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»Fare thee well«

May 31, 2011

Pain presses me without a sigh / Alas! For the time is nigh / But still I must leave / Today before the eve / / Night will swallow me / Fare well all yee / But if day should spit me out / I will bring you some trout / / Good bye my dear lover / In my mind you always hover / I have to go away / I will be back…  sign in to read more »

»The dreamer«

Dec 21, 2009

She strolls in the lazy summer breeze / In calmness of spirit / And serenity of thought / Her eyes are shut / And she will stumble / If she will, if at all / The woods seemingly do not give / The slightest scare / And though her feet bare / Instinct makes her dare / She enjoys her new found / Sense of…  sign in to read more »

»Young old man«

Dec 21, 2009

Look at me now / Still happy as he good ole days / Beer in hand / Women all around / I'm fit as a fiddle / And jovial as a lark / Maybe I am immortal / / Look at me now / Still burly and sturdy / Bold and intrepid / I am a man mountain / Never will I be washed to sea / Serve for my good number of years / I am…  sign in to read more »

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