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»Some days«

by Louise Isaac, June 19, 2022

Some days I don’t like my reflection,
or the colour of my hair,
I don’t like what the scales say
and I can’t find anything to wear.
Some days I get too quiet
and no words will leave my mouth.
When my world feels like it’s ending
and my life is going south.
When days feel like their dragging
and the light is far away,
It may seem like I’m nagging
but I’m lost on what to say.
Yes these days bring you down
but don’t let them keep you there.
You have more worth than you realise
and people that truly care.
Through the dark I see how blessed I am
for the ones that are there for me,
because I know that these days without them...
my happiness I would not see.
A little bit of quiet and time to analyse,
I see what’s right in front of me
and I shouldn’t be surprised.
This year has brought me love
which forever makes me grateful,
but it’s also brought me sorrow
and for that it makes me hateful.
I can be both and that’s ok
because life is all about balance,
so I’ll take the good with all the bad.....
more so as it’s a challenge.

Written: December 2020
Tags: Emotions Life Personal

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on June 19, 2022 under courtesy of the author.

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