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»I Can Love Again«

by Clem Squeeza Bee Mdue, February 10, 2017

Heaven sent, are you?
I can see the light again, that's all you.
Brought me back from the doldrums
How can I ever repay you?

Like a doctor treating a patient from war
you dressed my wounds.
Covered my naked soul with all your love
He hurt me, he really did.
You picked up the pieces, like a broken mirror,
you managed to salvage some parts of me that
could still be used.

You patient and I'm grateful
you are mine and I'm yours
You fixed me and I'm whole again.
I'm like a child who just learnt how to walk.

I can now safely say I can love again and it's all because of you...

I love you...

Written: February 2017
Tags: Love

The © Copyright to this poem is owned by the author.
Published by writerslounge.net on February 10, 2017 under courtesy of the author.

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