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»Me and I«

Dec 21, 2015

Droplets of water falling, / gentle, softly / over my whole body / soaking me to my toes. / Standing there with empty mind, / and a very big smile, / hmmm, / I have not done this in a while. / Taking time, any time / some time, my time, / How wonderful it seems, / for just this very moment / lost in my non…  sign in to read more »


Dec 21, 2015

Anger temper arise / So bad you want to kill / bolded white fists / you think / what can I hit? / what can I smash? / You see a picture so vivid / your head the wall it must hit / no rather your fists less pain / then you think / just before total explosion / rationalization returns / no good this self…  sign in to read more »