wants to put me / In a corner somewhere, where I can stare at him all starry-eyed and wide-mouthed / Where I can hopelessly fall in love with him while getting played on the side / I…  sign in to read more »

»I fear you my people, my heart you cripple«

by Karabo Matthews Ndlovu, Dec 2, 2010

crimes we commit, / ourselve we defeat, / women and children we abuse, / all the above we still refuse, / respect we have lost, / we live in a thick dust, / our children backchat, / they're unstoppable, that's a fact. / I fear you my people, my heart you cripple / / the youth is busy engaging, / in alcohol,…  sign in to read more »


by Sakhile Koaho, Nov 17, 2010

Don't know how to act (darkness creeping) / The only spark I had is gone / Heart beating weird coz I feel lost / Connection fading, bad line / facing them all trembling like an amateur conductor / They all singing but I have no control over them / Everything falling apart (broken house) / unfocused driver…  sign in to read more »

»Perturbed by her«

by Karabo Matthews Ndlovu, Oct 8, 2010

Damn! she stole my heart, / That imp! she acted all so edvoted, / Despise her! coz now we're apart, / After all I was so determined. / She fooled me, she was devious, / I don't understand why she is not oblivious, / I should have stopped instead of falling in too deep, / I should have realised she was…  sign in to read more »

»Lamb to the slaughter«

by Berto Kamp, Sep 29, 2010

Darkness as the sun begins to set / The full moon has reached its quest / Shining dull rays all around / They are so weak not touching the ground / Here I sit with my arms open in disappear / Wondering what will happen to me next / Hoping only for the best / It is then I collapse on my knees, hoping that…  sign in to read more »


by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Sep 27, 2010

IF I could make my dreams come through, My Sins go low / I would stand up with joy that fills my heart into the fullest and regret no new day as a new / day is a Blessing and I am a Blessing and was named Blessing / I am the light above the sky and fly within the / universe which carries an everlasting…  sign in to read more »


by Sibusiso Blessing Ntsaluba, Sep 24, 2010

Holding a pen in my hand writting the feelings / I feel internal but hidden in the external features. / / Days were dark, day by day anger was expressed / Feelings were unelucidated. / No joy was planted but silence was reaped. / / Silence hurted the most while no one was there to heal and comfort the…  sign in to read more »

»The Devil Is A Woman«

by Zithelo Mnguni, Sep 18, 2010

It always baffles my mind when we do this to our own kind / We preach of sisterhood yet we wear the devil's hood / If maybe I could rewind and maybe be born from the male kind / Then maybe I would not be saying this: The devil is a woman / / Remember how you told her about your new man, / How he loved…  sign in to read more »

»He who calls himself "my father"«

by Maureen Direro, Jul 29, 2010

He who calls himself "my father" / Doesn't know my second name / He who calls himself "my father" / Remembers that he is my father on father's day / He who calls himself "my father" / Never held my hand and looked into my eyes and said don't go there / I tried impressing him through merits / But he knows…  sign in to read more »

»The talent of lying«

by Anesa Dindar, Jul 29, 2010

Like poetry, / Like musical ability, / Like painting, / Like sport, / Lying is a talent too. / / Some have the inherent ability, / To create a fictitious life, / That is grander than necessary, / Larger than life. / Never mundane, never ordinary, / Always fascinatingly different, / And appealingly new.…  sign in to read more »

»When Leopards become Tigers«

by Anesa Dindar, Jul 26, 2010

The paradigm that 'leopards don't change their spots' / always rang true / until this leopard / grew tired of her spots / wanted something different / longed for something new / / until this leopard / threw off that oppressive spot / that before would never change / refused to change / / until this leopard…  sign in to read more »

»My own chains of pain«

by Maureen Direro, Jul 22, 2010

My brother my sister, / who shall I call upon today when there is nothing but pain in my heart? / mother and father who shall I come back to when the world shows me it's downside / / Neighbour who shall I call upon if I lie awake all day thinking about tomorrow / My significant other who shall I talk to…  sign in to read more »

»A Pottage Man«

by Berto Kamp, Jul 16, 2010

I that am imperishable one as life goes on by / On the outside this is not a lie / Knowing that I can survive / Or do you think otherwise / Always being taken for a ride / Not showing my true colours / Only what I harbor inside / Your names now mean nothing to me / Maybe John, Peter or Steve / I was the one…  sign in to read more »

»My pain«

by Maureen Direro, Jun 25, 2010

I am so hurt, / That I cannot see / what went wrong... / I can see my bruises after bruises after bruises, / bruises so deep / I have never seen. / is there anyone, / who could... / ease my pain? and make sure that this bruises shall heal? / can anyone / be there and show / me, / how to take it all away…  sign in to read more »


by Berto Kamp, Jun 25, 2010

The mountain that I climb / Will I reach the top in time / Or will the mountain move / The walk up hill will prove / Battling to reach the top / Is this a battle I have already lost / How fast will I walk / Not knowing my own thoughts / What is it with me / I struggle indefinitely / Tried to be a friend…  sign in to read more »

»I Don't Care«

by April A., May 31, 2010

You detest me. The reason is clear, / And your welcome is always so cold, / But the core of my perfect idea / Has been stolen by the whole / Heartless cruel rotten world. / / You all promptly discovered the sense of surviving / And at last started thinking what means to be free. / Full of envy, consumed…  sign in to read more »

»Unknown Path«

by Berto Kamp, May 21, 2010

I stand before the fork in the road / No not just one but three I am sold / Which do I take, to left / Maybe to the right / The middle one might be my plight / Scared I stand not knowing why / Given once again a choice in life / Desperate not to meet my fate / Or even make the same mistake / Thinking that…  sign in to read more »

»Victim Of Prey«

by Berto Kamp, May 3, 2010

Broken knees and elbows / Heart and all that does follow / Heart and mind as well / You are the typical swine / Took from me that no one else can give / In return I suffered for the rest / Those that did not become your victim of prey / All I can say is "I thank God to this day" / That no one else fell to…  sign in to read more »


by Cashca Viljoen, Apr 1, 2010

Feeling so lost and all alone / I want to bury all the memories / Leave no trace that you ever existed / / Maybe then I could sleep at night / Maybe then my eyes will be free... / From all the tears / / Don't want to have to drag this pain with me / Everywhere I go... / I want to be normal again / / But…  sign in to read more »

»Treacherous Words«

by Anesa Dindar, Feb 17, 2010

His words are more dangerous than his blows. / His words remain long after the cuts and bruises have healed. / His words, like poison seeping through m…  sign in to read more »

»Words of a mixed race girl«

by Anesa Dindar, Feb 12, 2010

What are you? / / They ask, 'What are you?' / looking at me strangely - / wondering, whispering, enquiring, deliberating, / / Assessing me keenly - / hair, nose, skin, colour, / / Appraising me openly - / race, creed, culture, ethnicity / / Evaluating me eagerly - / mixture, combination, concoction,…  sign in to read more »

»...it's how you see the world«

by Mbuso Mkhonto Kumalo, Jan 21, 2010

Be glad, be joyful, but be humbled by your neighbors' surroundings, / Be jolly, smile broadly and honestly, but allow yourself to show humility, / Be happy, stay honest, uphold integrity with a gently ironed fist, but be true to yourself first. / / Because in the end, a volatile spirit will corrupt and…  sign in to read more »


by Mbuso Mkhonto Kumalo, Jan 21, 2010

1. I see you've wiped your tears, / 2. I'm glad to see you smile, / 3. It brings tears to my eyes, / 4. when I see you've learnt to smile. / / 5. You laugh instead of cry, / 6. What change has brought this light? / 7. What magic made this right? / 8. Or, did death die during the night? / / 9. It warms my…  sign in to read more »

»the demons of tobacco«

by Remi Bellefleur, Jan 18, 2010

the demons of tobacco, / came over my uncle. / they brought nothing, / but pain and sickness. / / they were nothing, / but spirits of smoke, / deception and anger, / hollows of despair and death. / / they sweep over the earth, / in search of victims, / to torture with their addiction, / fear, confusion,…  sign in to read more »

»War of minds...«

by Adnasis Egnahs, Jan 15, 2010

First thing I gotta do when I wake up in the morning, the simplest thing but also my worst fear, I gotta open my eyes. So I wake up mentally, say a quick prayer and brace myself for the sad HD quality reality of yet another day at work... / / The war begins... I open my eyes... / / Light invades and…  sign in to read more »

»Last night I came across a woman without wisdom...«

by Adnasis Egnahs, Jan 7, 2010

Last night I came across a woman who could not reason or stand her ground, her perceptible and obvious confused mind resembled childishness and idle mind. / / I found her irritating and I could not stand her, she was the opposite of me, I really could not bear to be in her presence any longer, her…  sign in to read more »

»The Phoenix«

by Yolande Duplessis, Jan 7, 2010

Slowly I rise from the ashes / Like a Phoenix / my flame is renewed / my wings are still new / and tight / I stretch them out / prepare myself to take off / on my new journey / BUT / I cannot, not yet / Like a giant enemy of freedom / life forces me to stay still / I cannot move / I am caged in / My wings are…  sign in to read more »

»The Beggar«

by Willem Hartzenberg, Dec 11, 2009

Sunny bright ray's on the tears of a hungry face; / Moving violations to get to the other side of the road; / Far of glances within the proximity of dispair; / A mother and child with a tin and a wish. / / Silly words written on the tag of the yuppy; / Disgust on the face of the ashtry scratching pimple…  sign in to read more »

»Tolerance is Tired«

by Esther Odendaal, Dec 4, 2009

If my name were Tolerance / I'd tell you I was tired / Of being the only one / Who never sighed, just smiled. / I'd call you to remind you / I'm like a two-way street / That goes in both directions / For taxi's, cars and feet. / Look out for each other / Slow down and leave a gap - / No need to scream and…  sign in to read more »

»Real Life Lesson«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 24, 2009

To be a student in your class / was certainly considered a coup / All the kids sure wanted you / and maybe a few mommies too. / / Beyond the Three R's you traveled, / your lessons laced with mirth. / You taught of wolves and wildlife / and conservation of the Earth / / Your teaching rings with wisdom / of…  sign in to read more »


by Berto Kamp, Nov 9, 2009

Do not touch me / Leave me alone / I am on my journey that no one knows / Your sweaty hands that when they touch feel like a burning bush / Or a wire brush / Scrapping the skin from my body / Just to satisfy your lust / As you peel away my emotions with this game I thought was trust / You did not care what…  sign in to read more »

»Blue Car will do«

by Berto Kamp, Nov 6, 2009

I have come to haunt you / I will not go away / I will not leave on this sick and perturbed day / You are the one that took advantage of me / Now I will take revenge like a blind mad man that cannot see / Did you think twice when you ran your hands over me? / Told me lies so that I would agree / Do not…  sign in to read more »

»Dirty Opinion Whore«

by April A., Oct 16, 2009

Close your eyes and describe what you see. / Nothing, I bet. You mind it? / Open them up, it will nothing still be. / Cheers! They've got you blinded. / / Poison or wine? / Taste and decide, / Dull thoughtless swine, / Make up your mind! / / Make a small gulp. Taste the drunken grape juice. / Swallow. Wait.…  sign in to read more »


by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 9, 2009

I actually thought you loved me / You told me that every day / How was I so blind as not to see / That you could do me wrong in such a way / / I gave you my love, my heart, and soul / But yet you just tossed them aside / I flew over oceans on wings I feared most / Just to find the deadly secrets that you…  sign in to read more »

»Let You Go«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 8, 2009

Your heart is filled with treason / Turning your back on me / You do not have a clear reason / For why our love can't be / / Your laughs have turned to hate / Your smile is now a frown / Anger from you is what I take / No more up just the down / / People say that true love is real / I actually thought that's…  sign in to read more »

»Hatred's Heart«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 5, 2009

Frost now covers my once loving heart / Ice replaces my flowing warm core / Hatred is tearing my caring apart / Nothing is the same as it once was before / / All my good intentions have grown sour / My happiness has taken a turn for the worst / My evilness is growing stronger by the hour / My joy is now…  sign in to read more »

»Everything Fades«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Sep 30, 2009

I know now that I must let you go / Please spread your wings and fly / All my feelings to the world I show / With every tear I cry / / It kills me in every way / To know your longer mine / How I wish that I could say / That love is truly blind / / How I miss holding your hand / And kissing you goodnight / By…  sign in to read more »

»Never True«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Sep 28, 2009

Good luck my first time lover / Good bye to the one I knew / I don't think there could be another / That could love me quite like you / / I never thought I would cope with heart ache / Like you gave to me so soon / Never did I think I'd allow someone to take / As much of my heart as did you / / Forever will…  sign in to read more »

»Being Alone«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Sep 17, 2009

Mangled faces, distorted love / Strangled feelings, an angry shove / Tangled emotions, hurting bruised / Dangled Guilt, like being abused / / Is anything better than being alone? / / Countless nights, I've waited / Blindly believing, so frustrated / Wishing honesty, time wasted / Rewarding Care, often…  sign in to read more »

»Gloomy Crowd's Man«

by April A., Sep 10, 2009

He lived his days by someone's rules, / He broke his hands, became the tool. / He played the game with life at stake. / He won. He made a great mistake. / / Life is action, / Don't surrender / When the heartlessness decides / Who are fighters and defenders / On the different inner side. / / Some beer in…  sign in to read more »

»The pin«

by Romano Van der Walt, Sep 10, 2009

Sharp pointing of steel / Reveals motion / That has been created upon / A crayon / / Feature resistance towards a paper / Blue red purple / Dreams that will be true / / My time has come to point the / Pain in a different direction / Towards a discussion / / Momentum arise as a needy becomes greedy / Wired…  sign in to read more »

»Hope is faith holding out its hand in the darkness«

by Nurija Mehovic, Aug 31, 2009

When you come to the edge / of all the light you know, / and you are about to step off / into the darkness of the unknown. / / Faith is knowing / one of t…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Aug 28, 2009

Shroud me in clouds of the heartbreak I've known / Staple my mouth shut with feelings never shown / Hold my stare just long enough to feel me suffer / As lives go, this is one that could be no tougher / / Loveproof, loveproof I am not worthy / Loveproof, loveproof I am disposable / Loveproof, loveproof I…  sign in to read more »

»At Any Rate«

by April A., Aug 21, 2009

Kill the cops, / Destroy the gooks, / Break the wall / Of vice-shaped looks, / Break the rules, / And do it twice, / It's your life - / You've paid the price. / / Cock the gun / And change the orders - / Mess the puppets / In this show. / Speak your mind / Beyond the borders, / Win to live - / It's all you know…  sign in to read more »

»Bury My Love«

by April A., Aug 20, 2009

Fuck all the life / Out of me, / Making me squirt / All my pride and ambitions. / Give me a drink / Which is flavored with lies, / Turning my weakness / To your ammunition. / Then shove your dick / Into my throat - / My being helpless / Will bring you orgasms. / Tasting your juice / Will just hurt me much…  sign in to read more »

»the game of war«

by Mthandazo Lucky KaDlodlo, Aug 3, 2009

Afghanistan was the main course, / Iraq the dessert, / Many blunders made, so many lives lost, / They coined the word hero, but the heroes were all cadavers, / I longed to see a hero I could talk to, / The blood thirsty vampire top brass planning another battle even before the last soldier had hit the…  sign in to read more »

»Who is the only one you trust«

by Nurija Mehovic, Jul 31, 2009

The light in the sky there the moon the sun how about the stars, the trust is something that you take in and you believe it. That's the truth and reality. What is the trust, and who do you trust. The trust is my eyes and my ears that's who the one I trust and that's the one who I believe that I will…  sign in to read more »

»Political Condoms«

by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Jul 29, 2009

Stampeding stumps of limbs / Gnarled by the stuccattoing bombs / Of a war that they never started / Gesticulate accusing fingers / To those who reap where they didn't / sow. / Their remains nourish the soil / Of a country they died for. / Their sweat waters deligently / The deserts of poverty and inequality…  sign in to read more »

»It rained«

by Rupert Ruel Nonyane, Jul 28, 2009

rocks that schattered my window frames, broken glass all over the floor, I wonder why the misery was for, / / the space that separate me and her was now filled with tears of past traumer relation, cheats cheated love for no reason, maybe just immoral, / / I see them clouds gathering on my room, dark…  sign in to read more »

»Can you see me now?«

by Haley Melvin, Jul 8, 2009

Can you see me now? / I sit and I wonder why my life is falling down the drain, / I don't know what to do, / All I can do is sit and watch my life falling down the drain, / I want to change it but I don't know how to fix it, / I am so confused in my life that I am in today, / I scream and ask for help, / I…  sign in to read more »


by Roberta Williams, Jul 6, 2009

I am so angry at my dad. / My dad was a bad dad, / I must add he left me and I am sad and mad. / My dad left me and Chad my brother. / / WE both were unclad. / My dad did not want us. / He claim us dead. / I ran a ad and hoping to let others know they are not alone. / / Sometimes I am glad that my dad was…  sign in to read more »


by Diane Brents, Jul 6, 2009

I sit here at this computer / tears rolling down my face / as I sit here / remembering you... / / I never thought you would die / I never thought you wouldn't be coming home. / I sit here crying / remembering you. / / But I do know that soon / I will be with you / in the heavens above. / / So until then,…  sign in to read more »

»Saying Goodbye One Last Time«

by Diane Brents, Jul 6, 2009

It was meant to happen different, / He wasn't supposed to die, / It wasn't meant to happen so soon, / I wanted him to stay a little longer, / I didn't want him to leave us. / I didn't get to say goodbye to him, / I wanted him to come back home but not like that, / I want to turn back time and make him…  sign in to read more »

»Dear Death«

by Jamil Artin, Jun 29, 2009

Dear Death / / Today let us put love / on the love that died / Let us forgive the rose of longing / for its thorns which injured / let us roam the land of our insisters / sink in the earth / to touch the seed of the rose / whose leaves like mine / die outside its garden / / Dear Death / / Today life lives by…  sign in to read more »

»Broken Hearted«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Jun 9, 2009

There he was, tears pouring down like a summer's rain / from the painful heart. / emotions vanished as kings abdicated / / she aggravated from seconds to minutes, he gasped as a babu on a lunch break / bitterness appeared on her side with a smile. / / her feelings agiled from love to hate, whilst the…  sign in to read more »


by Jayram Daya, Jun 1, 2009

When hatred invaded a weak thought, / The mind was prepared for defeat. / It was the will that fought, / Anger attacked without retreat. / / Sad to hear the screams and cries, / Violence was the force that dictated. / With bleeding mind and denies, / Anger left the body negated. / / Shame returned when all…  sign in to read more »

»Where are they«

by MmaphelaLylian Kgatla, May 14, 2009

I grew up loving her, / I now can't see her anymore, / I grew up with her, / I loved her every day, / My heart still longs for her every day, / Because she was and is my friend, / where is she? / / I grew in her arms, / I can't feel her arms around me anymore, / She use to lie, cheat and to fight my battles…  sign in to read more »

»The night never ends«

by Nurija Mehovic, May 1, 2009

I hear a strange voice. I think that it's a dream. The person is in front of me but the voice is so far away. This word I hear repeats itself over and over. I drop to my knees, I scream for the day to not turn night. I was screaming so loud. But no one can hear me. I can't hear my voice. I can't see…  sign in to read more »

»Remorse and repent«

by Sergio Coto, Apr 29, 2009

I repent from growing / and have remorse for being, / what do you think? / I'm a recipient for hate. / / I have a reckless remorse for you / and repent from succumbing, / What do I think? / I'm a torch for torture. / / I repent from revealing my life / and have a remorse for loving, / What do you think? / I'm…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 14, 2009

You pushed and pushed... / seemingly got too far, / interposing your ideals / and grading my judgement. / / Your Roundabout knowledge of my head, / a falling routine fear, / quarintining my foremost desires / to pervert this native habit. / / You hand me to the edge... / forgetting the brilliant hurt / that…  sign in to read more »

»A hummingbird's fist-sized heart«

by Nurija Mehovic, Apr 13, 2009

The body screams for peace, and soul is looking for rest. / Peace means body wants to rest, but, / So many things is going on in this world, / And is so hard for the body to relax. / But, how the soul will find peace when we leave my green and white eye. / I know we will find peace there, / Because there…  sign in to read more »


by Almir Sabovic, Apr 13, 2009

Have you ever tried to leave but people keep stopping you for questions? But, most of the time you are busy to do other things like getting to work on time. Or be at a basket-ball practice on time. Do you just want to scream to them to leave you alone but you just might scare them. The main reason…  sign in to read more »

»I Wanted This«

by Sergio Coto, Apr 8, 2009

You have a special way / to remind me that I'm alone, / you remember me, so I can cry / and get to feed my deed. / / I blocked all feelings / trying to forget you, / but your voice dance inside / defying all my will. / / All this time / I took all my strenght to hate you, / you could've been my sin / but you…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 4, 2009

Adulteration almost complete / understood the posible agony, / amass those blazing insults / intimate with a dream. / / Irresolvable issue to lend / bittersweet blindness to me, / bite abroad again the abdication / hurtle out the single act. / / Adventure myself in the blade / of rushing up above the rest,…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 4, 2009

Is it advantageous to breath / ample hours of greed and clutter, / dark moments of affection / make my willful thinking weak. / / Learned to deal with hollowness / to heal this sour rhythm, / direct affection to enrich hate / and ennoble a love-giving heart. / / I entertain my soul / with this handless…  sign in to read more »

»black boy«

by Rupert Ruel Nonyane, Mar 18, 2009

dark clouds are looming outside, / lightning strikes, "is it a bad night, it could not be worse than yersterday", he thinks to himself, / / what worse could beat the pain faced but not conquered, the misery goes way back before his birth, / / his mother was the mother of pain, had a cracked womb,…  sign in to read more »

»Life of the poor«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Mar 17, 2009

There I was on the streets / On a very hot day / Tears pouring down / Like a summer's rain / / Barefoot, walking on stones / As sharp as a razor / As a painful womb / From a dog's bite / / Hairs as rough as stones / Dirty as a city's heap / Stomach as small as one / Of a person who just puked / / Torn…  sign in to read more »

»In loving memory of Justice Thabo Nkosi«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Mar 14, 2009

5th May 2006, night it was / You had to go I had to stay / Like an other ordinary day / I heard a hooter from the police car / Duty calls!! There you went... / / Morning came, a dark cloud had appeared / Tragedy had occurred / Tears fell, pain took over / Dreams fell, young you were / But had to go…  sign in to read more »

»The Lion Man«

by Emmanuel Ekale Esambe, Mar 12, 2009

On our national seal / is a peculiar engraving / of a lion. / Bright, bold and gold, / it looks out with a snarl - / always. / / It used to be different / in the days of old . / It used to be different / in the days gone by. / It used to be a farmer / in a green field / harvesting tobacco leaves - / I wish.…  sign in to read more »

»What's Going On«

by April A., Feb 26, 2009

What's going on, / A cheap glam slut? / You spread your lust / For miles around / Till some old drunkard / Rents your butt, / You wanted fun - / That's what you've found. / You were a smart / And pretty thing, / You were respected / And adored, / You dreamt of golden / Wedding rings, / On one D-day / It got you…  sign in to read more »


by Melinda Smith, Feb 24, 2009

(homage to Bob Dylan's "Don't think twice, it's all right") / / In the morning, you said we'd have to forget it. / I thought your repentance did you credit / but our sin felt so good, I couldn't regret it. / Some things we never get to say. / / When, later, you'd bring your wife over and flirt / It felt…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Feb 11, 2009

I press the button and renew / The page with someone's masterpiece. / I see a so-called review / Of letters less than letters missed. / The comment's author claims to be / A bard, a critic and a muse. / This three-in-one, or none-in-three / Can't get the core of someone's views, / Of thoughts in their…  sign in to read more »

»A Cry Out!!«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Feb 9, 2009

Laying in bed thoughts passing through, / Thoughts of you showcasing deep emotions, / Emotions of pain and frustration, / Frustrated by your actions / / I reach out, you pull away, / You say you care while you keep hurting me... / I'm lost, I'm confused, confused by your actions! / How could you do such…  sign in to read more »

»Regret, Regret«

by April A., Jan 26, 2009

We used to be like Jack and Rose. / "You jump - I jump" - a stupid oath. / But they all failed to figure out / Who had survived and who had drowned. / They all have taken me awry, / They call me she-who-loves-that-guy. / They wait to see how far I'll get, / And I just quit with no regret. / / You fall - I…  sign in to read more »

»Reflections At Four In The Morning«

by April A., Jan 15, 2009

All days are the same: morning, city, the crowd. / Life's not going forward, it's moving around. / And masks of all shades on those ignorant faces, / A few made-up stories in cheap street newspapers, / Sluts looking like stars, dirty queens of attraction, / Gross idols of so deceptive perfection / Are…  sign in to read more »


by Masechaba Wessie, Jan 8, 2009

Rains have fallen / So have tears / Rainbows have come and gone / So have hopes / For a better you and I / Storms have graced me / And left me with nothing but / A longing unfulfilled / / I did not ask of you to be in my space / Nor did I choose you / / Forgiveness has come at a cost of trust and…  sign in to read more »

»Get Over It«

by April A., Jan 4, 2009

I hate you, guys, I wish you pain. / It never causes any strain. / I can't care less for all this shit / You say to me. Get over it. / Yes, spirit is my perfect friend - / It's always there by my demand. / Yes, I detest the whole mankind. / Yes, I deny, and I'm denied. / / I'm misanthropic, deviant,…  sign in to read more »

»The Game«

by April A., Dec 14, 2008

My mind is poisoned by my dreams, / Forbidden thoughts, forbidden themes. / My lips are sewn, my hands are tied, / Well, I deserved it. It's all right. / A chance of being understood / Just stands no chance, as no one could / Unlock two always open doors - / You turned the keys and locked them both. / / A…  sign in to read more »

»Lines To The Heartless Monst.......«

by Absai Gamariel, Dec 12, 2008

When you were born all celebrated / When you die all shall celebrate / This harsh reality of life / This life I love to hate / All is lost to shame is lost / / How I idolised you, held you close / How you tirelessly worked to feed all / To build a home the envy of many / To build a grannery to feed them…  sign in to read more »

»The words of a perfectionist«

by Mothibe Johannes Mothapo, Nov 8, 2008

I scream for the integration of words, words that can seize me from sweeping through this folklore of poverty / I walk gently but never tall to abscond the thought of pride in them and name my price before they change their mind. / I am not jealous of you! / I just need what's mine and what is mine is…  sign in to read more »

»Little did I know«

by Maviyo Nkosi, Oct 24, 2008

Little did I know that when you said goodnight it was for the last time Little did I know that when you sent me to the shops you wanted to remain behind and rape my little sister Little did I know that when you said you love me you didn't really mean it Little did I know that when my mother gave…  sign in to read more »

»Unknown Escape«

by Shimano Patel, Oct 2, 2008

Numbness arouses the very pinnacle of being / Pins and needles from head to toe / For a moment in time I feel no pain / I feel free- / / Letting go a vacant emotion, I sweetly clench / A heart beat lost / Within racing pulse / For I must bear / This is the only way- / / Shimmering sweaty hands…  sign in to read more »


by Helen Reynolds, Sep 12, 2008

Anger temper arise / So bad you want to kill / bolded white fists / you think / what can I hit? / what can I smash? / You see a picture so vivid / your head the wall it must hit / no rather your fists less pain / then you think / just before total explosion / rationalization returns / no good this self…  sign in to read more »

»Dancing for the dead«

by Mthunzikazi Mbungwana, Aug 6, 2008

These Vampires are speaking in parables. / Eating my blood / Every juice in my muscles is greedily squeezed dry. / / I am dancing for the dead / With no rhythm in their melody / I have hurt my toes / I have been dancing on top of thorn covered surfaces / Cried all my tears / Shouted on top of my voice…  sign in to read more »

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