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»The Environment is my Extended Body«

Apr 21, 2009

As is the universe, / So am I - / As is the earth / So am I. / Destroy the trees - / I axphixiate. / Destroy the waters - / I dehydrate. / Destroy the io…  sign in to read more »


Apr 18, 2009

Fun is never dramatical - / It's nonsensical, comical. / / It's how you li…  sign in to read more »

»Dysfunctional Families«

Apr 17, 2009

Every family is dysfunctional - that's true - / And that includes everyone - even me and you. / We're born with the fates stacked heavily against us all - / Fates that are striving for our eventual downfall. / It doesn't help to cry 'cause you've been dealt a bad deck - / Grab life by the horns otherwise…  sign in to read more »

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