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by Jovi Waqa, May 7, 2017

Stars / Its beginning is magnificent / Birthed in space / Within a colorful cloud of gas and dust / Called a nebula / / After its birth / It begins to burn / Burning furiously in a ball of hydrogen / Illuminating our skies / In the day / And more beautifully / In the night / / As it nears its end / It refuses… read more »

»On Marrying your Best friend«

by Dorinka Nel, Apr 7, 2017

The mind could never imagine / How much the heart could love / When soul meets soul and find in them their soulmate / That feeling that cannot be described in a book, / or written in scientific terms... / For it is only written on the hearts of lovers and / only they will know the chemistry thereof.… read more »

»Haiku Melody (Love)«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Feb 21, 2017

1 / Let my love be / sincere. / I truly cherish / the moments we share. / May this Journey / be beautiful. / / 2 / May I be your / joy. / When different seasons / test our relationship… read more »

»From me to you with Love«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Feb 21, 2017

I gently touch your / face to admire / every skin pigment to / its finest detail. / / I look into your eyes / and I see pure love in / its simplest form, a… read more »

»Street Seance«

by Brendon Tawanda Takarinda, Feb 20, 2017

The gun shot sound / echoes through out the / whole street. 2 am / massacres are a common / site, the body slowly falling / on the tarred road. / / A black grave temporarily placed / for the dead life. Last deep / breathes as the soul takes flight, / the restless soul roams the street / seeking for… read more »

»Those memories«

by Sneha Dogra, Feb 10, 2017

"Please don't ignore me sister" said she. "Little did she know, her sister just pretended to be… read more »

»I Can Love Again«

by Clem Squeeza Bee Mdue, Feb 10, 2017

Heaven sent, are you? / I can see the light again, that's all you. / Brought me back from the doldrums / How can I ever repay you? / / Like a doctor treating a patient from war / you dressed my wounds. / Covered my naked soul with all your love / He hurt me, he really did. / You picked up the pieces, like… read more »

»trigger warning«

by Neo Musangi, Jan 27, 2017

"this is not for you". Truant has always been unreliable! / / this is for the ones who taught their tongues to swirl questions / around their mouths on nights that they couldn't ask / the ones who threw stones into waters but weren't excited by the pattern of their ripples- / so they hit their heads on… read more »

»The Bible«

by Tshepo Direro, Jan 26, 2017

The book that man has failed to understand over the ages, / it contains riches beyond our wildest imaginations. / It is a light to the path; / wisdom to the truth seeker; / a guide to the lost; / a hope to the hopeless; / a puzzle to the intellectuals; / salvation to the believers; / poem to the poets;… read more »

»Dmitri wears my skin on days he wants to smell death«

by Neo Musangi, Jan 24, 2017

1. / / this matatu is a coffin! / / somewhere in Uhuru, she burns incense to musk the smell of underage sex / / and everyone along Keekorok is walking into mirrors in search of freedom. / / what's the english word for someone who has slept in a broken bed with a stranger, / / or, is it awkward to fall… read more »