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»Find no solace in suicide«

May 16, 2011

Find no solace in suicide / What bleeds within / Is not healed by flesh wounded / / Take no comfort in the grave / It's walls do not confine the soul; / Defending it / From the eyes of mockers / When grace and pride are fallen / / For the soul is naked / To immortal eyes of the spirit / When time is not…  sign in to read more »

»Girl from Mozambique«

Dec 30, 2008

To all the men and women of Africa who came to the City of Gold, Johannesburg to find the gold was long gone. / / She breaks snug locked kinky knots / Comb rips through taut curls / Strands' strength stretched vulnerable / And they blow unsure in the Hillbrow wind / No amount of flinching on my part…  sign in to read more »

»Come and make it rain«

Dec 29, 2008

You give 'nuff rain to my Rose / Never letting wither / Petals ever lush / Underside your strokes / / Fervour rises off temperate surface / With my leaflet falling open-faced / In favour of your pulse - / Rigid beatings of a tongue's tick / / I could be a puppet / Your licks, the strings / Upward judders / My…  sign in to read more »

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