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»What a man he be«

Dec 1, 2009

What a man he be / All fine and able / He got hands / That'll keep any woman stable / He got shoulders broad to soak up your tears / He got a mind that knows what you need / He got a heart that be tender / He got a face that be kind / He got a soul that serves / He got words that be my blanket / He got love…  sign in to read more »

»See you in the sun...«

Nov 30, 2009

Here comes the rain / Falling down again / There used to be sun around these parts / But every time I feel it / I hear the thunder start / / I have known days like these / There will be more I guess / 'Cause it's not the first time / That I'm outside looking in / Hoping to get in, at the next stop / The doors…  sign in to read more »

»To risk a heart«

Nov 30, 2009

To risk a heart / is to forfeit sanity / To give without wanting / is to be as na├»ve as the young / To love without consequence or fear / is to be reckless / To be in need of an embrace / is to show weakness / To be sincere and honest in all action / is to allow opportunity for deception / To live without…  sign in to read more »