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146 poems tagged LOVESICK

»Lakes of Admiration«

by Louise Joyce, Dec 24, 2020

They were like lakes of admiration, / The soft blur of tear glossed eyes, / Made the night look almost melancholy. / It was like staring into an abyss, / Of which brought me more pain than th…  sign in to read more »

»Last Night«

by Anonymous, Jun 11, 2019

I spoke to you today, / Though we vowed not to. / We just don't see eye to eye. / But... / Last night I had a dream, / It was vi…  sign in to read more »

»Alive but not together«

by Albara Almerf, Jan 30, 2019

She left he left, / Memories that stayed. / Still makes the heart feel betrayed, / Ones heart was theft. / True love turned into torture, / While the other one focused on the future. / Memories that remained alive, / Everyday teases that they’re still alike. / Each one is in a different weather, / Still…  sign in to read more »

»Scent of the Divine«

by Danae Glauka, Jan 12, 2019

Lost in my thoughts I was and she came / Among the crowded stink an oasis of scent / Calling my eyes to look for her / Awakened by the shock she made I search / Staring between dark clouds of nothingness / A quest of the Light’s rift I so long for / I am coming closer,i feel it / Blood on my veins is…  sign in to read more »

»You are beautiful«

by Albara Almerf, Dec 20, 2018

Roses are red, / Violets are blue, / Love is strong, / And so are you. / / Relationships dies, / Leaving behind gloomy goodbyes, / Mud is brown, / And so are your eyes. / / Souls are dark, / Bright ones are rare, / A shadow is black, / And so is your hair. / / Roses are pretty, / Sharks are killer, / And so is…  sign in to read more »


by Sahaj Sabharwal, Nov 27, 2018

No need to w…  sign in to read more »

»Mind Caliber: Heartbreak«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Sep 24, 2018

Locked and Loaded. / / You came along, we laughed, we kissed / and we cried together. We danced, we touched / and made love to each other. / / You made me cum. And we made each other / pretend that we are both in love. Maybe that / could have been the dilemma. You left me and / took my heart as well. I…  sign in to read more »

»The Return of a Lost Lover«

by Bo Lanier, Aug 19, 2016

Same dream, different night / a sense of Deja-vu takes / me back to another life... / my heart beats fast like / angel wings, as you come / in out of the shadows I begin / to remember everything... / Irish green eyes radiating like / an glowing Amber, your eyes / say more than words could / ever say…  sign in to read more »

»Lay Down Your Armor.«

by Fakazile Nkosi, Aug 7, 2016

You've worn your armor for too long, but I / Refuse to accept the truth. I continue Wearing my 1000 masks, walking tall chinned up but deep within me I know this isn't love. / / You've worn your armor publicly. / / At times I feel like a little girl taken by the / Sweetness of candy and you're cavity…  sign in to read more »

»Your Love is Like a Merry-Go-Round«

by Bo Lanier, Apr 25, 2016

Well you're one hopeless romantic / Almost a border line lovesick fanatic / But I wouldn't change you not if I could / I love your wet and sappy kisses / And the way you hold me so tight / I think I'm gonna pass out from lack / Of oxygen...some people may say / Hey, hey, ok, ok but I think it's cute / Maybe…  sign in to read more »

»Fate Vindicated«

by Bo Lanier, Apr 16, 2016

Love letters from L.A. so sweet / Every line makes my heart skip / A beat, I know someday we will / Be together because I believe / The heart can bridge any distance / No matter the miles that separate / Us today, no and not even the / High Sierra can stand between us / Although I really don't know what…  sign in to read more »

»In Other Words«

by Bo Lanier, Apr 12, 2016

Well when you broke my heart / you might of thought you broke my spirit / but you couldn't be more wrong / don't you know the song must go on / through the good and bad, happy or sad / although it may be hard to smile through / the tears there is faith over fear.. / In Other Words I'll be fine given time…  sign in to read more »


by Bo Lanier, Apr 6, 2016

Room full of candles casting shadows on the French / doors in a gust of wind they swing open and the / leaves blow in In the dead of the night the Piano / plays our song all by its self Almost scared to death / I try to go but I'm paralyzed there not believing what / my ears are hearing. It's been a year…  sign in to read more »

»How Many More Days?«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 29, 2016

How Many More Days / Will the rain come? / How Many More Days / Will the clouds hide the sun? / How Many More Days / Will I have to spend feeling / Blue, missing you... / How Many More Days / Well I just gotta know / How Many More Days / Will it take to get my point / Across to them and will / They ever see…  sign in to read more »

»Every Time I'm Around You«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 4, 2016

Well I can just imagine being your one and only and spending the rest of my life with you baby I can see it all so clearly in my mind in some magic place in time but you don't even notice me I'm just like a ghost you seem to see through every time you gaze my way what in the world would it take to…  sign in to read more »

»Still Waiting«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 3, 2016

Well we were over years ago / I just wish somebody would tell / my heart...you've moved on with / your life and I know our love will / never come again so why can't I / learn to let you go and get on / with my life again... / instead of always just sitting home / alone by the phone hoping you'll / call and…  sign in to read more »

»If Not For You«

by Bo Lanier, Mar 1, 2016

Well we may not be together tonight / But you are here in my heart... / No and don't think I ever, ever take / You for granted... / I thank God every day and every night / For all the blessings you've brought / Into my life... / Well and we may not talk everyday / But when we do we talk the hours…  sign in to read more »

»Staring Down Desire«

by Bo Lanier, Feb 18, 2016

You look at me; I look at you. We both know / what our eyes are trying to say. / But this could be dangerous. Somebody should / look away but nobody looks away. / The eyes seem to say you are the angel I / have always dreamed of and I am so deeply / touched! / Oh but we could never be together. We are…  sign in to read more »

»If I Had Wings«

by Bo Lanier, Jan 25, 2016

IF I HAD WINGS I'd be with you tonight / I wasn't looking for love when I found you / But now you are the biggest part of my life / Oh so IF I HAD WINGS I'd take you to / The stars and back and keep you safe and / Warm, feeling your body so close to mine / Well IF I HAD WINGS I'd wrap you up in / In a love…  sign in to read more »


by Bo Lanier, Sep 29, 2015

Dreaming and waiting for romance as the years go flying / by well the loneliness is enough to make you just / wanna die you tell yourself you don't need anyone but / deep down inside you know it's a lie...you fight back / the tears all throughout the day but at night you lay / awake and cry looking back…  sign in to read more »

»This kind of love«

by Abongile Gwele, Sep 7, 2015

A love that will never end. That will never be changed. / A love so deep it entangles and marries souls in melodies of hummingbirds and orchestras of the universe's heartbeat. / A love so unconditional the coldest days of June and hottest of November are mirror reflections. / A love so pure the moon…  sign in to read more »

»Tears of fear«

by Manie Van Tonder, Jun 2, 2015

As I lay down on our bed / sadness reappears / Running tears on her soft pillow / wishing she was here / Not crying out the question / why? why? why? / But rather thinking of / ways to die / I miss you my baby! / I miss you so so bad! / Without you I am nothing / my life is just sad / I am so alone and…  sign in to read more »

»Somebody Needs You«

by Fakazile Nkosi, Apr 28, 2015

Perfect stranger, / From the moment I met you / I felt whole, / I felt complete, / / Have we met in my previous / Life maybe? / / With you I feel that I belong. / I want to touch you, hold you, / Ex…  sign in to read more »

»Body in Mind...«

by Williamsji Maveli, Apr 7, 2015

After you grind your mind, / / You create to center on / / For a sensation, emotion; / / That occurs on a surface. / / A sensational radiation / / Brings the body and mind, / / Then, you begin to perceive / / All energy on or in your body / / This is temporary in nature / / Every feeling such as stiffness…  sign in to read more »

»You Are A Perfect Flower«

by Musa Gift Masombuka, Jan 23, 2015

You are a perfect flower / Your colour rhymes with your smell, / Your beauty so simply amazing, / It even makes me jealous of your creator. / You really attracted me... / / You are a perfect flower, / Bees come and taste the nectar and often don't wanna go, / Birds tweet as they salute your beauty.…  sign in to read more »

»Withheld love«

by Choene Alley Semenya, Sep 16, 2014

Oh, if, I vow, our love shall be as peaceable and fair / As but said in words from the lips laden with flair; / No longer shalt thou pity me in lieu of loving me? / Shalt thou not facade to smile when I see thee? / O, but how in love canst thy bounty be bereft, / When I in love just proffer amity with no…  sign in to read more »


by Keerthana Prabhakaran, Aug 4, 2014

Baby you are, / The silly billy guy, / Your words no one can buy. / So lazy you are, / Even to get me a flower, / Playful and funny sometimes, / Suddenly you go with this serious mime, / You are perfectly imperfect in everything I see! / / Baby you are, / This big- mouth guy, / Never ever kept our secrets…  sign in to read more »


by Suman Malekani, Jul 2, 2014

I'll keep my love, won't give it to you / cause you never give it back to me, / I'm risking every time I see you smile / but I'm human and love's important you see. / / To you I exist but I am invisible too / I circle and spin around you in your orbit, / but like a bitter splatter on your tongue / you keep…  sign in to read more »

»I Sat with a Lady«

by M CSB, Jun 27, 2014

She is sweet and enigmatic / Her walk so conspicuous / How dare I go there, / With all her enigma / This surely won't end well. / / She walks towards me / And courteously asks to sit beside / I hastily agree / Words that fall from her mouth / Are nothing but pleasing, / Dropping innuendos at every given…  sign in to read more »

»Let it go«

by Suman Malekani, Jun 27, 2014

The break of dawn in beautiful / did you ever wonder? / The dusk is the promise that brings it, / equally full of beauty & splendour. / Goodbyes are sad & melancholic / but do you know? / The happiness of meeting again is precious, / you wouldn't know if you don't let go. / Let go of them, set them free…  sign in to read more »

»Running after the dream«

by Suman Malekani, Jun 25, 2014

I've been living off the edge, / crosing rivers, floods, and sometimes all dries up into droughts. / I've been living with changes, / watching trees burning down, while once they were sprouts. / / I've seen life coming to me, / showing me how pleasant how meaningful it's going to be. / I've heard it…  sign in to read more »

»What you mean to me«

by Maureen Direro, May 2, 2014

I woke up in a quiet place, / All I saw was you, / You and I mean destiny, / I was to blind to see... / I was locked in and frozen down, / from each moment we shared... / I didn't see, / what you meant to me... / 'til I fell in to deep slumber... / / You are the one I love, / Though my heart is at war, / You…  sign in to read more »

»When I thought I had you«

by Lerato Jahder Mollomabina, Feb 28, 2014

You were like soil / The harder I held on / The more you slipped through my fingers. / You ran, / You keep running to the ends of earth. / / I wasn't far behind you. / No, I wasn't supposed to be far behind you. / You had to tip my chin, / So I could c nothing but your eyes. / If only are the cruellest…  sign in to read more »

»Joys of Love«

by Pope Tuggen, Jan 17, 2014

I enjoy teasing you / When you are sad / Sitting on the couch / With hands and legs tugged together. / I enjoy seeing the flush on you face / When you are suprised / Or caught unware. / I enjoy watching you laugh / Like a baby / When you giggle / Your face becomes full with life. / I enjoy watching you move…  sign in to read more »

»When Love Loved Her Back«

by Abdul Milazi, Nov 12, 2013

She gathers seeds of winter tears / As harsh winds weave a tapestry of pain / Her heart recounts fears born of years / Where the sun courted the rain / / She dreams of a lover she once loved / When love loved her back / Her name in his heart he carved / Promised never to turn his back / / She yearns for his…  sign in to read more »

»I fall in love everyday«

by Maureen Direro, May 3, 2013

I fall in love with him everyday, / whether I see him or I don't I miss him... / It's like some kind of magic that he fed me, / he fed me to the sotmach, / and now each time I see him it tinkles, / It's amazing because / He's the same guy I see in my dreams, / he's the same guy who has been in my heart all…  sign in to read more »

»I fell in love with this guy (Letter to my love)«

by Maureen Direro, Mar 1, 2013

There's this guy I love, / He got the softest touch / And the biggest heart, / He got the cutest smile / And says the sweetest things, / He rocks my world to the bone, / He makes happy okay, / I feel stupid at times / you could say that I'm a doosh bag, / Blame a sucker who created love, / When we love even…  sign in to read more »

»Letter to her«

by Sakhile Koaho, Oct 8, 2012

Firstly I love you more today / than I ever did in my life before / / You have intensified all colors / heightened all beauty / deepened all delight of being with you / / The thought of seeing you / and being around you / touch of your nose with mine / to recapture the electric current / the blood rush / oh…  sign in to read more »

»Lost in Love«

by Abdul Milazi, Oct 4, 2012

She is the rain that falls with happiness / Soaks the bones of my sorrow / And lulls me to sleep in my nakedness / / She is a tender poem of lasting love / In my heart etched in blood / She is the poetry of my seeds / Born in song, a vowel and a consonant / / She is music of my heart / Where silence does…  sign in to read more »

»Lost Love«

by Kioko Kivesi, Sep 11, 2012

She ran towards the pale wall with clenched fists, / Fortunately, the wall managed to hold her from passing through / As the tears slowly cascaded down her ruddy face, it all started coming back to her then / The sun was setting and her love sun seemed to have tagged along for an early set too, / She…  sign in to read more »

»My heart speaks (Missing you, my love)«

by Maureen Direro, Aug 22, 2012

My heart speaks... / My heart longs for you, / yet, you are not there... / My heart cries, / It cries day and night for you... / Where have you gone to? / I feel so lonely even my joy is my sadness... / I try to love outside the restriction of you... / For I felt that you were my asymptote... / I remember…  sign in to read more »

»Say Goodbye to The Beach of Memories«

by Stevano Yusuf, Jul 5, 2012

And everything comes back to the time when we never met, / me and my whole world full of movement and new invention / of the detail of beauty and happiness... / And you with all the mysteries of your door, desire, and needs. / / Just like a simple whisper to the biggest changes / blowing from your…  sign in to read more »

»Yes ... Just like that«

by Edward Iacona, Jun 18, 2012

One can love you with the intensity of / The BIG BANG when it ignited. / One can love you until our Sun fades / And our planet Earth is blighted. / One can love you with the simple joys / That can make a child delighted. / One can love you and defend you / And offer comfort when you're slighted. / One can…  sign in to read more »


by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Apr 15, 2012

If darkness came walking / through my door, / And took me by the hand / so I could blink no more, / Would you know that He loves you? / Would you know that He cares? / Would you know that He sent me / to thank you for always being there? / / If you slowly begin to cry / and realise my body no longer has heat…  sign in to read more »

»Love finally knocked on my door«

by Moipone Tsoka, Mar 23, 2012

Love finally knocked on my door / the day you declared your love for me / everything in me shifted to create space for you / / The darkness faded in to the light you brought into my life / sadness melted upon your smile and happiness invaded my soul / / Love finally knocked on my door / the moment you…  sign in to read more »

»Afridi Is king«

by Rabi Ul Islam, Mar 8, 2012

He holds his bat with all his might, / The bowlers bowl with full of fright. / He is the man, he is the king, / He smashes every ball out of the ring. / / Once he entered the pitch by chance, / And changed the game in a single glance. / He is the man depended on hard times, / For he is the king of all the…  sign in to read more »

»Our love...«

by Yasmeen B, Feb 12, 2012

Our love was not other than this: / A shared gaze from afar / A slight smile lost in the heat of a blush / and the quickening of our hearts. / An unexplained connection... / / Our love was not other than this: / A hazy sense of nostalgia / unabated by the passing of time. / Silently it has crept / hidden and…  sign in to read more »

»The Ghost of Henley«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jan 23, 2012

Theres an apparition of a man standing outside that house in Henley drive / He stares at you as you go by as if your dead and he's alive / / He is waiting and has been waiting for 101 years patiently / For his love to return from the Shirtwaist Triangle factory / / She was slight of build but big on…  sign in to read more »

»Digits Of Love«

by April A., Jan 12, 2012

I'd send you a dream in another e-mail / And open my heart to attach, / But it would be hard to explore and unveil, / Since digits and feelings don't match. / / The digits of love are a changeable thing / Without a permanent code, / However, the vivid emotions they bring / Still fill the handwritten plain…  sign in to read more »

»Boundless Sea«

by April A., Jan 11, 2012

You just say you will always be there / When I need you right here with me; / I am trapped in the wave of despair, / Dreams escape to the boundless sea. / / I indulge in the sense of December, / In the cinnamon scent I inhale; / This tranquility makes me remember / My old sweet Scandinavian tale. / / It's…  sign in to read more »

»Think of the little children«

by Leo Long, Jan 2, 2012

So many times we've decided, "It's time we split up!", / But then we find we just can't give up. / It's not for each other; it's for the children we care, / On them it's unfair, / They stand in the corner helpless and bare. / / There's so much to remember my daughter, my son, / But all I can think of is…  sign in to read more »

»Daddy won't be coming home tonight«

by Leo Long, Dec 14, 2011

The steam that rises from the shell / Mists up the scope lens / A steady hand etches a heart / Through which the other bleeds / / A tattered pass absorbs the flood / Inches from the silent hand / That reached beneath his thread bare coat / A white flag not received / / The towel-head becomes another scratch…  sign in to read more »

»Tears of ink«

by Leo Long, Dec 13, 2011

"To my Love"... I start the letter / Which I know will be a curse, / For we said we'd be together, for better... / And for worse. / / Each line that I pen / Forces a tear from my eye, / For I reminisce of back-then / Before I knew I was about to die. / / Ah, the warmth of summer days, / Before receiving the…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Dec 11, 2011

My pen is bleeding on the paper, / As love is bleeding in my heart, / These words are bare truth, / So sing them to your music, / And play this music on my trembling soul strings, / In case you manage not to tear them, I'm yours. / / And if you ever find the answers / To questions I have never asked,…  sign in to read more »

»Together Apart«

by April A., Nov 28, 2011

I'm dissolved in the song of the rain - / In the echoing beat of your heart. / It's you pulse that still feels in my veins / Every day spent together apart. / / Autumn alters the shades of the days, / Seasons change - we remain all the same. / An immaculate image portrays / Sheer grief in a beautiful frame…  sign in to read more »

»Bound To Leave«

by April A., Oct 28, 2011

It's half past eleven, he's bound to leave, / She's holding back tears, she whispers: "just stay"; / He cannot reveal any reason to grieve / And says: "I'll be back, I will see you some day". / / Some day in Novemer is meant to be spring / That comes after February's damn thirtieth night, / When fantasy…  sign in to read more »

»White On White«

by April A., Sep 26, 2011

Blank papers of bitter today / Do treasure the words white on white; / If they are forbidden to say, / Then my privilege is to write. / / I choke on the poison I've drunk, / The root of my love is in grief; / I'm learning the foreigners' tongue / To perpetuate my belief. / / The strength of my weakness…  sign in to read more »

»Love Secret«

by April A., Sep 9, 2011

The level of pride in my blood is too high, / And shatters of passion are trapped in a shell, / I'm growing older, I cannot deny, / And something unique fills my heart's every cell. / / Love sacred, love secret, love ably disguised / Is tormented, ever forbidden, but still / It speaks for itself, it is…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Aug 29, 2011

I used to compare myself with a fire, / So sudden, so restless, so hard to predict - / A definite danger from miles to admire, / The gamut of colors one couldn't depict. / / The flame is extinguished. The reason is clear - / I crave for love fuel and only one match. / I'm stronger than every invisible…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Aug 29, 2011

I am breaking the vast glassy surface of make-believe seas, / As the moonlight is cutting the throat of scarlet sunrise, / I am screaming my heart out loud, I need to release / All my silently bitter emotions. I pray to the skies / To remain in this world for a lifetime and ruin it then, / In this…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Aug 13, 2011

The smell of Kent / Failed to bring me to life, / I felt almost nothing, kept silent like dead. / The poisoned blade / Of a sharp kitchen knife / Was bound to cut me, I dropped it instead. / / It wasn't meant / To take place then, alas, / My memories, lurking, denied suicide. / My guise would fade / In a…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Jul 28, 2011

I miss the tune of my ringtone / That no one except us knew; / I went to bed with my cell phone / And dreamt of hearing from you. / Your voice became my sole salvation, / Your breath - the sweetest lullaby. / I miss the waiting at the station, / Observing people passing by, / And then - your smile, a hint…  sign in to read more »

»Going home«

by Zithelo Mnguni, Jul 20, 2011

I cease to breathe / I cease to breathe at the thought that I have to leave / I am seized, left, right and centre by emotions that I don't want to believe / I have been sitting here, camping here, dwelling here / Among the graves waiting for our resurrection / Thinking that somehow I could revive this…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Jul 20, 2011

The times of the rhyming sensations are ceased, / It's no surprise evil love has deceased - / My heart is a chamber with limited space, / Indifference got all my feelings erased. / / Frail fibre is used to the memories' blade, / My thirst for your love is about to fade, / Deceiving myself is revealing the…  sign in to read more »

»Life Replaced«

by April A., Jul 19, 2011

I am drenched in silver smoke / With my weekend brandy mates, / Laughing at the same old jokes, / Taking part in drunk debates. / / When my forces get united, / I will leave the noisy bar, / Soon to find myself invited / To a ride in someone's car. / / Midnight dates, adventures, strangers, / Mad ideas for…  sign in to read more »

»My Cry«

by Maureen Direro, Jul 19, 2011

And so shall my words fulfill / what I so wish, / and so shall my hands vow onto what I dictate, / so as to show what I hate, / and always act deliberate... / And so shall my feet take me to some undefined destination, / and make sure I belong. / And so shall my eyes help me see what I was meant to see.…  sign in to read more »

»Broken Ties«

by Heather Keogh, Jun 29, 2011

My days are lonely the nights are so sad. / I pretend that I'm glad we ended it this way / Why didn't you say, the things I needed you to say? / I can see you so clearly but your no near around / My heart is empty and no one knows it but me / I miss your smile, I miss your touch / Do you still think of me…  sign in to read more »

»One Moment«

by April A., Jun 20, 2011

The imprints of your fingers / Have marked a half-full glass. / The sentiment still lingers, / The moment's due to pass. / / Your glance can still appear / In my Campari drink / Like blood that's mixed with tears, / Or passion's scarlet ink. / / My hand's already missing / Your gentle velvet skin. / My heart…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Jun 20, 2011

I raise my swollen eyes to reach your sight, / I try to guess the song that's in your head, / I'm only thinking / Of how I will dream of you tonight, / While looking through the window from my bed, / As always drinking / Plum wine with morning flavor from the glass / You drank from when you came and made…  sign in to read more »


by Ruramayi Mwaita, Jun 7, 2011

each day spent apart / meticulously represented by each hour spent away / is a reflection of all these minutes / that pass like seconds through the hour glass display / sand grain by sand grain / thoughts harboured are still the same / sunset by sunrise / feelings harboured are still the same / If speed…  sign in to read more »

»You know... I know«

by Sergio Coto, May 25, 2011

Don't embrace what's beautiful, / don't come over when the glass is full, / don't hate love when is empty, / is so easy mistaking... / / Reality is embraced over, / look around / force over the latitude, / I change duality, / come over when you know I know. / / Step down to feeling, / water's over my entrails…  sign in to read more »

»Open Mouth«

by Sergio Coto, May 22, 2011

Inside your open mouth... / When a man has to learn here. / / Just grow old! Run! / Have you forgotten? / / The crowd is over... come home / I need to put you back together, / bleed and compare, / but stay! / while I picture myself in the fence. / / Cast shadows on the corner / but stay alive and wrong...…  sign in to read more »

»The story of my life«

by Sergio Coto, May 17, 2011

Again fell down to the floor / sobbing my way down after you, / Felt stupid and unconcious before / feeling heartless and remorseful today. / / Do you know why I drown? / Do you know why I fall? / Do you know why you call? / Or am I the one that is gone? / ...I'm fed up at all. / / But before my demise comes…  sign in to read more »

»Love is deeper«

by Lloyd Nabe, May 13, 2011

He loved her... / not enough to sacrifice his life for her, / she believed in inner strength / that black women possess, / she misled herself that / it's a black woman's purpose to suffer / and conquer the pain alone. / / She loved him enough to feed his ego / succumbed to his shenanigans like a concubine…  sign in to read more »

»Times Full of Lies«

by Sergio Coto, May 13, 2011

Everything comes up to my mind like dirt / remembering lies against my will, / I fold myself in to glooming heat / my hipped interest of negligence. / / My integrity falls down / disolving again to your hips, / breaking up and shattering down / like a knag in the thraot. / / Those mindless thoughts inside…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Mar 23, 2011

I'll paint your sweet portrait with tightly shut eyes / With pleasure whenever you ask. / Though hands ever shaking and colder than ice / Do find it a difficult task. / / I'll cherish the portrait and hang it above / My empty not warm enough bed / To guard all the secrets of mystery love / And clear the…  sign in to read more »

»Is it you?«

by Kudyahakudadirwe Voice, Feb 22, 2011

I see floating images / fuzzily presented to me…  sign in to read more »

»Missing You«

by Johan Campbell, Feb 8, 2011

I wander through / this house alone, / This empty place / I once called home. / / Round every corner / and in every room, / I see shadows of you and / it just increases my gloom. / / Home is where the heart is. / This is oh so true. / My home is where my heart is / And my heart is there with you. / / The only…  sign in to read more »

»What is it about you?«

by Johan Campbell, Feb 8, 2011

I stare at your photo next to my bed / and wonder at the images / that flood through my head. / / What is it about you that stirs me so? / Why is it that when you're not here / my tears want to flow? / / Is it your smile, / or the softness of your eyes? / What is it that causes my emotions to rise? / / Well…  sign in to read more »

»Trickling Love«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 6, 2010

Allow me into your heart / I want to get to know you better / Why not? Just try me / I promise to do no harm / / But I will wash out the walls of your heart / With fruity smelling liquidy red tingly trickly love / Till the heart beats brand new / then you will give me your soft warm hands and I will…  sign in to read more »

»The day I die«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Oct 18, 2010

What would happen to you? / When I stop breathing? / When I lose the rhythm of my heart beat? / When you can't hear the words I speak? / When my eyes don't open / And you can't gaze into my soul so deep? / When my body is cold / And you can't use me for heat? / The day I die / What would happen to you?…  sign in to read more »

»My Sickness«

by Anandhi Ram, Sep 18, 2010

I have become sick!! / My hands are refusing to work for me, it always wishes to work for you! / / My eyes became selective blind, it's capable to see only the path that leads to you! / / My legs are stumbling, it couldn't walk in the land where you have not stepped in! / / My tongue refuses to speak…  sign in to read more »

»Frozen like iceland then crushed like ice«

by Sakhile Koaho, Jul 27, 2010

like a prayer I was targeted, / your plan was to play me and leave me depressed. / first word out of my mouth was AMEN. / not knowing that the last sentence would be "that was hell man" / / you left me breathless for a while, / couldn't believe my eyes but that didn't stop me from giving you my love,…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 26, 2010

Desire runs through me energising every cell in my body / Longing to hold you again feel you close next to me / Hand in hand we shall face what this world has in store / Deeply loved deeply cherished, Finding the one for sure, / Oh how natural it has happened / Interested, Fulfilled and relentlessly…  sign in to read more »

»I miss it all«

by Puleng Monare, Jul 26, 2010

There's this feeling / that usually overwhelms me... whenever you touch me / caress me / when you are about to give it to me / / this feeling is undefinable... / I would feel very weak, powerless / and sometimes numb... / / this feeling is so good / there is no substitute for it... / I try to please myself…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Mar 1, 2010

I wonder if you can hear me / When I talk to you in my mind / I wonder if you'd think I'm crazy / This day-dreamy love of mine / / Someone told me not to just take what I can get / Someone told me to paint a picture of love / On the exquisite canvas of my head / Then take this picture, fold it up and mail…  sign in to read more »

»You Won't Hear Me Cry«

by Andreas Buchholz, Feb 17, 2010

My tears start to rise, / they're filling my eyes. / You won't hear me cry, / not even a sigh. / / I don't need your love, / no hand from above. / I don't want no one, / no ray of the sun. / / My heart's all alone, / a king on his throne. / Blue sky's gettin' dark, / my soul's with the stars. / / This dream's…  sign in to read more »

»Without tears!«

by Bartho Geldenhuys, Jan 7, 2010

Crying without tears / Is that what you have left me with? / Emotions that I can't discuss / Move on, everyone says! / / Crying I am not / Why then do my eyes hurt? / Why does the silence scream at me? / Do you know? / / How do I differentiate between anger and longing? / Want to hate you, yes, I do! / Still…  sign in to read more »

»The Women I've Loved«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Dec 4, 2009

Thinking back to the time before / Wondering why you walked out the door / Was it I or was it what I lacked? / Never once thought you wouldn't come back / / Love is not quite love, when its not spelt right / Love is not quite love, when it is does not bring delight / Loving you was all I had, Now all I…  sign in to read more »

»When You Wish«

by Edward Iacona, Nov 18, 2009

When the love of my life left us / And wrote us out of her script / She left her family sad and hurting / And me emotionally ripped. / / I spent the days in contemplation / Sifting through the all years / Until comes night with lack of light / When shadows can hide the tears. / / To find a little glimmer…  sign in to read more »

»Soul Buddy«

by Michael S. Hofer, Nov 9, 2009

When you're stuck in your life / and you don't know where to go / A loop of all those small things / that you already know / / When your past's so far away / and your future's out of reach / You miss the thrills and feels / you need a helping hand / / Take care and watch closely then / for that little tiny…  sign in to read more »

»Fool for Love«

by Michael S. Hofer, Oct 13, 2009

You fool / How can you sleep with her in your head / And her in you bed next to you / Remembering times that made memories / Long gone, so far away / Remembering good times just yesterday / / You fool / How does it feel to see her each day / And see her again in your memory / Remembering love when it was…  sign in to read more »


by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 9, 2009

I actually thought you loved me / You told me that every day / How was I so blind as not to see / That you could do me wrong in such a way / / I gave you my love, my heart, and soul / But yet you just tossed them aside / I flew over oceans on wings I feared most / Just to find the deadly secrets that you…  sign in to read more »

»Let You Go«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 8, 2009

Your heart is filled with treason / Turning your back on me / You do not have a clear reason / For why our love can't be / / Your laughs have turned to hate / Your smile is now a frown / Anger from you is what I take / No more up just the down / / People say that true love is real / I actually thought that's…  sign in to read more »

»Hatred's Heart«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Oct 5, 2009

Frost now covers my once loving heart / Ice replaces my flowing warm core / Hatred is tearing my caring apart / Nothing is the same as it once was before / / All my good intentions have grown sour / My happiness has taken a turn for the worst / My evilness is growing stronger by the hour / My joy is now…  sign in to read more »

»Everything Fades«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Sep 30, 2009

I know now that I must let you go / Please spread your wings and fly / All my feelings to the world I show / With every tear I cry / / It kills me in every way / To know your longer mine / How I wish that I could say / That love is truly blind / / How I miss holding your hand / And kissing you goodnight / By…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Sep 28, 2009

I'm the light, but for different shadows, / I'm a shadow of different lights, / A perfect muse for an hour, / The one with no past for a stranger, / For the others - the one with no life. / My destiny has been so cold to me / That my tears have turned into ice. / / When the dream of tomorrow died, / Giving…  sign in to read more »

»Never True«

by Jamie Lee Plumley, Sep 28, 2009

Good luck my first time lover / Good bye to the one I knew / I don't think there could be another / That could love me quite like you / / I never thought I would cope with heart ache / Like you gave to me so soon / Never did I think I'd allow someone to take / As much of my heart as did you / / Forever will…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Sep 17, 2009

Finally / She drank a bit / From an empty glass of wine, / Finally / The pieces fit, / Yet they fail at matching fine. / Endlessly / Her sore red eyes / Turn to vast but shallow lakes, / Endlessly / She'll pay the price / For her salty sweet mistake. / / Finally / He found his core / In her pointless rotting…  sign in to read more »

»Love Is On Our Side«

by Andreas Buchholz, Sep 14, 2009

Love is on the street / where the people meet. / Love is on our side. / / Love is on the mountain, / Love lies in the fountain. / Love is on our side. / / Love is for the bitch, / also for the witch. / Love is on their side. / / Love is on the highway, / even once on my way. / Love is on my side. / / Love is…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Sep 9, 2009

My pen is bleeding on the paper, / As love is bleeding in my heart. / Each word's the bare truth - / Put these words to music, / Play this music on the strings of my soul, / If you don't tear them, I'm yours. / / If you see me dying, / Will you hold my hand through this hell? / Will you save me like you…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, Sep 7, 2009

Down at the end of the garden / Just beyond the roses and trees / lies a special place / Where I can be me / / Down at the end of life's path / I see you and me together / Talking about the time we wasted / waiting for better weather / / Down at the end of my arm / Is my hand holding yours / there was that…  sign in to read more »

»Thin line of love & hate«

by Kelly Attrill, Aug 27, 2009

Mind over matter, that's what I always thought / Save your tears for later that is what I was taught. / Look up and push on, strive to the very end. / My broken heart lays heavy in my chest will it ever mend? / / A man that treats me with raw passion & emotion, / shows me the truth of love & devotion.…  sign in to read more »

»Fallen too far«

by Kelly Attrill, Aug 24, 2009

Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace. / I'm longing to smell the scent of your skin. / Your touch, I'm wishing to embrace. / I want no one but you and your love, but I am the one who is not wanted. / I've waited long enough for you, / I need that virtue from above. / My life feels hollow, grey & empty…  sign in to read more »

»Bury My Love«

by April A., Aug 20, 2009

Fuck all the life / Out of me, / Making me squirt / All my pride and ambitions. / Give me a drink / Which is flavored with lies, / Turning my weakness / To your ammunition. / Then shove your dick / Into my throat - / My being helpless / Will bring you orgasms. / Tasting your juice / Will just hurt me much…  sign in to read more »

»Mystery Feeling«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Aug 14, 2009

Once upon a time is not how this one started / It's more like 'Once upon a girl Broken Hearted' / Lost a promise of love, that's now departed / And took the road less traveled, love uncharted / / After years of rejection which caused such pain / In your time of loss, I was your gain / Going through the…  sign in to read more »

»Wishing Star«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 30, 2009

I think I'm falling for her, said a man to a star / It had been two weeks since he wished upon it, / While lying on the bonnet of his car. / / Make her kind, make her lovely, / make her only mine. / Take her heart fill it with love / and send her on a ray of sunshine / / Oh heavenly being, hear my wish…  sign in to read more »

»Love Fools«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 26, 2009

Love is for fools, Only fools could be filled with the passion for battle and still tingle at the tenderness of a touch at the same time / Love is for fools, Only fools make promises before a midnight kiss, When not even the new day is promised to them / Love is for fools, Only fools would pursue…  sign in to read more »

»Pretty Lady«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jul 26, 2009

You deserve more than you give yourself pretty lady / Deserving more Yes's than Maybe's / You don't deserve to be used pretty lady / You deserve to be loved unconditionally / / You've lost the sparkle in your eyes pretty lady / Maybe it was just a reflection of your love for me / You certainly don't shine…  sign in to read more »

»Dear Death«

by Jamil Artin, Jun 29, 2009

Dear Death / / Today let us put love / on the love that died / Let us forgive the rose of longing / for its thorns which injured / let us roam the land of our insisters / sink in the earth / to touch the seed of the rose / whose leaves like mine / die outside its garden / / Dear Death / / Today life lives by…  sign in to read more »

»Separate Tables«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jun 19, 2009

At separate tables we sit down to meet, / Separate lovers who could never quite compete, / With the you I know and how you leave me wanting, needing, / I only wish we could agree to pursue this love we are both feeling. / / I think about you and how you shine, / I think about you and know your mine,…  sign in to read more »

»Show You Me«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, Jun 1, 2009

You leave too soon / Not enough time to show you the real me / Too soon for my love to surface / Please don't leave me now / Was just about / to show you me / / Not enough time to argue and make up / Never a chance to apologize with flowers / You haven't seen how I am with others / Never seen how I deal with…  sign in to read more »

»Relationship Virgin«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 25, 2009

He walks this path alone, / Never knowing what next life will cast in his direction / Gifts of the flesh he has known, / But his gift to Love is forbidden by constant rejection / There's more to life than skin on skin, / There's more to me than smiling and being amusing / This is the story of a…  sign in to read more »

»Love you regardless«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 19, 2009

I don't need to see you every day / I don't need to hear the words 'I Love You' / I don't need to touch you in my special way / I don't need to taste your lips so gentle / I don't need to even feel your hand in mine / Because I don't need you to love me for me to love you, I must confess... / I love you…  sign in to read more »

»still holding on...«

by Laura Arman, May 15, 2009

I guess you never said you needed me, / you never said you'd be there, / it didn't happen in a second, / but it ended in a glimpse. / You couldn't live without me, / but now that's all you do, / and I'm frightfully trying to hold on, / to all the memories of you. / / I shouldn't even bother, / because I can…  sign in to read more »

»I Will Honour You«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 11, 2009

Rob's hands covered his face as the tears leaked from his ruptured heart / Since the day of their union, They had never once been apart / She had a disease from which she could never be healed / For 6 months she carried on regardless, keeping it well concealed / Until this night when He had rushed her…  sign in to read more »

»My One Heroine«

by Lauren Diaz, May 8, 2009

A void resides in the depths of my mind, / Something is lacking; I can't figure out. / / And then you emerge, you leave me spellbound, / Your presence, I can't stand a day without. / / Your sweet aroma, it captivates me. / The radiance in your eyes hypnotizes. / / Your smile is my lifeline to sanity,…  sign in to read more »


by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 5, 2009

Awkward is the way I feel when you are not around / The way I smile and play happy, Something so profound / Inside me there are emotions, fused together to form love I know is true / How am I supposed to move forward, when the one I want is you / / Awkwardly I move onward, trying to fool myself that it'…  sign in to read more »

»With Love, I can«

by Ryan Gordon Penn, May 5, 2009

Fireworks and butterflies abound in my heart / Joy bubbling up till it overflows and warms me / Volcanoes of emotion could never keep us apart / Smiling from within, words of care so free / / I will show you how, I will show you me, / With Love, I can / / I'm in the garden, where love is made / Where…  sign in to read more »

»What you do to me«

by Sifiso Barry Maseko, May 4, 2009

The Power of your kiss makes me shiver in my knees. / Your touch is so divine one I cannot define infact it creates arch reflexes on my spine / I reminisce on the time we've spent and look upon the lesson I have learnt, I realise that I owe my being to you for you have me to be true. / Your curvatious…  sign in to read more »

»Heart Like a Knife«

by Casey Samantha Boshoff, Apr 30, 2009

Your voice / Is like heaven to my ears, / Your touch / Is like peace to my body, / Your smell / Is like hope to my soul, / Yet, / You let me down again. / / I believed / You could achieve your dreams, / I prayed / You got all the big breaks, / I loved / You with all my heart, / Yet / You let me down again. / / I…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 15, 2009

Good-Natured mock / misuse this feelings, / effete edge of this life's will / convict me to never end. / / About soulitude / of this affair's love, / chock this muse / to drizzle this never-ending heart. / / Drape againg this life / with your subtle vanity, / tope it up with a never-ending belt / to never be…  sign in to read more »

»To my capetonian girl«

by Keagen Van Sensie, Apr 14, 2009

You need to get somebody real, such as myself / I promise not many will do as much as myself / for a mooi kin as yourself / I may not have the Benz to drive u around all night / But I'm to loose my cool & walk with u under da moonlight / I'm getting tired of the interviews / I really just wanna be with u…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 9, 2009

I flatten down my hopes / a scarce escape for what would be, / plough into me... I'm a newcomer / I pray for foolishness. / / I pull you up and push you down / I've been somewhere in between, / sorting out the bruises / can't stand still... is so certain. / / By tomorrow I fall down again / recognizing that…  sign in to read more »

»Boxed Up«

by Laura Arman, Apr 8, 2009

The clouds are thickening / amongst a wind so chill, / and I am here leaving / an intensified other world, / but I leave behind a memory / that I've packed up in a box, / sealed many times over / because I'm too afraid to lock. / / A drop forms / on the window sill, / where we once / sat to spill, / the…  sign in to read more »

»I Wanted This«

by Sergio Coto, Apr 8, 2009

You have a special way / to remind me that I'm alone, / you remember me, so I can cry / and get to feed my deed. / / I blocked all feelings / trying to forget you, / but your voice dance inside / defying all my will. / / All this time / I took all my strenght to hate you, / you could've been my sin / but you…  sign in to read more »


by Sergio Coto, Apr 8, 2009

I plead to rise / and I beg to get it, / anxiety freely flows through / and dismembers my will. / / To the notes of tears / I play soulful words, / I mingle your subtle intentions / to forgive my sorrow. / / Mildly juggle... forget me / judicious insult... believe me, / intense hollowness / smile to me. / / See…  sign in to read more »

»The River Between«

by Tiema Muindi, Apr 5, 2009

I feel drowning / Not that I cannot swim / I feel blown away / Not that I cannot fly / I feel down / Not that I am moody / I feel you / Who cannot be in my life. / / I feel drowsy / Not that I haven't slept / I feel dizzy / Not that I am about to faint / I feel crazy / Not that I am going mad / I feel you / Who…  sign in to read more »

»More Blessings«

by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Apr 4, 2009

The language, through your eyes, / accents to the meaning behind. / Through your mouths comes / a barrage of sweet poison / solid meanings that're poignant, / ambiguous and perverse. / / Upon you I derive / this hard pushed drive / to love you and, upon that, / thrive to the end of the road. / Quenching, on…  sign in to read more »


by Laura Arman, Mar 30, 2009

Locked in a cabin on a stormy sea, / captured by my own frailty, / gliding along with shattering waves, / making my mark before I hit my grave. / / I'd have wash the decks and scrub the floor, / if you would have only unlocked my door, / I worshipped you with my every breath, / that surpassses all of my…  sign in to read more »

»Christmas Tree«

by Andreas Buchholz, Mar 26, 2009

Like a christmas tree, my heart it will burn, / For your warm embrace, my heart it did yearn. / This heart has to die / When blood's runnin' dry, / To live without you, it can't ever learn. / / Like a christmas tree, my soul's shinin' bright, / Wrapped in blue silence all day and all night. / This soul's…  sign in to read more »

»They all say«

by Laura Arman, Mar 21, 2009

They all say, / I am beautiful, / I am amazing, / The perfect prize, / / They all use these words, / To show me that they care, / But I don't, / I can't. / / Apparently its obvious to the world, / They can't keep their hands off me, / It seems, / I'm not a trophy, / / / It's true that my heart was twisted, / My…  sign in to read more »

»Finally Home«

by Raine Lariza, Mar 20, 2009

I have seen so many faces / I have been into many places / Different walks of life I have seen / But still confused on what's been missing / / Searching for the empty part that fills my heart / Hoping that one day I will never be apart / Apart from someone I can call "home" / From each sad and happy…  sign in to read more »


by Laura Arman, Mar 19, 2009

The first of March is new and fresh, / The second of March was the biggest test, / The third of March I broke down inside, / The fourth of March my feelings I did best to hide, / The fifth of March a whole chocolate cake I ate, / The sixth of March I thought of our first date, / The seventh of March I got…  sign in to read more »

»Love Is In My Head«

by Andreas Buchholz, Mar 18, 2009

Love is in my head, / it's not in my heart, / it's not in my bed, / it can't even start. / / Love is in my head, / it's not in my heart, / it's not in my bed, / I wish…  sign in to read more »

»The sad girl on the train«

by Laura Arman, Mar 18, 2009

The sad girl on the train, / must refrain, / from spreading her distress, / to the rest of the domain. / / She cannot let others suffer, / for the ache that grew, / the love from another, / that twisted her heart askew. / / She tries to hold back, / but if only they knew, / they look at the frailty / of a…  sign in to read more »

»Still walking«

by Laura Arman, Mar 17, 2009

You said goodbye / I walked. / Tears undefined / but sought. / A heart sill yearning / that fought. / I'm still walking. / / You bought forth hurt / I left. / You were distraught / I dont understand. / You called me back / I said / I'm still walking. / / You left me here / alone. / Time heals you said / go home.…  sign in to read more »

»The very last word«

by Laura Arman, Mar 17, 2009

When the very last word is said. / It's all gone. / No feeling. / Only pain. / / When the very last word is a memory. / So distant. / Not capture…  sign in to read more »

»Stolen Kiss«

by Abdul Milazi, Mar 7, 2009

a stolen kiss / daydreams through the night / and consumes the waking day / into another night / another day / and all my nights / the sound of darkness / pebble my Autumn thoughts / my heart gallops / like a thousand hooves / i see dreams conceived / of streams forever flowing / and of lullabies hushed / lest…  sign in to read more »

»Lies Of A Loss«

by April A., Dec 2, 2008

Going away, / I take one last look behind, / And you can't believe those winter days / Were nothing more than lies. / / Knives in our backs, / Dying memories inside - / Maybe I've become so heartless, / Maybe free, or simply blind. / / Dear, we are done, / Drink your tears of regret, / Find the answers by…  sign in to read more »


by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Nov 21, 2008

Were those pearly lips brooms / and those rotund cheeks bellows / and my love specks of dust, / I would ask you to blow it away / into the dust bin of your heart. / / Were those brown eyes chocolate eggs / and those cute ears love bars / and my love joules of heat, / I would ask you to melt them / into my…  sign in to read more »

»Romance Is Dead«

by April A., Nov 8, 2008

A glass of cheap vodka tastes just like depression - / It hurts to be sober tonight. / The mirror reflects such a hideous expression / That I promptly turn off the light. / Some porno, then casual sex with my hand... / Oh damn! This is something I shouldn't have said. / Why don't you believe that I need…  sign in to read more »


by April A., Oct 31, 2008

She's sitting, sitting alone / With brandy and Winston in hands, / Devouring with her mischievous wild glance / Her already coupled-off friends. / "I'm fine" - her red eyes shout loud, / "We see. What the fuck?" - says the crowd. / She sets her lust racing around the hall, / But no one hears this hopeless…  sign in to read more »

»A Story Without An End«

by April A., Sep 6, 2008

"Me, love and you... Three halves of something whole, / If one is missing, everything is clear." / These words can paint the sorrow in my soul, / But once bright colors fade away in years. / Once sweet anticipation of your arms, / A shard of dreams, by now has turned to fear / Of someone else's charm.…  sign in to read more »

»The Deal«

by Michael S. Hofer, May 1, 2001

Woman / I hadn't got one / I was 18 already / and my classmates had their / girlfriends / ex-girlfriends / one-night-stands. / I thought I'd never make it, / remain. / / And then, / having moved into my very own apartment, / SHE / moved in. / Now we're in our third year, / have spent every single one of those…  sign in to read more »

»Loyalty is underway«

by Albara Almerf, Jan 1, 1970

If it was up to me you would have been walking on air today, / Read it out now you’re here the very next day. / What a dunce assumed had gotten for what I prayed,good lord its just an other who wanted to play. / Is it my love that she wants or just a place to stay, / I have got both said the prey. / At…  sign in to read more »

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