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»Blocking myself«

Jan 24, 2017

Fear / Of loving you / Thinking / That I might hurt you / My love is so deep / Deep as a wheel / That if I get close to you / Start being your boyfriend / That I might end up hurting you / Make you feel bad about your self / So I will be at the back / Seeing you from a distance / Wanting to tell you the truth…  sign in to read more »

»My one and only«

Dec 5, 2016

forces / of nature / time cant be controlled / tick tok / time flowed by / didn't think its so close / for you to leave me all alone / death took you away / for you to never return / I cried and cried / but the pain wont come out / I promise you / I will come to visit your grave / even when I am old and grumpy…  sign in to read more »